Friday, April 19, 2024

Weekly Review 19 April 2024

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 

  1. The three things an organisation needs to update before investing in AI:
  2. I do wonder how thoroughly this automated grading system has been tested, and what kind of bugs are going to become apparent when using it:
  3. Another burst of activity in the AI sphere as three major new models are released:
  4. AI controlled fighters. You want SkyNet? Because this is how you get SkyNet:
  5. How AI is impacting cloud strategies:
  6. There is no such thing as a politically unbiased AI:
  7. An algorithm that can tell if a large language model AI is lying:
  8. Three ways in which academics can use generative AI responsibly:
  9. The problem with training AI on synthetic data-data generated by AI-is that it quickly breaks everything:
  10. AI can be used to defend, as well as attack, democracy:
  11. AI generated spam and clickbait websites are only going to get worse, as long as businesses pay to advertise on them:
  12. Students' views on the use of AI in science education:
  13. Some of the positions at academic institutions that will be impacted by AI:
  14. How AI is going to help sustainability:
  15. A new bill requires notification of the copyrighted material used to train AI:
  16. An AI can act as if it knows less than it does:
  17. Don't use AI to do your peer review, OK? If I ask you to review a paper, it's because you're an expert. AI aren't experts: 
  18. Predictions from this joker tend to be pretty far off the mark with regards to timing, but not in substance. What he says about AI is no different:
  19. I certainly support open source AI, it has many advantages:
  20. A brief example of using the OpenAI API with Python. Beware, though, you need a paid subscription to use the API:
  21. How long before someone writes an AI that handles their interactions with this AI matchmaker?
  22. Why people choose to stay in academia:
  23. Some tips on how new PhDs can get academic positions:
  24. Hire or train, there aren't enough AI experts to meet the market demands:

Friday, April 12, 2024

Weekly Review 12 April 2024

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 

    1. So Amazon's "AI" driven cashier-less supermarket was really run by remote workers in India:
    2. The job cuts in New Zealand universities. Things won't get better under the new government, either:
    3. Generative AI can help workers be more productive, but most of those benefits go to new staff:
    4. AI voice cloning now needs only a 15 second sample to copy someone's voice:
    5. There is definitely an AI bubble, like there was with the Internet 25 years ago. The question is, when is the bubble going to burst?
    6. I'm not so worried about using AI to catch Aucklanders putting the wrong things in their recycling bins, as I am about the recycling collection trucks blocking my driveway with the bins:
    7. AI is the new Internet - tech execs want to put it into everything:
    8. I'm not convinced how useful human business coaches are, I don't think an AI one would be any better or worse:
    9. US$115 billion for a new data centre, consuming gigawatts of electricity, to run AI:
    10. This trick for detecting students' use of AI to write their essays will only work if students don't read what they are pasting into the prompt, but if they were that attentive to detail they probably wouldn't have to use  AI:
    11. Converting 2D synthetic aperture radar images of cities into 3D models using AI:
    12. Generative AI have no grasp of reality, so what they come out with sometimes isn't very useful for businesses:
    13. AI enhanced video shouldn't be admissible in court. It's not an "enhancement", it's a guess made by a machine:
    14. Two factors that affect the profitability of farming are weather and market volatility. AI can help with modelling both of these:
    15. What a organisation's Chief AI Officer (CAIO) might do:
    16. Another condensed history of AI:
    17. AI are built from data, so old media repositories like Photobucket are getting new life by selling the data they hold:
    18. Facebook and Instagram now require labelling of AI generated media-but how are they going to enforce this?
    19. I wonder if an AI would be better at detecting alien signals, because all of the aliens are AI?
    20. A million hours of transcribed YouTube videos went into ChatGPT4. The hunger for data of generative AI is just insatiable:
    21. AI assistants will be an interface to existing application infrastructure, I don't think they will replace it:
    22. Contributions that AI could make to agriculture: I was working on AI in crop protection 20 years ago.
    23. Scammers using AI generated lawyers to pump-up backlinks to websites:
    24. Current watermarking of AI generated content is easy to defeat:

    Friday, April 5, 2024

    Weekly Review 5 April 2024

    Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 

    1. Adobe's ethical generative AI system:
    2. Higher impact factor journals are less inclusive of non-English speaking authors:
    3. Reinforcement learning enables a robot to learn to walk over uneven terrain:
    4. Job applications from AI that are then processed by AI. It's just machines talking to machines, insulating people from talking to one another:
    5. Laws that prevent the use of AI to mimic performers voices are being passed:
    6. Making beer better with AI:
    7. AI produces better climate models, faster than traditional approaches:
    8. Google's AI can discover new inorganic crystals at a very high rate:
    9. Will AI really help preserve the Maori language, or will it propagate a hallucinated facsimile of it?
    10. I prefer to follow the Open Source Initiative's definition of what is open source, which makes a lot of the AI out there NOT open source:
    11. Wow, people really don't like AI generated art:
    12. An AI tool for inventorying houses for a moving company, and the trevails its founders went through to get the company running:
    13. There is no causative link between tweeting about your research paper and the number of citations it garners:
    14. Google's AI search apparently lacks the intelligence to not recommend scam sites:
    15. A substantial proportion of researchers in AI are Chinese, and more of them are staying in China rather than emigrating:
    16. How long until the entire game is generated by AI, not just the artwork?
    17. The risks of using AI in research articles:
    18. AI that learn from other AI:
    19. This article on a huge AI processor reads like it was written using one:
    20. AI is going to be a big player in this year's elections around the world:
    21. The hazards of biased AI in healthcare:
    22. We desperately need tools to detect deepfakes:
    23. AI can now design novel enzymes:
    24. On the importance of labelling data for use in training AI:

    Monday, April 1, 2024

    Complex and Intelligent Systems, Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2024

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    Saturday, March 30, 2024

    Evolving Systems, Volume 15, Issue 2

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    Friday, March 29, 2024

    Weekly Review 29 March 2024

    Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 

    1. Ways in which AI can speed up drug clinical trials:
    2. A general purpose, AI enabled industrial robot that can be taught by humans remotely:
    3. An entirely predictable outcome of the "publish or perish" culture in academia-researchers using AI to churn out papers that go into paper mill journals:
    4. The use and misuse of Red Teaming when testing AI:
    5. Despite what Microsoft says, we need regulations to prevent further harm from AI:
    6. AI is not a panacea. If the roads are already at their maximum capacity, it doesn't matter how cleverly you manage the traffic, it's going to get jammed:
    7. More doom from an AI expert:
    8. YouTube's tools for labelling AI generated material:
    9. An agricultural robot that uses AI to monitor crop health:
    10. Like any other hot topic, there will be people who prey on others to make easy money. AI is no exception:
    11. Problems arise when AI start to replace human participants in qualitative studies:
    12. Cloaking phishing emails to get them past AI filters:
    13. Mushroom identification with AI isn't a terribly hard problem, but it is still far from perfect enough to trust your life with:
    14. AI voice cloning. I don't particularly like my voice, why would I want to change it to another language?
    15. Generative AI will cause a lot of changes in businesses, but it's not there yet:
    16. Basically, generative AI is not very detail oriented:
    17. I'll say it again (statistically) biased data results in biases models. This is something I teach my first-year, first-semester AI students, yet companies still seem to struggle with the concept:
    18. Like every other technology, AI will destroy some jobs but create others. Now it's being forecast that AI will create half a billion new jobs in the next ten years:
    19. Another AI generated work, with some real howlers:
    20. Improved breast cancer diagnosis with AI:
    21. Deepfake porn continues to be an issue:
    22. Universities are building their own AI chatbots:
    23. As the size of AI models increases, so too does the power of hardware used to train them:
    24. An overview of the EU's AI law:

    Friday, March 22, 2024

    Weekly Review 22 March 2024

    Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 
    1. The "AI Sandbox", a community hub in Nelson for learning about AI:
    2. Something interesting is going on with ChatGPT-when given prompts that cause it to slow down its reasoning, it does better at solving non-intuitive problems:
    3. The pitfalls of scientists trusting AI too much:
    4. So companies can save money on writing code, to spend it instead on checking and testing code? That is not an improvement:
    5. An AI foundation model for industrial robots:
    6. Just how badly does Nvidia dominate the chip market in AI?
    7. It's possible to build an AI hunter-killer drone that targets a specific person in just a few hours:
    8. How to use Nightshade to stop your art from being used to train generative AI:
    9. Using AI to find new alloys:
    10. I wonder how many companies are out there whose AI is really underpaid overseas workers?
    11. I just hope the AI Spark uses to replace workers is more useful than the one Watercare uses:
    12. An AI-enabled bicycle light that detects cars and runs on a Raspberry Pi:
    13. Five (bad) things that happened with social media can also happen with AI:
    14. Ten steps to building an AI application in Python:
    15. Replacing workers with AI makes other workers unhappy. Do we really need a study to know this?
    16. Europe wants a treaty to make sure that AI respect human rights. The USA doesn't want this to apply to private companies. Why not?
    17. OpenAI is now getting legal access to news publishers' content:
    18. While OpenAI is ahead in generative AI at the moment, it'd be naïve to believe that they will always be so:
    19. And the hackers are rubbing their hands in glee-AI generated code is known to be full of vulnerabilities:
    20. Where the generative AI market could be going this year:
    21. European standards and regulations around AI are now law:
    22. Forestry management with AI:
    23. Monitoring your employees is going to make them unhappy anyway, using AI just makes it worse:
    24. Repackaging other peoples' work using AI is still using other peoples' work:

    Friday, March 15, 2024

    Weekly Review 15 March 2024

    Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post):
    1. AI papers that are promoted by just two influencers are getting many more citations than other papers:
    2. Of course AI are tools rather than creatures. AI are algorithms, not magic. There's no vital force that somehow makes them living beings:
    3. One of the first things I was taught as an undergrad is "don't speed up the mess". Use of generative AI to help write papers isn't going to make bad work good:
    4. Interesting that the privacy commissioner is already taking an interest in the use of face recognition AI in supermarkets:
    5. Using an AI to make dates for yourself is so ripe for abuse it's frightening. Is it really so hard to meet people now? (says the guy who has been married for 21 years):
    6. People are building AI based on outdated and biased data about human body proportions:
    7. Not surprising that robot makers want to embed AI into their products, it's what will make the robots useful. Not sure how I feel about a hallucinating humanoid robot, though:
    8. Makes me wonder which side of the political divide most needs to use AI to fake photographs:
    9. Why Meta's watermarking of AI generated images doesn't work, and what we can do about the problem:
    10. A generative AI for making music:
    11. Proof-of-concept of a worm that targets generative AI, stealing data as it goes:
    12. Turns out we don't really understand how Large Language Model AI works. Why do they improve instead of over-fitting?
    13. Using deep learning Neural Networks to improve weather predictions:
    14. The job of generative AI prompt engineering is going to disappear, largely because machines can do it better, and nobody understands how the prompts give the results they do:
    15. People do not trust AI, and the wealthier the country, the less trust there is. Is this related to the trust (or lack thereof) in the big tech companies dominating AI?
    16. Will audiences really shun AI generated movies?
    17. More details on the energy and environmental cost of AI:
    18. Just how bad AI generated images can be:
    19. Why openness and transparency in AI models is a good thing:
    20. I am skeptical that we will ever see super intelligent AI, certainly not in the next three years:
    21. Laying out guidelines around using generative AI to design proteins, to prevent them being used as weapons:
    22. Using crypto to track the provenance of AI generated media:
    23. AI can be a real boon to the environment, but is can also be a bane, including worsening the misinformation (that is, corporate lies) around climate change:
    24. India is building their own AI supercomputer:

    Monday, March 11, 2024

    Soft Computing. Volume 28, Issue 6, March 2024

    Author(s): R. Prem Kumar, Sanjoy Basu, A. Al-khedhairi
    Pages: 4689 - 4713

    Author(s): Abd El-Mohsen Badawy, Kamal El-Saady, Essam Abd El-Baset
    Pages: 4715 - 4724

    Author(s): Wei Wang, Qing Li, Zihan Wang
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    Author(s): Smriti Srivastava, Rajesh Kumar
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    Author(s): Snigdha Chaturvedi, Narendra Kumar, Rajesh Kumar
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    Author(s): Ashima Anand
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    Friday, March 8, 2024

    Weekly Review 8 March 2024

     Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 

    1. If quantum effects in brain cells are the cause of consciousness, could an AI ever become conscious? 
    2. Generative AI hallucinating ingredients for recipes:
    3. AI are getting better to detecting content generated by AI:
    4. Improving chatbots' terrible memory:
    5. Improving Wi-Fi with on-chip AI:
    6. Learning to code is more than learning a programming language-it's learning how to structure your thoughts about a task and process so that they can be translated into a programming language. AI can't do that:
    7. Other technologies have been hailed as making a four-day work week inevitable. Instead, employers demanded more output from five days. I don't see AI changing this trend:
    8. Did Elon Musk really buy Twitter just to get hold of its data for training AI?
    9. Every advance in technology has created more jobs than it destroyed, it's always the nature of the jobs that change. AI is not going to be any different:
    10. Copilot is having delusions of grandeur. How long before other AI start behaving the same way?
    11. Three things that are needed for AI to progress, according to Bill Gates:
    12. So AI generated a load of crap, and that crap was even more badly executed? I don't think we can blame the AI for this debacle:
    13. Parallels between the Willy Wonka experience and the Fyre Fest debacle of 2017. The difference is Fyre Fest used celebrities instead of generative AI to raise unrealistic expectations:
    14. SEO hijacking using AI to rewrite highly-ranked websites:
    15. The insane hardware demands of a growing AI industry:
    16. How AI is (potentially) changing science:
    17. Seems a bit naïve that the owner of a generative AI porn site with a free-form prompt entry system is surprised at the things people enter. If you're going to do that kind of thing, you need to really lock the prompt entry down:
    18. What is Apple going to release in AI? Will it try to convince you that anything not-Apple is bad? Will it passive-aggressively try to convince you to spend more money on Apple products?
    19. A voluntary set of guidelines for responsible generative AI:
    20. How academic programmes need to adapt to AI:
    21. A new approach to breaking guardrails in generative AI:
    22. Using AI to stabilise the plasma in experimental fusion reactors:
    23. Another way AI is impacting the environment-chip fabs and data centres use a lot of water:
    24. Spain is building Large Language Models for their local languages. Can we do the same for Pacific languages as well?
    25. Building an AI for your business can lead to disappointment. Here's how to cope with it:
    26. What is the return on investment of AI?