Friday, December 1, 2023

Weekly Review 1 December 2023

 Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmast and Post): 

  1. A brief(ish) summary of the Sam Altman saga at OpenAI:
  2. More on the fallout and implications of the Sam Altman / OpenAI debacle: 
  3. There's nothing wrong with teaching Maori culture, or with wanting Maori and Pasifika kids to do better in education. But when New Zealand kids overall are slipping further down the international rankings, maybe prioritise English, maths and science?
  4. When the code ChatGPT generates, is your code:
  5. The data sets used to generate facial recognition models lack diversity, especially of smaller populations like Polynesians. This is known. A biased data set will produce a biased AI. This also is known. Now it seems the general public are becoming more aware of this:
  6. More jobs going from New Zealand universities. Just the outcome of a succession of governments that have failed to support higher education.
  7. A framework for tuning the prompts used for generative AI: 
  8. On how artificial intelligence is being used in art history-from detecting elements of style, to reconstructing lost works:
  9. How artificial intelligence and machine learning got to be so big at Facebook:
  10. Coca-Cola designed by AI is not something most people will want: 
  11. Using AI and machine learning to improve estimates of rainfall: 
  12. Online learning improves participation in higher education, especially for more marginalised groups. It does come with its own set of challenges, however:
  13. Using AI to assist with the diagnosis, treatment and assessment of animal diseases:
  14. Are we now going to see an arms race between AI that generate fake data and AI that will detect fake data? 
  15. I wouldn't trust ChatGPT if it told me the sky is blue, I'm certainly not going to let it plot my data. But at least it will show you the Python code that generated the plot, so it's useful in that respect: 
  16. Ultimately, AI is a tool. The danger with artificial intelligence is how people use it:
  17. An overview of machine learning and AI for microbiologists:
  18. Why does this article on the safety of artificial intelligence read like it was written by an AI?
  19. How to use the new AI features in YouTube: 
  20. Apple seems to have a bit more in the way of ethics than some other companies. Now Tim Cook is calling for governmental regulation of artificial intelligence:
  21. Detecting antibiotic resistant bacteria using artificial intelligence:
  22. Now authors of nonfiction works are suing over the use of their writing to train AI:
  23. Resources for learning about generative AI and large language models: 
  24. Using machine learning to control experimental fusion reactors: 
  25. The risks of using code generated by AI:
  26. Ten principles to follow in order to successfully use artificial intelligence in your business:
  27. I considered moving into high school teaching myself once. It is a much more stable career choice than post-doc research:

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Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Friday, November 24, 2023

Weekly Review 24 November 2023

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmast and Post): 

  1. A startup developing tools for AI to recognise African languages. When will we have the same kind of tools for Pacific languages as well? intelligence
  2. An AI chemist evaluating catalysts to use in generating oxygen on Mars: 
  3. A new artificial intelligence model from DeepMind predicts weather better than conventional models, without the need for supercomputers: 
  4. AI can now do the bulk of the initial work in designing semiconductors:
  5. If artificial intelligence does take more and more jobs, I don't think a robot tax is the way to fund a universal basic income. Instead, a general capital tax on the wealthy is needed, to reduce economic disparity before it turns into social instability:
  6. First they sack him now they want him back What on earth is going on at OpenAI?
  7. While generative AI like ChaptGPT might be getting all the attention in artificial intelligence, smart autonomous agents are becoming more widespread:
  8. The increasing power demands of artificial intelligence are increasing the carbon emissions generated by the technology. Time to locate the data centres in places like New Zealand, the produce almost all of their electricity from renewables?
  9. So YouTube now requires AI generated content to be labelled as such. But how will they know if it's generated?
  10. But will YouTube's new music generation tool also flag everything it generates as AI produced?
  11. My last postdoc certainly didn't broaden my skills much, I was mostly treated as a highly-qualified code monkey:
  12. Maybe Auckland Transport should be looking at this AI technology when it takes three hours to get out of a mall car park
  13. New Zealand already has pretty good privacy laws, won't they be a big help in regulating artificial intelligence?
  14. ChaptGPT and other artificial intelligence software is NOT a replacement for a human counsellor:
  15. A camera with embedded generation of content credentials, to combat fakes from generative AI:
  16. Publish or Perish meets artificial intelligence - generating summaries of scientific publications:
  17. The jobs in IT that artificial intelligence will create:
  18. Neural networks that are trained on hybrid digital and quantum computers: 
  19. Why am I not surprised that it's Meta that broke up its up responsible AI group?
  20. Students don't want to have to go to the expense and effort to attend class physically. Institutions need to adjust to this new reality:
  21. Tldraw, an artificial intelligence based tool that turns sketches of user interfaces into working code:
  22. For all the impact ChatGPT has had, it's easy to forget that it's really only one year old: artificial intelligence
  23. Most of the most powerful artificial intelligence technology is controlled by large corporations. I think expecting them to show empathy is a bit of a fool's errand:
  24. Microsoft releases tools to make it even easier to use artificial intelligence to fake videos of people saying things they never said:
  25. Why educators need to embrace ChatGPT and other generative AI:
  26. Dell is now offering generative AI models for its customers:
  27. Hybrid AI - offloading some of the computation onto client devices - is expected to further spread the use of artificial intelligence:
  28. The latest hardware rankings for artificial intelligence:

Friday, November 17, 2023

Weekly Review 17 November 2023

 Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreads and Newsmast): 

  1. Yes Billy, after the crap you directed at Siouxsie Wiles and others, you do deserve to go to jail:
  2. I moved cities three times for my three post-docs, and each time was hard on my family. Post-docs shouldn't just be for young, single people, but that is the reality:
  3. Watermarking of images generated by AI can only be effective and trusted if all images are watermarked with their provenance, whether the creator is human or an artificial intelligence:
  4. The kind of people who would misuse artificial intelligence to produce this kind of material would certainly not use watermarking:
  5. Another case of misused artificial intelligence where watermarking would certainly not be used by those who created the material:
  6. The people who promulgate conspiracy theories would not be deterred by watermarking of fakes generated by artificial intelligence, or by any other verification technology:
  7. My suburb was cut off by floodwater during the Auckland Anniversary Weekend floods in January 2023. I wonder if this machine learning model could have predicted them?
  8. While the author of this article was able to make their way from a deprived start into a research career, I can't help but wonder how many other potentially great researchers have not been able to do the same?
  9. Generative artificial intelligence does not yet have the framework of rules and heuristics that we call common sense to back up and refine what it produces. Which gives rise to some odd outputs:
  10. "If anything can be fake, then nothing has to be real". Has artificial intelligence brought us into a post-reality world?
  11. It seems quite obvious to me that the established players in artificial intelligence will push for regulation that favours them:
  12. This AI pin mostly does what a smartphone does, but adds a wide-angle camera and laser projector. So why not make a clip-on camera and projector that talks to your phone?
  13. Call me a cynic, but could artificial intelligence really mess up the economy worse than Wall Street? There were not AI in 2008:
  14. Of course, relying on machine learning for stock trading isn't the safest way of avoiding the artificial intelligence economic apocalypse:
  15. Health care is a much better area to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning, compared to finance:
  16. The provenance, and licensing, of data sets used to train artificial intelligence is a bit of a mess:
  17. OpenAI wants to help build new training data sets for artificial intelligence:
  18. A few years ago, when I was the Head of an IT teaching department, I used to tell the tourism students that artificial intelligence was going to take their jobs before it took the IT students' jobs:
  19. A cheat sheet for using ChaptGPT: 
  20. Adding more parameters to generative AI is not guaranteed to solve the underlying problems facing artificial intelligence, which come from a lack of understanding of the language they are generating:
  21. As more organisations adopt artificial intelligence, data centres must adapt to the needs of this technology:
  22. So if you're good at something already, you don't need artificial intelligence to do it for you? Am I the only one who finds that kind of obvious?
  23. Now Samsung is introducing artificial intelligence into its smart phones
  24. I suspect the profession of "prompt engineer" is going to disappear very soon, especially as generative artificial intelligence gets better at understanding prompts:
  25. How will IT departments adapt to the needs of artificial intelligence?
  26. Is robotics soon going to have a "ChaptGPT moment"?
  27. Detecting infidelity using artificial intelligence:
  28. Generative artificial intelligence brings a whole slew of ethical issues with it:
  29. The lack of transparency in large language model artificial intelligence:

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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Friday, November 10, 2023

Weekly Review 10 November 2023

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreads and Newsmast): 

  1. A detailed piece on Biden's executive order on AI:
  2. More details on Biden's executive order on AI:
  3. The history of ChaptGPT:
  4. Now Microsoft wants to use AI to boost the security of its products:
  5. Italy's chief of AI is 85 years old (not necessarily a bad thing) and has no expertise on AI (that is bad):
  6. Scientists and other experts need to be free to communicate information to the community without fear of being targeted by conspiracy theory loonies. What Siouxsie Wiles has gone through is entirely unacceptable:
  7. How university librarians will need to adapt to AI:
  8. I'm not optimistic that the incoming government is either motivated to or capable of making New Zealand universities world-class. Tertiary education has been treated as a political football for decades, to the detriment of the country:
  9. Should the big companies developing AI be more responsible for the harm their technology creates?
  10. An AI assisted laundromat, in small-town New Zealand:
  11. While the headline claims that an AI was used to modify the photos, could it have been a more basic image manipulation? In either case, another potential misuse of AI technologies:
  12. Generative AI uses a lot of energy. While models need to be made more efficient, I'd rather that energy be used for training machine learning models than mining cryptocurrency:
  13. "DeepSteaks" - an amusing play on words, with a serious message about how AI can be used to produce misinformation:
  14. Using people's likenesses without their permission is another problem with generative AI:
  15. It's not surprising that actors have an issue with the use of generative AI in Hollywood, it's now trivial to produce video of anyone doing anything, without their knowledge:
  16. And of course the big AI companies have plenty of arguments for not paying the people whose material they used to train their models: How about sharing some of those billions with the original creators?
  17. There's a lack of people with the skills to write effective prompts for generative AI. So should companies just recruit or train in-house?
  18. Generative AI doesn't have understanding of what it is producing, so of course it lacks any idea of things like what it is appropriate to poll readers about:
  19. A comprehensive guide to using AI art generators:
  20. I largely changed research fields for my postdoc career, although I still spent most of my time developing algorithms and software, just in a different context. These tips would have been helpful to me at the time:
  21. I'm not sure that having an AI enabled pin/badge is really more convenient than a smartphone - a lot of people wouldn't be caught dead without their phone:
  22. Continuous machine learning with nanowire chips. I bet these would be really low power, as well:
  23. A custom large language model AI for assisting chip engineers:
  24. Six myths about #AI debunked:
  25. How mixing #AI technologies can make large language models better:
  26. Five things that came out of the UK government's AI summit:
  27. My concern is that different governments have different ideas about what "unsafe" means for AI:
  28. Sunak's AI summit is a start, but I expect all the good intentions are going to get lost under a tsunami of self-interest:
  29. The use and abuse of AI is just another example of why it was a bad idea to let corporations grow to be as powerful as governments:

Thursday, November 9, 2023

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 34, Issue 11, November 2023

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