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Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 22, November 2019

1. Solving fuzzy quadratic programming problems based on ABS algorithm
Author(s): Reza Ghanbari, Khatere Ghorbani-Moghadam
Pages: 11343-11349

2. Left residuated operators induced by posets with a unary operation
Author(s): Ivan Chajda, Helmut Länger
Pages: 11351-11356

3. On novel hesitant fuzzy rough sets
Author(s): Haidong Zhang, Lan Shu, Lianglin Xiong
Pages: 11357-11371

4. Hahn decomposition in d0-algebras
Author(s): Anna Avallone, Paolo Vitolo
Pages: 11373-11388

5. Extensions of a tight function and their continuity in quantum logic
Author(s): Mona Khare, Pratibha Pandey
Pages: 11389-11398

6. The p-median problem in fuzzy environment: proving fuzzy vertex optimality theorem and its application
Author(s): Nemat Allah Taghi-Nezhad
Pages: 11399-11407

7. Improvement of an outsourced attribute-based encryption scheme
Author(s): Hongjie Chen, Yongjian Liao
Pages: 11409-11417

8. PROMETHEE for prioritized criteria
Author(s): Xiuli Qi, Xiaohan Yu, Lei Wang, Xianglin Liao, Suojuan Zhang
Pages: 11419-11432

9. L-fuzzy rough approximation operators via three new types of L-fuzzy relations
Author(s): Bin Pang, Ju-Sheng Mi, Wei Yao
Pages: 11433-11446

10. Fixed points of covering upper and lower approximation operators
Author(s): A. A. Estaji, M. Vatandoost, R. Pourkhandani
Pages: 11447-11460

11. Swarm bat algorithm with improved search (SBAIS)
Author(s): Reshu Chaudhary, Hema Banati
Pages: 11461-11491

12. Research on combined model based on multi-objective optimization and application in time series forecast
Author(s): Shenghui Zhang, Jiyang Wang, Zhenhai Guo
Pages: 11493-11521

13. Irregular terrain boundary and area estimation with UAV
Author(s): Tianwei Shi, Wenhua Cui, Ling Ren, Chi Zhang
Pages: 11523-11537

14. DDS middleware on top of FlexRay networks: Simulink blockset implementation of electrical vehicle using FlexRay protocol and its adaptation to DDS concept
Author(s): Zouhaira Abdellaoui, Salem Hasnaoui
Pages: 11539-11556

15. Uncertain multi-objective Chinese postman problem
Author(s): Saibal Majumder, Samarjit Kar, Tandra Pal
Pages: 11557-11572

16. Calculating priority weights from interval-valued multiplicative hesitant fuzzy preference relations
Author(s): Jie Tang, Fanyong Meng
Pages: 11573-11592

17. Applying genetic improvement to a genetic programming library in C++
Author(s): Víctor R. López-López, Leonardo Trujillo, Pierrick Legrand
Pages: 11593-11609

18. New failure mode and effect analysis approach considering consensus under interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy environment
Author(s): Yan-Lai Li, Rui Wang, Kwai-Sang Chin
Pages: 11611-11626

19. Some q-rung orthopair fuzzy point weighted aggregation operators for multi-attribute decision making
Author(s): Yuping Xing, Runtong Zhang, Zhen Zhou, Jun Wang
Pages: 11627-11649

20. Protein docking using constrained self-adaptive differential evolution algorithm
Author(s): S. Sudha, S. Baskar, S. Krishnaswamy
Pages: 11651-11669

21. Optimizing a multi-item economic order quantity problem with imperfect items, inspection errors, and backorders
Author(s): Soheyl Khalilpourazari, Seyed Hamid Reza Pasandideh
Pages: 11671-11698

22. Bio-inspired multi-objective algorithms for connected set K-covers problem in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Bara’a A. Attea, Mustafa N. Abbas, Mayyadah Al-Ani, Suat Özdemir
Pages: 11699-11728

23. A new version of KSOR method with lower number of iterations and lower spectral radius
Author(s): R. Constantinescu, R. C. Poenaru, F. Pop, P. G. Popescu
Pages: 11729-11736

24. EEFR-R: extracting effective fuzzy rules for regression problems, through the cooperation of association rule mining concepts and evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): Fatemeh Aghaeipoor, Mahdi Eftekhari
Pages: 11737-11757

25. An efficient character recognition method using enhanced HOG for spam image detection
Author(s): Fatemeh Naiemi, Vahid Ghods, Hassan Khalesi
Pages: 11759-11774

26. A proposal for distinguishing between bacterial and viral meningitis using genetic programming and decision trees
Author(s): Gianni D’Angelo, Raffaele Pilla, Carlo Tascini, Salvatore Rampone
Pages: 11775-11791

27. C-3PO: Click-sequence-aware deeP neural network (DNN)-based Pop-uPs recOmmendation
Author(s): TonTon Hsien-De Huang, Hung-Yu Kao
Pages: 11793-11799

28. Biometric iris recognition using radial basis function neural network
Author(s): Megha Dua, Rashmi Gupta, Manju Khari, Ruben González Crespo
Pages: 11801-11815

29. Design of a hierarchy modular neural network and its application in multimodal emotion recognition
Author(s): Wenjing Li, Minghui Chu, Junfei Qiao
Pages: 11817-11828

30. Predicting housing price in China based on long short-term memory incorporating modified genetic algorithm
Author(s): Rui Liu, Lu Liu
Pages: 11829-11838

31. Fast supervised novelty detection and its application in remote sensing
Author(s): Weiping Shi, Shengwen Yu
Pages: 11839-11850

32. Collective information-based teaching–learning-based optimization for global optimization
Author(s): Zi Kang Peng, Sheng Xin Zhang, Shao Yong Zheng, Yun Liang Long
Pages: 11851-11866

33. Forecasting stock volatility process using improved least square support vector machine approach
Author(s): Xiao-Li Gong, Xi-Hua Liu, Xiong Xiong, Xin-Tian Zhuang
Pages: 11867-11881

34. Using virtual samples to improve learning performance for small datasets with multimodal distributions
Author(s): Der-Chiang Li, Liang-Sian Lin, Chien-Chih Chen, Wei-Hao Yu
Pages: 11883-11900

35. Impulse noise removal by an adaptive trust-region method
Author(s): Morteza Kimiaei, Farzad Rahpeymaii
Pages: 11901-11923

36. Nonconvex utility-based power allocation for cognitive radio MIMO system over fading channels
Author(s): Meiqin Tang, Xinjiang Wei, Wuquan Li
Pages: 11925-11933

37. Location perspective-based neighborhood-aware POI recommendation in location-based social networks
Author(s): Lei Guo, Yufei Wen, Fangai Liu
Pages: 11935-11945

38. WebHound: a data-driven intrusion detection from real-world web access logs
Author(s): Te-En Wei, Hahn-Ming Lee, Albert B. Jeng, Hemank Lamba
Pages: 11947-11965

39. A study of sine–cosine oscillation heterogeneous PCNN for image quantization
Author(s): Zhen Yang, Jing Lian, Shouliang Li, Yanan Guo, Yide Ma
Pages: 11967-11978

40. An improved rough set approach for optimal trust measure parameter selection in cloud environments
Author(s): Somu Nivethitha, M. R. Gauthama Raman, Obulaporam Gireesha
Pages: 11979-11999

41. A hybrid evolutionary-simplex search method to solve nonlinear constrained optimization problems
Author(s): Alyaa Abdelhalim, Kazuhide Nakata, Mahmoud El-Alem, Amr Eltawil
Pages: 12001-12015

42. New feature selection and voting scheme to improve classification accuracy
Author(s): Cheng-Jung Tsai
Pages: 12017-12030

43. Smart adaptive run parameterization (SArP): enhancement of user manual selection of running parameters in fluid dynamic simulations using bio-inspired and machine-learning techniques
Author(s): Hatem Ghorbel, Nicolas Zannini, Salma Cherif, Florian Sauser
Pages: 12031-12047

44. Fuzzy metric and its applications in removing the image noise
Author(s): Nebojša M. Ralević, Danijela Karaklić, Neda Pištinjat
Pages: 12049-12061

45. An optimization-based methodology for the definition of amplitude thresholds of the ground penetrating radar
Author(s): Eslam Mohammed Abdelkader, Mohamed Marzouk, Tarek Zayed
Pages: 12063-12086

46. Automatic generation control of a multi-area power system with renewable energy source under deregulated environment: adaptive fuzzy logic-based differential evolution (DE) algorithm
Author(s): S. Ajithapriyadarsini, P. Melba Mary, M. Willjuice Iruthayarajan
Pages: 12087-12101

47. Meta-heuristic algorithms for a clustering-based fuzzy bi-criteria hybrid flow shop scheduling problem
Author(s): Fatemeh Pourdehghan Golneshini, Hamed Fazlollahtabar
Pages: 12103-12122

48. Link prediction in signed social networks based on fuzzy computational model of trust and distrust
Author(s): Nancy Girdhar, Sonajharia Minz, K. K. Bharadwaj
Pages: 12123-12138

49. An extended prospect theory–VIKOR approach for emergency decision making with 2-dimension uncertain linguistic information
Author(s): Xue-Feng Ding, Hu-Chen Liu
Pages: 12139-12150

50. Correction to: An extended prospect theory–VIKOR approach for emergency decision making with 2-dimension uncertain linguistic information
Author(s): Xue-Feng Ding, Hu-Chen Liu
Page: 12151

Complex and Intelligence Systems, Volume 5, Issue 4, December 2019

1. Special issue on “Applications of neutrosophic theory in decision making-recent advances and future trends”
Author(s): Mohamed Abdel-Basset, Florentin Smarandache, Jun Ye
Pages: 363-364

2. A new attribute sampling plan using neutrosophic statistical interval method
Author(s): Muhammad Aslam
Pages: 365-370

3. Shortest path problem in fuzzy, intuitionistic fuzzy and neutrosophic environment: an overview
Author(s): Said Broumi, Mohamed Talea, Assia Bakali
Pages: 371-378

4. TODIM strategy for multi-attribute group decision making in trapezoidal neutrosophic number environment
Author(s): Surapati Pramanik, Rama Mallick
Pages: 379-389

5. The shortest path problem in interval valued trapezoidal and triangular neutrosophic environment
Author(s): Said Broumi, Deivanayagampillai Nagarajan, Assia Bakali
Pages: 391-402

6. Neutrosophic analysis of variance: application to university students
Author(s): Muhammad Aslam
Pages: 403-407

7. Shortest path problem using Bellman algorithm under neutrosophic environment
Author(s): Said Broumi, Arindam Dey, Mohamed Talea, Assia Bakali
Pages: 409-416

8. New approach on differential equation via trapezoidal neutrosophic number
Author(s): I. R. Sumathi, C. Antony Crispin Sweety
Pages: 417-424

Friday, November 22, 2019

Evolving Systems, Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2019

1. ACFLN: artificial chemical functional link network for prediction of stock market index
Author(s): S. C. Nayak, B. B. Misra, H. S. Behera
Pages: 567-592

2. Local thresholding of degraded or unevenly illuminated documents using fuzzy inclusion and entropy measures
Author(s): Athanasios C. Bogiatzis, Basil K. Papadopoulos
Pages: 593-619

3. Neutrosophic soft set decision making for stock trending analysis
Author(s): Sudan Jha, Raghvendra Kumar, Le Hoang Son, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee
Pages: 621-627

4. Fuzzy and neutrosophic modeling for link prediction in social networks
Author(s): Tran Manh Tuan, Pham Minh Chuan, Mumtaz Ali, Tran Thi Ngan
Pages: 629-634

5. Multi-area interconnected power system load frequency control using ELQR based state feedback gain controller
Author(s): Naresh Kumari, Nitin Malik, A. N. Jha
Pages: 635-647

6. Research on intelligent collision avoidance decision-making of unmanned ship in unknown environments
Author(s): Chengbo Wang, Xinyu Zhang, Longze Cong, Junjie Li, Jiawei Zhang
Pages: 649-658

7. Energy efficient clustering protocol for WSNs based on bio-inspired ICHB algorithm and fuzzy logic system
Author(s): Prateek Gupta, Ajay K. Sharma
Pages: 659-677

8. Artificial bee colony algorithm for enhancing image edge detection
Author(s): Anan Banharnsakun
Pages: 679-687

9. Stride towards aging problem in face recognition by applying hybrid local feature descriptors
Author(s): Kishore Kumar Kamarajugadda, Trinatha Rao Polipalli
Pages: 689-705

10. Reconstruction of catadioptric omnidirectional images using dual alternating total variation minimization
Author(s): Soraya Zenati, Abdelhani Boukrouche, Larbi Boubchir
Pages: 707-723

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 30, Issue 11, November 2019.

1. Object Detection With Deep Learning: A Review
Author(s): Zhong-Qiu Zhao; Peng Zheng; Shou-Tao Xu; Xindong Wu
Pages: 3212 - 3232

2. Parallel Coordinate Descent Newton Method for Efficient L1-Regularized Loss Minimization
Author(s): Yatao An Bian; Xiong Li; Yuncai Liu; Ming-Hsuan Yang
Pages: 3233 - 3245

3. Cluster Synchronization for Neutral Stochastic Delay Networks via Intermittent Adaptive Control
Author(s): Huabin Chen; Peng Shi; Cheng-Chew Lim
Pages: 3246 - 3259

4. Variational Inference for 3-D Localization and Tracking of Multiple Targets Using Multiple Cameras
Author(s): Moonsub Byeon; Minsik Lee; Kikyung Kim; Jin Young Choi
Pages: 3260 - 3274

5. Separability and Compactness Network for Image Recognition and Superresolution
Author(s): Liguo Zhou; Zhongyuan Wang; Yimin Luo; Zixiang Xiong
Pages: 3275 - 3286

6. Utilizing Unlabeled Data to Detect Electricity Fraud in AMI: A Semisupervised Deep Learning Approach
Author(s): Tianyu Hu; Qinglai Guo; Xinwei Shen; Hongbin Sun; Rongli Wu; Haoning Xi
Pages: 3287 - 3299

7. Neural Adaptive Event-Triggered Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Stochastic Systems With Unknown Hysteresis
Author(s): Jianhui Wang; Zhi Liu; Yun Zhang; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 3300 - 3312

8. Features Combined From Hundreds of Midlayers: Hierarchical Networks With Subnetwork Nodes
Author(s): Yimin Yang; Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Pages: 3313 - 3325

9. Natural Language Statistical Features of LSTM-Generated Texts
Author(s): Marco Lippi; Marcelo A. Montemurro; Mirko Degli Esposti; Giampaolo Cristadoro
Pages: 3326 - 3337

10. An Accelerated Linearly Convergent Stochastic L-BFGS Algorithm
Author(s): Daqing Chang; Shiliang Sun; Changshui Zhang
Pages: 3338 - 3346

11. 3-D PersonVLAD: Learning Deep Global Representations for Video-Based Person Reidentification
Author(s): Lin Wu; Yang Wang; Ling Shao; Meng Wang
Pages: 3347 - 3359

12. Computing Time-Varying Quadratic Optimization With Finite-Time Convergence and Noise Tolerance: A Unified Framework for Zeroing Neural Network
Author(s): Lin Xiao; Kenli Li; Mingxing Duan
Pages: 3360 - 3369

13. Multistep Prediction of Dynamic Systems With Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Nima Mohajerin; Steven L. Waslander
Pages: 3370 - 3383

14. New Results on Stability Analysis for Delayed Markovian Generalized Neural Networks With Partly Unknown Transition Rates
Author(s): Ruimei Zhang; Deqiang Zeng; Xinzhi Liu; Shouming Zhong; Jun Cheng
Pages: 3384 - 3395

15. Short Sequence Classification Through Discriminable Linear Dynamical System
Author(s): Yang Li; Junyuan Hong; Huanhuan Chen
Pages: 3396 - 3408

16. Feature Control as Intrinsic Motivation for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Nat Dilokthanakul; Christos Kaplanis; Nick Pawlowski; Murray Shanahan
Pages: 3409 - 3418

17. Balanced Decoupled Spatial Convolution for CNNs
Author(s): Guotian Xie; Kuiyuan Yang; Ting Zhang; Jingdong Wang; Jianhuang Lai
Pages: 3419 - 3432

18. A Greedy Assist-as-Needed Controller for Upper Limb Rehabilitation
Author(s): Lincong Luo; Liang Peng; Chen Wang; Zeng-Guang Hou
Pages: 3433 - 3443

19. A Novel Dual Successive Projection-Based Model-Free Adaptive Control Method and Application to an Autonomous Car
Author(s): Shida Liu; Zhongsheng Hou; Taotao Tian; Zhidong Deng; Zhenxuan Li
Pages: 3444 - 3457

20. Memristive Imitation of Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity
Author(s): Zubaer Ibna Mannan; Shyam Prasad Adhikari; Changju Yang; Ram Kaji Budhathoki; Hyongsuk Kim; Leon Chua
Pages: 3458 - 3470

21. Large-Margin Label-Calibrated Support Vector Machines for Positive and Unlabeled Learning
Author(s): Chen Gong; Tongliang Liu; Jian Yang; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 3471 - 3483

22. Evaluate the Malignancy of Pulmonary Nodules Using the 3-D Deep Leaky Noisy-OR Network
Author(s): Fangzhou Liao; Ming Liang; Zhe Li; Xiaolin Hu; Sen Song
Pages: 3484 - 3495

23. Incremental Local Distribution-Based Clustering Using Bayesian Adaptive Resonance Theory
Author(s): Ling Wang; Hui Zhu; Jianyao Meng; Wei He
Pages: 3496 - 3504

24. Episodic Memory in Minicolumn Associative Knowledge Graphs
Author(s): Basawaraj; Janusz A. Starzyk; Adrian Horzyk
Pages: 3505 - 3516

25. Low-Rank Matrix Learning Using Biconvex Surrogate Minimization
Author(s): En-Liang Hu; James T. Kwok
Pages: 3517 - 3527

26. Errata: Distributed Event-Triggered Adaptive Control for Cooperative Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems Under Switching Topology
Author(s): Ruohan Yang; Hao Zhang; Gang Feng; Huaicheng Yan
Pages: 3528 - 3528

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Soft Computing, Volume 23, Number 21, November 2019

1. Very true pseudo-BCK algebras
Author(s): Lavinia Corina Ciungu
Pages: 10587-10600

2. Aggregation operators with moving averages
Author(s): José M. Merigó, Ronald R. Yager
Pages: 10601-10615

3. Note on representing attribute reduction and concepts in concept lattice using graphs
Author(s): Jan Konecny
Pages: 10617-10621

4. Enhanced analysis of border surveillance using intruders’ crossing strategies
Author(s): N. Bhalaji, S. Venkatesh
Pages: 10623-10634

5. On the free frontal implicative semilattice extension of a frontal Hilbert algebra
Author(s): Ramon Jansana, Hernán J. San Martín
Pages: 10635-10648

6. L1-norm loss-based projection twin support vector machine for binary classification
Author(s): Xiaopeng Hua, Sen Xu, Jun Gao, Shifei Ding
Pages: 10649-10659

7. CBFD: a refined W4+ cluster-based frame difference approach for efficient moving object detection
Author(s): T. Mahalingam, M. Subramoniam
Pages: 10661-10679

8. A hybrid many-objective cuckoo search algorithm
Author(s): Zhihua Cui, Maoqing Zhang, Hui Wang, Xingjuan Cai, Wensheng Zhang
Pages: 10681-10697

9. A unified method for completions of posets and closure spaces
Author(s): Zhongxi Zhang, Qingguo Li, Nan Zhang
Pages: 10699-10708

10. The applications of solid codes to r-R and r-D languages
Author(s): Zuhua Liu, Yuqi Guo, Jing Leng
Pages: 10709-10716

11. Dynamic clustering with binary social spider algorithm for streaming dataset
Author(s): Urvashi Prakash Shukla, Satyasai Jagannath Nanda
Pages: 10717-10737

12. A comparison of random forest based algorithms: random credal random forest versus oblique random forest
Author(s): Carlos J. Mantas, Javier G. Castellano, Serafín Moral-García
Pages: 10739-10754

13. TLUSBoost algorithm: a boosting solution for class imbalance problem
Author(s): Sujit Kumar, Saroj Kr. Biswas, Debashree Devi
Pages: 10755-10767

14. Experimental analysis of design elements of scalarizing function-based multiobjective evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): Mansoureh Aghabeig, Andrzej Jaszkiewicz
Pages: 10769-10780

15. Cloud computing-based resource provisioning using k-means clustering and GWO prioritization
Author(s): A. Meenakshi, H. Sirmathi, J. Anitha Ruth
Pages: 10781-10791

16. Hybrid rough fuzzy soft classifier based multi-class classification model for agriculture crop selection
Author(s): N. Deepa, K. Ganesan
Pages: 10793-10809

17. A fuzzified Pareto multiobjective cuckoo search algorithm for power losses minimization incorporating SVC
Author(s): Tejeswara Rao Nartu, Mani Sankar Matta, Sravani Koratana
Pages: 10811-10820

18. What are the most influential factors of consumers’ intention to use NFC-enabled credit cards?
Author(s): Feride Bahar Kurtulmuşoğlu, Ayhan Algüner, Kumru D. Atalay
Pages: 10821-10836

19. Invisible consumptions and enlargements of activity floats under generalized precedence relations
Author(s): Zhixiong Su
Pages: 10837-10852

20. Interval-valued probabilistic hesitant fuzzy set for multi-criteria group decision-making
Author(s): R. Krishankumar, K. S. Ravichandran, Samarjit Kar, Pankaj Gupta
Pages: 10853-10879

21. Software effort estimation using FAHP and weighted kernel LSSVM machine
Author(s): Sumeet Kaur Sehra, Yadwinder Singh Brar, Navdeep Kaur
Pages: 10881-10900

22. A PSO-based group decision making model with multiplicative reciprocal matrices under flexibility
Author(s): Fang Liu, Yuhao Wu, Jiawei Zhang, Qin Yu
Pages: 10901-10910

23. A new gradient stochastic ranking-based multi-indicator algorithm for many-objective optimization
Author(s): Ye Chen, Xiaoping Yuan, Xiaohui Cang
Pages: 10911-10929

24. Intelligent hepatitis diagnosis using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system and information gain method
Author(s): Waheed Ahmad, Ayaz Ahmad, Amjad Iqbal, Muhammad Hamayun, Anwar Hussain
Pages: 10931-10938

25. An empirical approach for probing the definiteness of kernels
Author(s): Martin Zaefferer, Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Günter Rudolph
Pages: 10939-10952

26. A novel pythagorean fuzzy AHP and its application to landfill site selection problem
Author(s): Ali Karasan, Esra Ilbahar, Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 10953-10968

27. Word embeddings for negation detection in health records written in Spanish
Author(s): Sara Santiso, Arantza Casillas, Alicia Pérez, Maite Oronoz
Pages: 10969-10975

28. Uncertain random simulation algorithm with application to bottleneck assignment problem
Author(s): Sibo Ding, Xiao-Jun Zeng, Huimin Zhang
Pages: 10977-10982

29. An empirical model of adaptive cloud resource provisioning with speculation
Author(s): R. Leena Sri, N. Balaji
Pages: 10983-10999

30. An unsupervised learning approach for multilayer perceptron networks
Author(s): Edwin Aldana-Bobadila, Angel Kuri-Morales, Ivan Lopez-Arevalo
Pages: 11001-11013

31. Development of fuzzy logic-based decision support system for multi-response parameter optimization of green manufacturing process: a case study
Author(s): Jagadish, Sumit Bhowmik, Amitava Ray
Pages: 11015-11034

32. A novel task scheduling scheme in a cloud computing environment using hybrid biogeography-based optimization
Author(s): Zhao Tong, Hongjian Chen, Xiaomei Deng, Kenli Li, Keqin Li
Pages: 11035-11054

33. Bounds on the worst optimal value in interval linear programming
Author(s): Mohsen Mohammadi, Monica Gentili
Pages: 11055-11061

34. LOL: localization-free online keystroke tracking using acoustic signals
Author(s): Zhenquan Qin, Jiaxin Du, Guangjie Han, Gaopeng Yong, Linlin Guo, Lei Wang
Pages: 11063-11075

35. Memetic frog leaping algorithm for global optimization
Author(s): Deyu Tang, Zhen Liu, Jin Yang, Jie Zhao
Pages: 11077-11105

36. A data mining approach for population-based methods to solve the JSSP
Author(s): Mohammad Mahdi Nasiri, Sadegh Salesi, Ali Rahbari
Pages: 11107-11122

37. Methods for solving matrix games with cross-evaluated payoffs
Author(s): Meimei Xia
Pages: 11123-11140

38. Multi-objective search-based software modularization: structural and non-structural features
Author(s): Nafiseh Sadat Jalali, Habib Izadkhah, Shahriar Lotfi
Pages: 11141-11165

39. Stochastic multiple criteria decision making with criteria 2-tuple aspirations
Author(s): Yanping Jiang, Xia Liang, Manning Li, Haiming Liang
Pages: 11167-11180

40. Numerical solution of nonlinear fuzzy Volterra integral equations of the second kind for changing sign kernels
Author(s): F. Saberirad, S. M. Karbassi, M. Heydari
Pages: 11181-11197

41. Indoor space target searching based on EEG and EOG for UAV
Author(s): Tianwei Shi, Hong Wang, Wenhua Cui, Ling Ren
Pages: 11199-11215

42. Differential evolution applied to line-connected induction motors stator fault identification
Author(s): Jacqueline Jordan Guedes, Marcelo Favoretto Castoldi, Alessandro Goedtel
Pages: 11217-11226

43. Application of hybrid heuristic technique for optimal shunt capacitors planning problem in radial distribution network
Author(s): K. Muthukumar, S. Jayalalitha, K. Sureshkumar, A. Sakthivel
Pages: 11227-11245

44. Revised convexity, normality and stability properties of the dynamical feedback fuzzy state space model (FFSSM) of insulin–glucose regulatory system in humans
Author(s): Izaz Ullah Khan, Tahir Ahmad, Normah Maan
Pages: 11247-11262

45. Model and migrating birds optimization algorithm for two-sided assembly line worker assignment and balancing problem
Author(s): Mukund Nilakantan Janardhanan, Zixiang Li, Peter Nielsen
Pages: 11263-11276

46. Optimal VM placement in distributed cloud environment using MOEA/D
Author(s): Arunkumar Gopu, Neelanarayanan Venkataraman
Pages: 11277-11296

47. Dimension-by-dimension enhanced cuckoo search algorithm for global optimization
Author(s): Liang Chen, Houqing Lu, Hongwei Li, Guojun Wang, Li Chen
Pages: 11297-11312

48. Quantized dissipative filter design for Markovian switch T–S fuzzy systems with time-varying delays
Author(s): Muhammad Shamrooz Aslam, Qianmu Li
Pages: 11313-11329

49. A nested particle swarm algorithm based on sphere mutation to solve bi-level optimization
Author(s): Long Zhao, JingXuan Wei
Pages: 11331-11341

Friday, October 4, 2019

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 20, October 2019

1. A new rule to combine dependent bodies of evidence
Author(s): Xiaoyan Su, Lusu Li, Hong Qian, Sankaran Mahadevan, Yong Deng
Pages: 9793-9799

2. Multiset mixed topological space
Author(s): Karishma Shravan, Binod Chandra Tripathy
Pages: 9801-9805

3. Generalized pseudo-EMV-effect algebras
Author(s): Anatolij Dvurečenskij, Omid Zahiri
Pages: 9807-9819

4. Highly robust hybrid image watermarking approach using Tchebichef transform with secured PCA and CAT encryption
Author(s): Rabeah Noor, Ahmed Khan, Aaliya Sarfaraz, Zahid Mehmood
Pages: 9821-9829

5. Filters by BL-homomorphisms
Author(s): Fatemeh Najmi Dolat Abadi, Javad Moghaderi
Pages: 9831-9841

6. Bisimulation of type 2 for BL-general fuzzy automata
Author(s): Marzieh Shamsizadeh, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi
Pages: 9843-9852

7. New decision-making hybrid model: intuitionistic fuzzy N-soft rough sets
Author(s): Muhammad Akram, Ghous Ali, José Carlos R. Alcantud
Pages: 9853-9868

8. Granular autoencoders: concepts and design
Author(s): Witold Pedrycz, Rami Al-Hmouz, Abdullah Balamash, Ali Morfeq
Pages: 9869-9880

9. On some paracompactness-type properties of fuzzy topological spaces
Author(s): Francisco Gallego Lupiáñez
Pages: 9881-9883

10. Bipolar fuzzy matrices
Author(s): Madhumangal Pal, Sanjib Mondal
Pages: 9885-9897

11. A hybrid teaching–learning-based optimization technique for optimal DG sizing and placement in radial distribution systems
Author(s): Imran Ahmad Quadri, Suman Bhowmick, Dheeraj Joshi
Pages: 9899-991

12. Binary teaching–learning-based optimization algorithm with a new update mechanism for sample subset optimization in software defect prediction
Author(s): Thanh Tung Khuat, My Hanh Le
Pages: 9919-9935

13. Deep evolutionary modeling of condition monitoring data in marine propulsion systems
Author(s): Alberto Diez-Olivan, Jose A. Pagan, Ricardo Sanz, Basilio Sierra
Pages: 9937-9953

14. Novel decision-making method based on bipolar neutrosophic information
Author(s): Jianming Zhan, Muhammad Akram, Muzzamal Sitara
Pages: 9955-9977

15. Software requirement optimization using a fuzzy artificial chemical reaction optimization algorithm
Author(s): Hamidreza Alrezaamiri, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Homayun Motameni
Pages: 9979-9994

16. Assessment of the risk factors for type II diabetes using an improved combination of particle swarm optimization and decision trees by evaluation with Fisher’s linear discriminant analysis
Author(s): A. Sheik Abdullah, S. Selvakumar
Pages: 9995-10017

17. Comment on "Least-squares approach to regression modeling in full interval-valued fuzzy environment"
Author(s): Abdullah Al-Qudaimi, Amit Kumar
Pages: 10019-1002

18. Intuitionistic fuzzy reducible weighted Maclaurin symmetric means and their application in multiple-attribute decision making
Author(s): Minghua Shi, Qingxian Xiao
Pages: 10029-10043

19. BEMD image fusion based on PCNN and compressed sensing
Author(s): Shifei Ding, Peng Du, Xingyu Zhao, Qiangbo Zhu, Yu Xue
Pages: 10045-10054

20. An Evolutionary Algorithm and operators for the Airport Baggage Sorting Station Problem
Author(s): Amadeo Ascó
Pages: 10055-10083

21. Smart medical device selection based on intuitionistic fuzzy Choquet integral
Author(s): Gülçin Büyüközkan, Fethullah Göçer
Pages: 10085-10103

22. Fuzzy clustering approach for brain tumor tissue segmentation in magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Iván A. Rodríguez-Méndez, Raquel. Ureña, Enrique Herrera-Viedma
Pages: 10105-10117

23. Forecasting from incomplete and chaotic wind speed data
Author(s): Hector Rodriguez, Juan J. Flores, Luis A. Morales, Carlos Lara
Pages: 10119-10127

24. A hybrid algorithm based on chicken swarm and improved raven roosting optimization
Author(s): Shadi Torabi, Faramarz Safi-Esfahani
Pages: 10129-10171

25. Object tracking via dense SIFT features and low-rank representation
Author(s): Yong Wang, Xinbin Luo, Lu Ding, Jingjing Wu
Pages: 10173-10186

26. The maximum points-based supervised learning rule for spiking neural networks
Author(s): Xiurui Xie, Guisong Liu, Qing Cai, Hong Qu, Malu Zhang
Pages: 10187-10198

27. Optimisation of production scheduling for multi-product orders in VCIM systems using GA
Author(s): Son Duy Dao, Kazem Abhary, Romeo Marian, Mark Goh
Pages: 10199-10224

28. Improved harmony search with general iteration models for engineering design optimization problems
Author(s): Haibin Ouyang, Wenqiang Wu, Chunliang Zhang, Steven Li, Dexuan Zou
Pages: 10225-10260

29. Assessment of groundwater utilization status and prediction of water table depth using different heuristic models in an Indian interbasin
Author(s): Sucharita Pradhan, Shiv Kumar, Yogendra Kumar, Harish Chandra Sharma
Pages: 10261-10285

30. Student dropout prediction in massive open online courses by convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Lin Qiu, Yanshen Liu, Quan Hu, Yi Liu
Pages: 10287-10301

31. An unsupervised and robust validity index for clustering analysis
Author(s): Yaru Wang, Shihong Yue, Zhenhua Hao, Mingliang Ding, Jia Li
Pages: 10303-10319

32. Failure modes and effects analysis for CO2 transmission pipelines using a hesitant fuzzy VIKOR method
Author(s): Jian Guo, Zefu Lin, Lei Zu, Junlin Chen
Pages: 10321-10338

33. A novel granular approach for detecting dynamic online communities in social network
Author(s): Hamideh Sadat Cheraghchi, Ali Zakerolhosseini, Saeed Bagheri Shouraki
Pages: 10339-10360

34. An autonomic resource provisioning framework for efficient data collection in cloudlet-enabled wireless body area networks: a fuzzy-based proactive approach
Author(s): Tushar Bhardwaj, Subhash Chander Sharma
Pages: 10361-10383

35. Testing statistical hypotheses for intuitionistic fuzzy data
Author(s): Mohammad Ghasem Akbari, Gholamreza Hesamian
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36. Correlation coefficient of intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy sets based on informational energy and their applications to clustering analysis
Author(s): Adina Asim, Rabia Nasar, Tabasam Rashid
Pages: 10393-10406

37. A new entropy-based approach for fuzzy c-means clustering and its application to brain MR image segmentation
Author(s): Sayan Kahali, Jamuna Kanta Sing, Punam Kumar Saha
Pages: 10407-10414

38. Toward recursive spherical harmonics-issued bi-filters: Part I: theoretical framework
Author(s): Malika Jallouli, Makerem Zemni, Anouar Ben Mabrouk, Mohamed Ali Mahjoub
Pages: 10415-10428

39. River flow prediction using hybrid PSOGSA algorithm based on feed-forward neural network
Author(s): Sarita Gajbhiye Meshram, Mohmmmad Ali Ghorbani, Shahaboddin Shamshirband
Pages: 10429-10438

40. Some novel intuitionistic fuzzy information fusion methods in decision making with interaction among attributes
Author(s): Zhimin Mu, Shouzhen Zeng
Pages: 10439-10448

41. A new combined actuator fault estimation and accommodation for linear parameter varying system subject to simultaneous and multiple faults: an LMIs approach
Author(s): Samir Bendoukha, Samir Abdelmalek, Salem Abdelmalek
Pages: 10449-10462

42. Simulation and evaluation of second-order fuzzy boundary value problems
Author(s): Mahmood Otadi
Pages: 10463-10475

43. Using max-continuous T fuzzy relation equations to determine the vector
Author(s): Zhong-Lin Chai
Pages: 10477-10484

44. Fuzzy nonparametric estimation of capability index Cpk
Author(s): Fereshteh Momeni, Bahram Sadeghpour Gildeh, Gholamreza Hesamian
Pages: 10485-10494

45. Optimization of support vector machine parameters for voltage stability margin assessment in the deregulated power system
Author(s): G. S. Naganathan, C. K. Babulal
Pages: 10495-10507

46. Product family flexibility design method based on hybrid adaptive ant colony algorithm
Author(s): Wei Wei, Zhenyu Tian, Chong Peng, Ang Liu, Zhinan Zhang
Pages: 10509-10520

47. A monarch butterfly optimization-based neural network simulator for prediction of siro-spun yarn tenacity
Author(s): Parham Soltani, Esmaeil Hadavandi
Pages: 10521-10535

48. A fuzzy ELECTRE structure methodology to assess big data maturity in healthcare SMEs
Author(s): Alejandro Peña, Isis Bonet, Christian Lochmuller, Marta S. Tabares
Pages: 10537-1055

49. Automatic sentiment-oriented summarization of multi-documents using soft computing
Author(s): Asad Abdi, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Shafaatunnur Hasan, Jalil Piran
Pages: 10551-10568

50. Evaluation and selecting the contractor in bidding with incomplete information using MCGDM method
Author(s): Alireza Komeili Birjandi, Fatemeh Akhyani, Reza Sheikh, Shib Sankar Sana
Pages: 10569-10585

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 10, October 2019

1. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Discriminative Learning for Model Optimization and Statistical Inference
Author(s): Wangmeng Zuo; Xi Peng; Ling Shao; Danil Prokhorov; Horst Bischof
Pages: 2894 - 2897

2. L1-Norm Heteroscedastic Discriminant Analysis Under Mixture of Gaussian Distributions
Author(s): Wenming Zheng; Cheng Lu; Zhouchen Lin; Tong Zhang; Zhen Cui; Wankou Yang
Pages: 2898 - 2915

3. Efficient Recovery of Low-Rank Matrix via Double Nonconvex Nonsmooth Rank Minimization
Author(s): Hengmin Zhang; Chen Gong; Jianjun Qian; Bob Zhang; Chunyan Xu; Jian Yang
Pages: 2916 - 2925

4. Supervised Discriminative Sparse PCA for Com-Characteristic Gene Selection and Tumor Classification on Multiview Biological Data
Author(s): Chun-Mei Feng; Yong Xu; Jin-Xing Liu; Ying-Lian Gao; Chun-Hou Zheng
Pages: 2926 - 2937

5. Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis With Vectorial Representation for Tensor Data
Author(s): Fujiao Ju; Yanfeng Sun; Junbin Gao; Yongli Hu; Baocai Yin
Pages: 2938 - 2950

6. Semisupervised Discriminant Multimanifold Analysis for Action Recognition
Author(s): Zengmin Xu; Ruimin Hu; Jun Chen; Chen Chen; Junjun Jiang; Jiaofen Li; Hongyang Li
Pages: 2951 - 2962

7. Hypergraph-Induced Convolutional Networks for Visual Classification
Author(s): Heyuan Shi; Yubo Zhang; Zizhao Zhang; Nan Ma; Xibin Zhao; Yue Gao; Jiaguang Sun
Pages: 2963 - 2972

8. Learning Aggregated Transmission Propagation Networks for Haze Removal and Beyond
Author(s): Risheng Liu; Xin Fan; Minjun Hou; Zhiying Jiang; Zhongxuan Luo; Lei Zhang
Pages: 2973 - 2986

9. Person Reidentification via Structural Deep Metric Learning
Author(s): Xun Yang; Peicheng Zhou; Meng Wang
Pages: 2987 - 2998

10. Person Reidentification by Joint Local Distance Metric and Feature Transformation
Author(s): Zimo Liu; Huchuan Lu; Xiang Ruan; Ming-Hsuan Yang
Pages: 2999 - 3009

11. Multiview Multitask Gaze Estimation With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Author(s): Dongze Lian; Lina Hu; Weixin Luo; Yanyu Xu; Lixin Duan; Jingyi Yu; Shenghua Gao
Pages: 3010 - 3023

12. Spatially Regularized Structural Support Vector Machine for Robust Visual Tracking
Author(s): Yuhui Zheng; Le Sun; Shunfeng Wang; Jianwei Zhang; Jifeng Ning
Pages: 3024 - 3034

13. Dynamic Collaborative Tracking
Author(s): Guibo Zhu; Zhaoxiang Zhang; Jinqiao Wang; Yi Wu; Hanqing Lu
Pages: 3035 - 3046

14. From Deterministic to Generative: Multimodal Stochastic RNNs for Video Captioning
Author(s): Jingkuan Song; Yuyu Guo; Lianli Gao; Xuelong Li; Alan Hanjalic; Heng Tao Shen
Pages: 3047 - 3058

15. A Local and Global Discriminative Framework and Optimization for Balanced Clustering
Author(s): Junwei Han; Hanyang Liu; Feiping Nie
Pages: 3059 - 3071

16. A Robust AUC Maximization Framework With Simultaneous Outlier Detection and Feature Selection for Positive-Unlabeled Classification
Author(s): Ke Ren; Haichuan Yang; Yu Zhao; Wu Chen; Mingshan Xue; Hongyu Miao; Shuai Huang; Ji Liu
Pages: 3072 - 3083

17. Kernel-Based Distance Metric Learning for Supervised k-Means Clustering
Author(s): Bac Nguyen; Bernard De Baets
Pages: 3084 - 3095

18. A Deep Collaborative Framework for Face Photo–Sketch Synthesis
Author(s): Mingrui Zhu; Jie Li; Nannan Wang; Xinbo Gao
Pages: 3096 - 3108

19. Deep Latent Low-Rank Representation for Face Sketch Synthesis
Author(s): Mingjin Zhang; Nannan Wang; Yunsong Li; Xinbo Gao
Pages: 3109 - 3123

20. Learning Time Series Associated Event Sequences With Recurrent Point Process Networks
Author(s): Shuai Xiao; Junchi Yan; Mehrdad Farajtabar; Le Song; Xiaokang Yang; Hongyuan Zha
Pages: 3124 - 3136

21. Event/Self-Triggered Control for Leader-Following Consensus Over Unreliable Network With DoS Attacks
Author(s): Wenying Xu; Daniel W. C. Ho; Jie Zhong; Bo Chen
Pages: 3137 - 3149

22. Synchronization Control for Network Systems With Communication Constraints
Author(s): Yuanqing Wu; Renquan Lu; Hongyi Li; Shenghuang He
Pages: 3150 - 3160

23. Distributed Extremum Seeking for Optimal Resource Allocation and Its Application to Economic Dispatch in Smart Grids
Author(s): Dong Wang; Mingfei Chen; Wei Wang
Pages: 3161 - 3171

24. Crowdsourced Label Aggregation Using Bilayer Collaborative Clustering
Author(s): Jing Zhang; Victor S. Sheng; Jian Wu
Pages: 3172 - 3185

25. Clone-Based Encoded Neural Networks to Design Efficient Associative Memories
Author(s): Hugues Wouafo; Cyrille Chavet; Philippe Coussy
Pages: 3186 - 3199

26. Learning Algorithm for Boltzmann Machines With Additive Weight and Bias Noise
Author(s): John Sum; Chi-Sing Leung
Pages: 3200 - 3204

27. Nonparametric Dimension Reduction via Maximizing Pairwise Separation Probability
Author(s): Le Yang; Shiji Song; Yanshang Gong; Huang Gao; Cheng Wu
Pages: 3205 - 3210

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Evolving Systems, Volume 10, Issue 3, September 2019.

1. Uniform global asymptotic stability for nonlinear systems with delay and sampling
Author(s): Zeinab Echreshavi, Alireza Roosta
Pages: 305-316

2. Designing multi-layer quantum neural network controller for chaos control of rod-type plasma torch system using improved particle swarm optimization
Author(s): Esmaeil Salahshour, Milad Malekzadeh, Reza Gholipour
Pages: 317-331

3. Density-based clustering of big probabilistic graphs
Author(s): Zahid Halim, Jamal Hussain Khattak
Pages: 333-350

4. A novel approach using incremental oversampling for data stream mining
Author(s): N. Anupama, Sudarson Jena
Pages: 351-362

5. MONDE: a method for predicting social network dynamics and evolution
Author(s): Maria Chiara Caschera, Arianna D’Ulizia, Fernando Ferri
Pages: 363-379

6. Dendrite ellipsoidal neurons based on k-means optimization
Author(s): Fernando Arce, Erik Zamora, Carolina Fócil-Arias, Humberto Sossa
Pages: 381-396

7. Vessel traffic flow analysis and prediction by an improved PSO-BP mechanism based on AIS data
Author(s): Ze-guo Zhang, Jian-chuan Yin, Ni-ni Wang, Zi-gang Hui
Pages: 397-407

8. Extractive summarization using semigraph (ESSg)
Author(s): Sheetal Sonawane, Parag Kulkarni, Charusheela Deshpande
Pages: 409-424

9. A C4.5 algorithm for english emotional classification
Author(s): Phu Vo Ngoc, Chau Vo Thi Ngoc, Tran Vo Thi Ngoc, Dat Nguyen Duy
Pages: 425-451

10. A Valence-Totaling Model for Vietnamese sentiment classification
Author(s): Vo Ngoc Phu, Vo Thi Ngoc Chau, Vo Thi Ngoc Tran, Dat Nguyen Duy
Pages: 453-499

11. Semantic lexicons of English nouns for classification
Author(s): Vo Ngoc Phu, Vo Thi Ngoc Tran, Vo Thi Ngoc Chau, Dat Nguyen Duy
Pages: 501-565

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Volume 11, Number 3, June 2019.

1. Two Demonstrators Are Better Than One—A Social Robot That Learns to Imitate People With Different Interaction Styles
Author(s): P. Liu, D. F. Glas, T. Kanda and H. Ishiguro
Pages: 319-333

2. A Personalized and Platform-Independent Behavior Control System for Social Robots in Therapy: Development and Applications
Author(s): H. Cao et al.
Pages: 334-346

3. BioVision: A Biomimetics Platform for Intrinsically Motivated Visual Saliency Learning
Author(s): C. Craye, D. Filliat and J. Goudou
Pages: 347-362

4. Personalized Robot Assistant for Support in Dressing
Author(s): A. Jevti et al.
Pages: 363-374

5. A Wireless Multifunctional SSVEP-Based Brain–Computer Interface Assistive System
Author(s): C. Lin et al.
Pages: 375-383

6. Deep Spiking Convolutional Neural Network Trained With Unsupervised Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity
Author(s): C. Lee, G. Srinivasan, P. Panda and K. Roy
Pages: 384-394

7. Automatic Object Searching and Behavior Learning for Mobile Robots in Unstructured Environment by Deep Belief Networks
Author(s): J. Wang, V. A. Shim, R. Yan, H. Tang and F. Sun
Pages: 395-404

8. Adaptive Behavior Acquisition of a Robot Based on Affective Feedback and Improvised Teleoperation
Author(s): M. Hirokawa, A. Funahashi, Y. Itoh and K. Suzuki
Pages: 405-413

9. Motor-Imagery-Based Teleoperation of a Dual-Arm Robot Performing Manipulation Tasks
Author(s): Y. Liu et al.
Pages: 414-424

10. BUM: Bayesian User Model for Distributed Learning of User Characteristics From Heterogeneous
Author(s): G. S. Martins, L. Santos and J. Dias
Pages: 425-434

11. Modeling the Co-Emergence of Linguistic Constructions and Action Concepts: The Case of Action Verbs
Author(s): M. Panzner, J. Gaspers and P. Cimiano
Pages: 435-449

12. A System for Noncontact Estimation of Cognitive Load Using Saccadic Parameters Based on a Serio-Parallel Computing Framework 
Author(s): A. Dasgupta, S. M. Bhattacharya and A. Routray

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 9, September 2019.

1. Learning Discrete-Time Markov Chains Under Concept Drift
Author(s): Manuel Roveri
Pages: 2570 - 2582

2. Semiparametric Clustering: A Robust Alternative to Parametric Clustering
Author(s): Binbin Pan; Huaiqin Dong; Wen-Sheng Chen; Chen Xu
Pages: 2583 - 2597

3. Rescaled Boosting in Classification
Author(s): Yao Wang; Xu Liao; Shaobo Lin
Pages: 2598 - 2610

4. A Novel Equivalent Model of Active Distribution Networks Based on LSTM
Author(s): Chao Zheng; Shaorong Wang; Yilu Liu; Chengxi Liu; Wei Xie; Chen Fang; Shu Liu
Pages: 2611 - 2624

5. Neural Network Controller Design for a Class of Nonlinear Delayed Systems With Time-Varying Full-State Constraints
Author(s): Dapeng Li; C. L. Philip Chen; Yan-Jun Liu; Shaocheng Tong
Pages: 2625 - 2636

6. Submodular Function Optimization for Motion Clustering and Image Segmentation
Author(s): Jianbing Shen; Xingping Dong; Jianteng Peng; Xiaogang Jin; Ling Shao; Fatih Porikli
Pages: 2637 - 2649

7. Regularizing Deep Neural Networks by Enhancing Diversity in Feature Extraction
Author(s): Babajide O. Ayinde; Tamer Inanc; Jacek M. Zurada
Pages: 2650 - 2661

8. A Lagrangian Relaxation Approach for Binary Multiple Instance Classification
Author(s): Annabella Astorino; Antonio Fuduli; Manlio Gaudioso
Pages: 2662 - 2671

9. Learning a Low Tensor-Train Rank Representation for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
Author(s): Renwei Dian; Shutao Li; Leyuan Fang
Pages: 2672 - 2683

10. A Multistage Game in Smart Grid Security: A Reinforcement Learning Solution
Author(s): Zhen Ni; Shuva Paul
Pages: 2684 - 2695

11. Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Neural Networks: A Singularity-Free Approach
Author(s): Dong-dong Zheng; Yongping Pan; Kai Guo; Haoyong Yu
Pages: 2696 - 2706

12. Task-Oriented GAN for PolSAR Image Classification and Clustering
Author(s): Fang Liu; Licheng Jiao; Xu Tang
Pages: 2707 - 2719

13. Tractable Learning and Inference for Large-Scale Probabilistic Boolean Networks
Author(s): Ifigeneia Apostolopoulou; Diana Marculescu
Pages: 2720 - 2734

14. Less Is More: A Comprehensive Framework for the Number of Components of Ensemble Classifiers
Author(s): Hamed Bonab; Fazli Can
Pages: 2735 - 2745

15. Classification by Sparse Neural Networks
Author(s): Věra Kůrková; Marcello Sanguineti
Pages: 2746 - 2754

16. EEG-Based Spatio–Temporal Convolutional Neural Network for Driver Fatigue Evaluation
Author(s): Zhongke Gao; Xinmin Wang; Yuxuan Yang; Chaoxu Mu; Qing Cai; Weidong Dang; Siyang Zuo
Pages: 2755 - 2763

17. Mining Top-k Useful Negative Sequential Patterns via Learning
Author(s): Xiangjun Dong; Ping Qiu; Jinhu Lü; Longbing Cao; Tiantian Xu
Pages: 2764 - 2778

18. Simultaneously Learning Neighborship and Projection Matrix for Supervised Dimensionality Reduction
Author(s): Yanwei Pang; Bo Zhou; Feiping Nie
Pages: 2779 - 2793

19. Learning With Annotation of Various Degrees
Author(s): Joey Tianyi Zhou; Meng Fang; Hao Zhang; Chen Gong; Xi Peng; Zhiguo Cao; Rick Siow Mong Goh
Pages: 2794 - 2804

20. Adversarial Examples: Attacks and Defenses for Deep Learning
Author(s): Xiaoyong Yuan; Pan He; Qile Zhu; Xiaolin Li
Pages: 2805 - 2824

21. Scalable Proximal Jacobian Iteration Method With Global Convergence Analysis for Nonconvex Unconstrained Composite Optimizations
Author(s): Hengmin Zhang; Jianjun Qian; Junbin Gao; Jian Yang; Chunyan Xu
Pages: 2825 - 2839

22. A Recursive Approach to Quantized H∞ State Estimation for Genetic Regulatory Networks Under Stochastic Communication Protocols
Author(s): Xiongbo Wan; Zidong Wang; Qing-Long Han; Min Wu
Pages: 2840 - 2852

23. A Novel Neural Network for Remote Sensing Image Matching
Author(s): Hao Zhu; Licheng Jiao; Wenping Ma; Fang Liu; Wei Zhao
Pages: 2853 - 2865

24. Bayesian Weight Decay on Bounded Approximation for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Author(s): Jung-Guk Park; Sungho Jo
Pages: 2866 - 2875

25. Morphological Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Digit Recognition
Author(s): Dorra Mellouli; Tarek M. Hamdani; Javier J. Sanchez-Medina; Mounir Ben Ayed; Adel M. Alimi
Pages: 2876 - 2885

26. Unsupervised Feature Selection via Adaptive Multimeasure Fusion
Author(s): Rui Zhang; Feiping Nie; Yunhai Wang; Xuelong Li
Pages: 2886 - 2892

Friday, August 9, 2019

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 8, August 2019.

1. Dynamic Feature Acquisition Using Denoising Autoencoders
Author(s): Mohammad Kachuee; Sajad Darabi; Babak Moatamed; Majid Sarrafzadeh
Pages: 2252 - 2262

2. A Novel and Safe Two-Stage Screening Method for Support Vector Machine
Author(s): Xianli Pan; Yitian Xu
Pages: 2263 - 2274

3. Self-Tuned Discrimination-Aware Method for Unsupervised Feature Selection
Author(s): Xuelong Li; Mulin Chen; Qi Wang
Pages: 2275 - 2284

4. Fast-Time Stability of Temporal Boolean Networks
Author(s): Bowen Li; Jianquan Lu; Jie Zhong; Yang Liu
Pages: 2285 - 2294

5. A Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Flexible Convolutional Autoencoder for Image Classification
Author(s): Yanan Sun; Bing Xue; Mengjie Zhang; Gary G. Yen
Pages: 2295 - 2309

6. Reconstructing Perceived Images From Human Brain Activities With Bayesian Deep Multiview Learning
Author(s): Changde Du; Changying Du; Lijie Huang; Huiguang He
Pages: 2310 - 2323

7. Integrated Sliding Mode Control and Neural Networks Based Packet Disordering Prediction for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems
Author(s): Bosen Lian; Qingling Zhang; Jinna Li
Pages: 2324 - 2335

8. Asynchronous Multiplex Communication Channels in 2-D Neural Network With Fluctuating Characteristics
Author(s): Shinichi Tamura; Yoshi Nishitani; Chie Hosokawa; Yuko Mizuno-Matsumoto
Pages: 2336 - 2345

9. Zeroing Neural Network for Solving Time-Varying Linear Equation and Inequality Systems
Author(s): Feng Xu; Zexin Li; Zhuoyun Nie; Hui Shao; Dongsheng Guo
Pages: 2346 - 2357

10. Global Synchronization of Coupled Fractional-Order Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Peng Liu; Zhigang Zeng; Jun Wang
Pages: 2358 - 2368

11. Stochastic Graphlet Embedding
Author(s): Anjan Dutta; Hichem Sahbi
Pages: 2369 - 2382

12. Identification of the Structure of a Probabilistic Boolean Network From Samples Including Frequencies of Outcomes
Author(s): Tatsuya Akutsu; Avraham A. Melkman
Pages: 2383 - 2396

13. Two Birds With One Stone: A Coupled Poisson Deconvolution for Detecting and Describing Topics From Multimodal Web Data
Author(s): Junbiao Pang; Fei Tao; Qingming Huang; Qi Tian; Baocai Yin
Pages: 2397 - 2409

14. Modified Gram–Schmidt Method-Based Variable Projection Algorithm for Separable Nonlinear Models
Author(s): Guang-Yong Chen; Min Gan; Feng Ding; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 2410 - 2418

15. Power-Type Varying-Parameter RNN for Solving TVQP Problems: Design, Analysis, and Applications
Author(s): Zhijun Zhang; Ling-Dong Kong; Lunan Zheng
Pages: 2419 - 2433

16. Passivity and Synchronization of Coupled Uncertain Reaction–Diffusion Neural Networks With Multiple Time Delays
Author(s): Jin-Liang Wang; Zhen Qin; Huai-Ning Wu; Tingwen Huang
Pages: 2434 - 2448

17. Finding Principal Paths in Data Space
Author(s): Marco Jacopo Ferrarotti; Walter Rocchia; Sergio Decherchi
Pages: 2449 - 2462

18. t-Exponential Memory Networks for Question-Answering Machines
Author(s): Kyriakos Tolias; Sotirios P. Chatzis
Pages: 2463 - 2477

19. Near-Nash Equilibrium Control Strategy for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems With Round-Robin Protocol
Author(s): Peng Zhang; Yuan Yuan; Hongjiu Yang; Huaping Liu
Pages: 2478 - 2492

20. Covariance Matrix Adaptation for Multiobjective Multiarmed Bandits
Author(s): Mădălina M. Drugan
Pages: 2493 - 2502

21. A Two-Timescale Duplex Neurodynamic Approach to Biconvex Optimization
Author(s): Hangjun Che; Jun Wang
Pages: 2503 - 2514

22. Plume Tracing via Model-Free Reinforcement Learning Method
Author(s): Hangkai Hu; Shiji Song; C. L. Phillip Chen
Pages: 2515 - 2527

23. Extended Dissipativity Analysis for Markovian Jump Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay via Delay-Product-Type Functionals
Author(s): Wen-Juan Lin; Yong He; Chuan-Ke Zhang; Min Wu; Jianhua Shen
Pages: 2528 - 2537

24. Recurrent Neural Network Model: A New Strategy to Solve Fuzzy Matrix Games
Author(s): Amin Mansoori; Mohammad Eshaghnezhad; Sohrab Effati
Pages: 2538 - 2547

25. Function Perturbation Impact on Feedback Stabilization of Boolean Control Networks
Author(s): Xiaodong Li; Haitao Li; Guodong Zhao
Pages: 2548 - 2554

26. Set Stabilization of Probabilistic Boolean Networks Using Pinning Control
Author(s): Fangfei Li; Lihua Xie
Pages: 2555 - 2561

27. Stability Analysis for Delayed Neural Networks via Improved Auxiliary Polynomial-Based Functions
Author(s): Zhichen Li; Huaicheng Yan; Hao Zhang; Xisheng Zhan; Congzhi Huang
Pages: 2562 - 2568

Saturday, July 20, 2019

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 7, July 2019

1. The Boundedness Conditions for Model-Free HDP(λ)
Author(s): Seaar Al-Dabooni; Donald Wunsch
Pages: 1928 - 1942

2. Training Passive Photonic Reservoirs With Integrated Optical Readout
Author(s): Matthias Freiberger; Andrew Katumba; Peter Bienstman; Joni Dambre
Pages: 1943 - 1953

3. Seeing All From a Few: ℓ1-Norm-Induced Discriminative Prototype Selection
Author(s): Xingxing Zhang; Zhenfeng Zhu; Yao Zhao; Dongxia Chang; Ji Liu
Pages: 1954 - 1966

4. Inverting the Generator of a Generative Adversarial Network
Author(s): Antonia Creswell; Anil Anthony Bharath
Pages: 1967 - 1974

5. Neuroadaptive Fault-Tolerant Control of Quadrotor UAVs: A More Affordable Solution
Author(s): Yongduan Song; Liu He; Dong Zhang; Jiye Qian; Jin Fu
Pages: 1975 - 1983

6. Efficient Multispike Learning for Spiking Neural Networks Using Probability-Modulated Timing Method
Author(s): Ruihan Hu; Sheng Chang; Hao Wang; Jin He; Qijun Huang
Pages: 1984 - 1997

7. A Cross-Domain Recommender System With Kernel-Induced Knowledge Transfer for Overlapping Entities
Author(s): Qian Zhang; Jie Lu; Dianshuang Wu; Guangquan Zhang
Pages: 1998 - 2012

8. Shared Nearest-Neighbor Quantum Game-Based Attribute Reduction With Hierarchical Coevolutionary Spark and Its Application in Consistent Segmentation of Neonatal Cerebral Cortical Surfaces
Author(s): Weiping Ding; Chin-Teng Lin; Zehong Cao
Pages: 2013 - 2027

9. Two-Dimensional Quaternion PCA and Sparse PCA
Author(s): Xiaolin Xiao; Yicong Zhou
Pages: 2028 - 2042

10. L1-Norm Batch Normalization for Efficient Training of Deep Neural Networks
Author(s): Shuang Wu; Guoqi Li; Lei Deng; Liu Liu; Dong Wu; Yuan Xie; Luping Shi
Pages: 2043 - 2051

11. Multistability of Switched Neural Networks With Piecewise Linear Activation Functions Under State-Dependent Switching
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Author(s): Farooq Ahmad Khanday; Nasir Ali Kant; Mohammad Rafiq Dar; Tun Zainal Azni Zulkifli; Costas Psychalinos
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Author(s): Xiao Peng; Huaiqin Wu; Jinde Cao
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17. Topic-Based Algorithm for Multilabel Learning With Missing Labels
Author(s): Jianghong Ma; Tommy W. S. Chow
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18. Neural Network Filtering Control Design for Nontriangular Structure Switched Nonlinear Systems in Finite Time
Author(s): Shuai Sui; C. L. Philip Chen; Shaocheng Tong
Pages: 2153 - 2162

19. Biased Random Forest For Dealing With the Class Imbalance Problem
Author(s): Mohammed Bader-El-Den; Eleman Teitei; Todd Perry
Pages: 2163 - 2172

20. Fast and Accurate Sparse Coding of Visual Stimuli With a Simple, Ultralow-Energy Spiking Architecture
Author(s): Walt Woods; Christof Teuscher
Pages: 2173 - 2187

21. Adaptive Leader-Following Consensus for Multiple Euler–Lagrange Systems With an Uncertain Leader System
Author(s): Shimin Wang; Jie Huang
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22. Effects of State-Dependent Impulses on Robust Exponential Stability of Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks Under Parametric Uncertainty
Author(s): Xujun Yang; Chuandong Li; Qiankun Song; Hongfei Li; Junjian Huang
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23. Data Subset Selection With Imperfect Multiple Labels
Author(s): Meng Fang; Tianyi Zhou; Jie Yin; Yang Wang; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 2212 - 2221

24. Prescribed Performance Model-Free Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Control for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Dong Liu; Guang-Hong Yang
Pages: 2222 - 2230

25. Visualization Methods for Image Transformation Convolutional Neural Networks
Author(s): Églen Protas; José Douglas Bratti; Joel F. O. Gaya; Paulo Drews; Silvia S. C. Botelho
Pages: 2231 - 2243

26. Deep FisherNet for Image Classification
Author(s): Peng Tang; Xinggang Wang; Baoguang Shi; Xiang Bai; Wenyu Liu; Zhuowen Tu
Pages: 2244 - 2250

Sunday, June 16, 2019

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Vol.11, No.2, Jun. 2019

1. Guest Editorial Neuro-Robotics Systems: Sensing, Cognition, Learning, and Control
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2. Combined Sensing, Cognition, Learning, and Control for Developing Future Neuro-Robotics Systems: A Survey
Authors: J. Li, Z. Li, F. Chen, A. Bicchi, Y. Sun and T. Fukuda
Pages: 148-161

3. Multimodal Human Hand Motion Sensing and Analysis—A Review
Authors: Y. Xue, Z. Ju, K. Xiang, J. Chen and H. Liu
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4. Active Visual-Tactile Cross-Modal Matching
Authors: H. Liu, F. Wang, F. Sun and X. Zhang,
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5. Fused Fuzzy Petri Nets: A Shared Control Method for Brain–Computer Interface Systems
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6. Bio-Inspired Equilibrium Point Control Scheme for Quadrupedal Locomotion
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7. Episodic Memory Multimodal Learning for Robot Sensorimotor Map Building and Navigation
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8. An Initiative Service Method Based on Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process and Context Intention Inference for Drinking Service Robot
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9. Fuzzy Linguistic Odor Cognition for Robotics Olfaction
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11. Regrasp Planning Using Stable Object Poses Supported by Complex Structures
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Using High-Frequency Local Field Potentials From Multicortex to Decode Reaching and Grasping Movements in Monkey
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14. A Reinforcement Learning Architecture That Transfers Knowledge Between Skills When Solving Multiple Tasks
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Complex & Intelligent Systems. Volume 5 Number 2, June 2019

Special Issue: Pythagorean Fuzzy Set and Its Extensions in Decision-Making Process

1. Special issue on “Pythagorean fuzzy set and its extensions in decision-making process”
Author(s): Harish Garg
Pages: 91-92

2. Dijkstra algorithm for shortest path problem under interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy environment
Author(s): Mohammad Enayattabar, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Homayun Motameni
Pages: 93-100

3. New similarity measure and distance measure for Pythagorean fuzzy set
Author(s): Xindong Peng
Pages: 101-111

4. AHP–TOPSIS integration extended with Pythagorean fuzzy sets for information security risk analysis
Author(s): M. Fatih Ak, Muhammet Gul
Pages: 113-126

5. Certain graphs under Pythagorean fuzzy environment
Author(s): Muhammad Akram, Jawaria Mohsan Dar, Sumera Naz
Pages: 127-144

6. Multi-granulation Pythagorean fuzzy decision-theoretic rough sets based on inclusion measure and their application in incomplete multi-source information systems
Author(s): Prasenjit Mandal, A. S. Ranadive
Pages: 145-163

7. Pythagorean fuzzy set and its application in career placements based on academic performance using max–min–max composition
Author(s): Paul Augustine Ejegwa
Pages: 165-175

8. Pythagorean fuzzy topological spaces
Author(s): Murat Olgun, Mehmet Ünver, Şeyhmus Yardımcı
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9. Decision making method based on Pythagorean fuzzy sets and its application to solid waste management
Author(s): Lazim Abdullah, Pinxin Goh
Pages: 185-198

10. Hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy interaction aggregation operators and their application in multiple attribute decision-making
Author(s): Wei Yang, Chengjun Wang, Yong Liu, Yan Sun
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11. Exponential similarity measures for Pythagorean fuzzy sets and their applications to pattern recognition and decision-making process
Author(s): Xuan Thao Nguyen, Van Dinh Nguyen, Van Hanh Nguyen
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12. Simplified interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy graphs with application
Author(s): Muhammad Akram, Sumera Naz, Bijan Davvaz
Pages: 229-253

13. A Pythagorean fuzzy approach to the transportation problem
Author(s): R. Kumar, S. A. Edalatpanah, S. Jha, R. Singh
Pages: 255-263

Monday, June 3, 2019

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 13, July 2019

1. Hyper-operations in effect algebras
Author(s): Wei Ji
Pages: 4585-4592

2. A latent space-based estimation of distribution algorithm for large-scale global optimization
Author(s): Wenyong Dong, Yufeng Wang, Mengchu Zhou
Pages: 4593-4615

3. Maximal similarity granular rough sets for mixed and incomplete information systems
Author(s): Yenny Villuendas-Rey
Pages: 4617-4631

4. Variations of the free implicative semilattice extension of a Hilbert algebra
Author(s): José L. Castiglioni, Hernán J. San Martín
Pages: 4633-4641

5. On pseudo-CI algebras
Author(s): A. Rezaei, A. Borumand Saeid, K. Yousefi Sikari Saber
Pages: 4643-4654

6. Evidential joint calibration of binary SVM classifiers
Author(s): Pauline Minary, Frédéric Pichon, David Mercier, Eric Lefevre
Pages: 4655-4671

7. Design mining microbial fuel cell cascades
Author(s): Richard J. Preen, Jiseon You, Larry Bull, Ioannis A. Ieropoulos
Pages: 4673-4683

8. Multi-focus image fusion combining focus-region-level partition and pulse-coupled neural network
Author(s): Kangjian He, Dongming Zhou, Xuejie Zhang, Rencan Nie, Xin Jin
Pages: 4685-4699

9. SELCLOUD: a hybrid multi-criteria decision-making model for selection of cloud services
Author(s): Chandrashekar Jatoth, G. R. Gangadharan, Ugo Fiore, Rajkumar Buyya
Pages: 4701-4715

10. Identification of topology-preserving, class-relevant feature subsets using multiobjective optimization
Author(s): Sriparna Saha, Mandeep Kaur
Pages: 4717-4733

11. Generating an optimal timetabling for multi-departments common lecturers using hybrid fuzzy and clustering algorithms
Author(s): Hamed Babaei, Jaber Karimpour, Amin Hadidi
Pages: 4735-4747

12. Weibull statistical modeling for textured image retrieval using nonsubsampled contourlet transform
Author(s): Hong-ying Yang, Lin-lin Liang, Can Zhang, Xue-bing Wang, Pan-pan Niu
Pages: 4749-4764

13. Cost function based on hidden Markov models for parameter estimation of chaotic systems
Author(s): Yasser Shekofteh, Sajad Jafari, Karthikeyan Rajagopal
Pages: 4765-4776

14. A novel approach for protein structure prediction based on an estimation of distribution algorithm
Author(s): Amir Morshedian, Jafar Razmara, Shahriar Lotfi
Pages: 4777-4788

15. Diagnosis system for imbalanced multi-minority medical dataset
Author(s): Swati Shilaskar, Ashok Ghatol
Pages: 4789-4799

16. A hybrid intelligent technique for model order reduction in the delta domain: a unified approach
Author(s): Souvik Ganguli, Gagandeep Kaur, Prasanta Sarkar
Pages: 4801-4814

17. Hamiltonian Monte Carlo based on evidence framework for Bayesian learning to neural network
Author(s): Hassan Ramchoun, Mohamed Ettaouil
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18. An improved differential harmony search algorithm for function optimization problems
Author(s): Lin Wang, Huanling Hu, Rui Liu, Xiaojian Zhou
Pages: 4827-4852

19. A learning strategy for developing neural networks using repetitive observations
Author(s): Kit Yan Chan, Zhixin Liu
Pages: 4853-4869

20. A fuzzy bi-objective MILP approach to integrate sales, production, distribution and procurement planning in a FMCG supply chain
Author(s): Yaser Nemati, Mohammad Hosein Alavidoost
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21. Study on the estimation of blocking rate in wide-aisle picking system
Author(s): Li Zhou, Hongjian Liu, Xiaoqing Zhao, Ning Cao
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22. Intelligent agent-based region division scheme for mobile sensor networks
Author(s): Jian Shen, Chen Wang, Anxi Wang
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23. A two-step surrogate modeling strategy for single-objective and multi-objective optimization of radiofrequency circuits
Author(s): F. Passos, R. González-Echevarría, E. Roca, R. Castro-López
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24. Coverless image steganography using partial-duplicate image retrieval
Author(s): Zhili Zhou, Yan Mu, Q. M. Jonathan Wu
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25. An alternative approach to public cloud data auditing supporting data dynamics
Author(s): Tao Wang, Bo Yang, Hongyu Liu, Yong Yu, Guoyong Qiu, Zhe Xia
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26. Gradient evolution-based counter propagation network for approximation of noncanonical system
Author(s): Uday Pratap Singh, Sanjeev Jain, Akhilesh Tiwari, Rajeev Kumar Singh
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27. Design of face recognition system based on fuzzy transform and radial basis function neural networks
Author(s): Seok-Beom Roh, Sung-Kwun Oh, Jin-Hee Yoon, Kisung Seo
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28. Information entropy risk measure applied to large group decision-making method
Author(s): Xuan-hua Xu, Xintong Luo
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29. Bi-objective location problem with balanced allocation of customers and Bernoulli demands: two solution approaches
Author(s): Saber Shiripour, Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri
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30. Firework-based software project scheduling method considering the learning and forgetting effect
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31. A novel CACOR-SVR multi-objective optimization approach and its application in aerodynamic shape optimization of high-speed train
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32. Integrated fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS methods for multi-objective optimization of electro discharge machining process
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33. Seam elimination based on Curvelet for image stitching
Author(s): Zhaobin Wang, Zekun Yang
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34. Multiperiod mean absolute deviation uncertain portfolio selection with real constraints
Author(s): Peng Zhang
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35. Extended Genetic Algorithm for solving open-shop scheduling problem
Author(s): Ali Asghar Rahmani Hosseinabadi, Javad Vahidi, Behzad Saemi
Pages: 5099-5116

36. Automatic roller bearings fault diagnosis using DSAE in deep learning and CFS algorithm
Author(s): Fan Xu, Peter W Tse
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37. A belief-rule-based model for information fusion with insufficient multi-sensor data and domain knowledge using evolutionary algorithms with operator recommendations
Author(s): Yu Zhou, Leilei Chang, Bin Qian
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38. Combined PID and LQR controller using optimized fuzzy rules
Author(s): Reza Mohammadi Asl, Amir Mahdoudi, Elham Pourabdollah, Gregor Klančar
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39. Difference co-occurrence matrix using BP neural network for fingerprint liveness detection
Author(s): Chengsheng Yuan, Xingming Sun, Q. M. Jonathan Wu
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40. A feasible density peaks clustering algorithm with a merging strategy
Author(s): Xiao Xu, Shifei Ding, Hui Xu, Hongmei Liao, Yu Xue
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41. Enhanced channel estimation in OFDM systems with neural network technologies
Author(s): Chia-Hsin Cheng, Yao-Hung Huang, Hsing-Chung Chen
Pages: 5185-5197

42. An efficient approach by adjusting bounds for heuristic optimization algorithms
Author(s): Mehmet Alper Sofuoğlu, Fatih Hayati Çakır, Selim Gürgen
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43. Optimization of different non-traditional turning processes using soft computing methods
Author(s): Mehmet Alper Sofuoğlu, Fatih Hayati Çakır, Melih Cemal Kuşhan, Sezan Orak
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44. Differential evolution for feature selection: a fuzzy wrapper–filter approach
Author(s): Emrah Hancer
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45. Compact memetic algorithm-based process model matching
Author(s): Xingsi Xue
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46. Multi-criteria decision-making analysis of different non-traditional machining operations of Ti6Al4V
Author(s): Selim Gürgen, Fatih Hayati Çakır, M. Alper Sofuoğlu, Sezan Orak
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