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IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Vol.11, No.2, Jun. 2019

1. Guest Editorial Neuro-Robotics Systems: Sensing, Cognition, Learning, and Control
Authors: Z. Li, F. Chen, A. Bicchi, Y. Sun and T. Fukuda
Pages: 145-147

2. Combined Sensing, Cognition, Learning, and Control for Developing Future Neuro-Robotics Systems: A Survey
Authors: J. Li, Z. Li, F. Chen, A. Bicchi, Y. Sun and T. Fukuda
Pages: 148-161

3. Multimodal Human Hand Motion Sensing and Analysis—A Review
Authors: Y. Xue, Z. Ju, K. Xiang, J. Chen and H. Liu
Pages: 162-175

4. Active Visual-Tactile Cross-Modal Matching
Authors: H. Liu, F. Wang, F. Sun and X. Zhang,
Pages: 176-187

5. Fused Fuzzy Petri Nets: A Shared Control Method for Brain–Computer Interface Systems
Authors: F. Sun, W. Zhang, J. Chen, H. Wu, C. Tan and W. Su
Pages: 188-199

6. Bio-Inspired Equilibrium Point Control Scheme for Quadrupedal Locomotion
Authors: Y. Shi, P. Wang, X. Wang, F. Zha, Z. Jiang, W. Guo, and M. Li
Pages: 200-209

7. Episodic Memory Multimodal Learning for Robot Sensorimotor Map Building and Navigation
Authors: W. H. Chin, Y. Toda, N. Kubota, C. K. Loo and M. Seera
Pages: 210-220

8. An Initiative Service Method Based on Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process and Context Intention Inference for Drinking Service Robot
Authors: M. Hao, W. Cao, M. Wu, Z. Liu and S. Li
Pages: 221-233

9. Fuzzy Linguistic Odor Cognition for Robotics Olfaction
Authors: D. Yan, H. Cao, P. Zhang and S. Yang,
Pages: 234-243

10. Evolving a Sensory–Motor Interconnection Structure for Adaptive Biped Robot Locomotion
Authors: A. A. Saputra, J. Botzheim and N. Kubota
Pages: 244-256

11. Regrasp Planning Using Stable Object Poses Supported by Complex Structures
Authors: J. Ma, W. Wan, K. Harada, Q. Zhu and H. Liu
Pages: 257-269
Using High-Frequency Local Field Potentials From Multicortex to Decode Reaching and Grasping Movements in Monkey
Authors: P. Zhang , J. Huang, W. Li, X. Ma, P. Yang, J. Dai, and J. He
Pages: 270-280

13. Biologically Inspired Motion Modeling and Neural Control for Robot Learning From Demonstrations
Authors: C. Yang, C. Chen, N. Wang, Z. Ju, J. Fu and M. Wang
Pages: 281-291

14. A Reinforcement Learning Architecture That Transfers Knowledge Between Skills When Solving Multiple Tasks
Authors: P. Tommasino, D. Caligiore, M. Mirolli and G. Baldassarre
Pages: 292-317

Complex & Intelligent Systems. Volume 5 Number 2, June 2019

Special Issue: Pythagorean Fuzzy Set and Its Extensions in Decision-Making Process

1. Special issue on “Pythagorean fuzzy set and its extensions in decision-making process”
Author(s): Harish Garg
Pages: 91-92

2. Dijkstra algorithm for shortest path problem under interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy environment
Author(s): Mohammad Enayattabar, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Homayun Motameni
Pages: 93-100

3. New similarity measure and distance measure for Pythagorean fuzzy set
Author(s): Xindong Peng
Pages: 101-111

4. AHP–TOPSIS integration extended with Pythagorean fuzzy sets for information security risk analysis
Author(s): M. Fatih Ak, Muhammet Gul
Pages: 113-126

5. Certain graphs under Pythagorean fuzzy environment
Author(s): Muhammad Akram, Jawaria Mohsan Dar, Sumera Naz
Pages: 127-144

6. Multi-granulation Pythagorean fuzzy decision-theoretic rough sets based on inclusion measure and their application in incomplete multi-source information systems
Author(s): Prasenjit Mandal, A. S. Ranadive
Pages: 145-163

7. Pythagorean fuzzy set and its application in career placements based on academic performance using max–min–max composition
Author(s): Paul Augustine Ejegwa
Pages: 165-175

8. Pythagorean fuzzy topological spaces
Author(s): Murat Olgun, Mehmet Ünver, Şeyhmus Yardımcı
Pages: 177-183

9. Decision making method based on Pythagorean fuzzy sets and its application to solid waste management
Author(s): Lazim Abdullah, Pinxin Goh
Pages: 185-198

10. Hesitant Pythagorean fuzzy interaction aggregation operators and their application in multiple attribute decision-making
Author(s): Wei Yang, Chengjun Wang, Yong Liu, Yan Sun
Pages: 199-216

11. Exponential similarity measures for Pythagorean fuzzy sets and their applications to pattern recognition and decision-making process
Author(s): Xuan Thao Nguyen, Van Dinh Nguyen, Van Hanh Nguyen
Pages: 217-228

12. Simplified interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy graphs with application
Author(s): Muhammad Akram, Sumera Naz, Bijan Davvaz
Pages: 229-253

13. A Pythagorean fuzzy approach to the transportation problem
Author(s): R. Kumar, S. A. Edalatpanah, S. Jha, R. Singh
Pages: 255-263

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Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 13, July 2019

1. Hyper-operations in effect algebras
Author(s): Wei Ji
Pages: 4585-4592

2. A latent space-based estimation of distribution algorithm for large-scale global optimization
Author(s): Wenyong Dong, Yufeng Wang, Mengchu Zhou
Pages: 4593-4615

3. Maximal similarity granular rough sets for mixed and incomplete information systems
Author(s): Yenny Villuendas-Rey
Pages: 4617-4631

4. Variations of the free implicative semilattice extension of a Hilbert algebra
Author(s): José L. Castiglioni, Hernán J. San Martín
Pages: 4633-4641

5. On pseudo-CI algebras
Author(s): A. Rezaei, A. Borumand Saeid, K. Yousefi Sikari Saber
Pages: 4643-4654

6. Evidential joint calibration of binary SVM classifiers
Author(s): Pauline Minary, Frédéric Pichon, David Mercier, Eric Lefevre
Pages: 4655-4671

7. Design mining microbial fuel cell cascades
Author(s): Richard J. Preen, Jiseon You, Larry Bull, Ioannis A. Ieropoulos
Pages: 4673-4683

8. Multi-focus image fusion combining focus-region-level partition and pulse-coupled neural network
Author(s): Kangjian He, Dongming Zhou, Xuejie Zhang, Rencan Nie, Xin Jin
Pages: 4685-4699

9. SELCLOUD: a hybrid multi-criteria decision-making model for selection of cloud services
Author(s): Chandrashekar Jatoth, G. R. Gangadharan, Ugo Fiore, Rajkumar Buyya
Pages: 4701-4715

10. Identification of topology-preserving, class-relevant feature subsets using multiobjective optimization
Author(s): Sriparna Saha, Mandeep Kaur
Pages: 4717-4733

11. Generating an optimal timetabling for multi-departments common lecturers using hybrid fuzzy and clustering algorithms
Author(s): Hamed Babaei, Jaber Karimpour, Amin Hadidi
Pages: 4735-4747

12. Weibull statistical modeling for textured image retrieval using nonsubsampled contourlet transform
Author(s): Hong-ying Yang, Lin-lin Liang, Can Zhang, Xue-bing Wang, Pan-pan Niu
Pages: 4749-4764

13. Cost function based on hidden Markov models for parameter estimation of chaotic systems
Author(s): Yasser Shekofteh, Sajad Jafari, Karthikeyan Rajagopal
Pages: 4765-4776

14. A novel approach for protein structure prediction based on an estimation of distribution algorithm
Author(s): Amir Morshedian, Jafar Razmara, Shahriar Lotfi
Pages: 4777-4788

15. Diagnosis system for imbalanced multi-minority medical dataset
Author(s): Swati Shilaskar, Ashok Ghatol
Pages: 4789-4799

16. A hybrid intelligent technique for model order reduction in the delta domain: a unified approach
Author(s): Souvik Ganguli, Gagandeep Kaur, Prasanta Sarkar
Pages: 4801-4814

17. Hamiltonian Monte Carlo based on evidence framework for Bayesian learning to neural network
Author(s): Hassan Ramchoun, Mohamed Ettaouil
Pages: 4815-4825

18. An improved differential harmony search algorithm for function optimization problems
Author(s): Lin Wang, Huanling Hu, Rui Liu, Xiaojian Zhou
Pages: 4827-4852

19. A learning strategy for developing neural networks using repetitive observations
Author(s): Kit Yan Chan, Zhixin Liu
Pages: 4853-4869

20. A fuzzy bi-objective MILP approach to integrate sales, production, distribution and procurement planning in a FMCG supply chain
Author(s): Yaser Nemati, Mohammad Hosein Alavidoost
Pages: 4871-4890

21. Study on the estimation of blocking rate in wide-aisle picking system
Author(s): Li Zhou, Hongjian Liu, Xiaoqing Zhao, Ning Cao
Pages: 4891-4902

22. Intelligent agent-based region division scheme for mobile sensor networks
Author(s): Jian Shen, Chen Wang, Anxi Wang
Pages: 4903-4910

23. A two-step surrogate modeling strategy for single-objective and multi-objective optimization of radiofrequency circuits
Author(s): F. Passos, R. González-Echevarría, E. Roca, R. Castro-López
Pages: 4911-4925

24. Coverless image steganography using partial-duplicate image retrieval
Author(s): Zhili Zhou, Yan Mu, Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Pages: 4927-4938

25. An alternative approach to public cloud data auditing supporting data dynamics
Author(s): Tao Wang, Bo Yang, Hongyu Liu, Yong Yu, Guoyong Qiu, Zhe Xia
Pages: 4939-4953

26. Gradient evolution-based counter propagation network for approximation of noncanonical system
Author(s): Uday Pratap Singh, Sanjeev Jain, Akhilesh Tiwari, Rajeev Kumar Singh
Pages: 4955-4967

27. Design of face recognition system based on fuzzy transform and radial basis function neural networks
Author(s): Seok-Beom Roh, Sung-Kwun Oh, Jin-Hee Yoon, Kisung Seo
Pages: 4969-4985

28. Information entropy risk measure applied to large group decision-making method
Author(s): Xuan-hua Xu, Xintong Luo
Pages: 4987-4997

29. Bi-objective location problem with balanced allocation of customers and Bernoulli demands: two solution approaches
Author(s): Saber Shiripour, Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri
Pages: 4999-5018

30. Firework-based software project scheduling method considering the learning and forgetting effect
Author(s): Yinan Guo, Jianjiao Ji, Junhua Ji, Dunwei Gong, Jian Cheng, Xiaoning Shen
Pages: 5019-5034

31. A novel CACOR-SVR multi-objective optimization approach and its application in aerodynamic shape optimization of high-speed train
Author(s): Ye Zhang, Guo Wei Yang, Di Long Guo, Zhen Xu Sun, Da Wei Chen
Pages: 5035-5051

32. Integrated fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS methods for multi-objective optimization of electro discharge machining process
Author(s): Tribeni Roy, Ranjit Kumar Dutta
Pages: 5053-5063

33. Seam elimination based on Curvelet for image stitching
Author(s): Zhaobin Wang, Zekun Yang
Pages: 5065-5080

34. Multiperiod mean absolute deviation uncertain portfolio selection with real constraints
Author(s): Peng Zhang
Pages: 5081-5098

35. Extended Genetic Algorithm for solving open-shop scheduling problem
Author(s): Ali Asghar Rahmani Hosseinabadi, Javad Vahidi, Behzad Saemi
Pages: 5099-5116

36. Automatic roller bearings fault diagnosis using DSAE in deep learning and CFS algorithm
Author(s): Fan Xu, Peter W Tse
Pages: 5117-5128

37. A belief-rule-based model for information fusion with insufficient multi-sensor data and domain knowledge using evolutionary algorithms with operator recommendations
Author(s): Yu Zhou, Leilei Chang, Bin Qian
Pages: 5129-5142

38. Combined PID and LQR controller using optimized fuzzy rules
Author(s): Reza Mohammadi Asl, Amir Mahdoudi, Elham Pourabdollah, Gregor Klančar
Pages: 5143-5155

39. Difference co-occurrence matrix using BP neural network for fingerprint liveness detection
Author(s): Chengsheng Yuan, Xingming Sun, Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Pages: 5157-5169

40. A feasible density peaks clustering algorithm with a merging strategy
Author(s): Xiao Xu, Shifei Ding, Hui Xu, Hongmei Liao, Yu Xue
Pages: 5171-5183

41. Enhanced channel estimation in OFDM systems with neural network technologies
Author(s): Chia-Hsin Cheng, Yao-Hung Huang, Hsing-Chung Chen
Pages: 5185-5197

42. An efficient approach by adjusting bounds for heuristic optimization algorithms
Author(s): Mehmet Alper Sofuoğlu, Fatih Hayati Çakır, Selim Gürgen
Pages: 5199-5212

43. Optimization of different non-traditional turning processes using soft computing methods
Author(s): Mehmet Alper Sofuoğlu, Fatih Hayati Çakır, Melih Cemal Kuşhan, Sezan Orak
Pages: 5213-5231

44. Differential evolution for feature selection: a fuzzy wrapper–filter approach
Author(s): Emrah Hancer
Pages: 5233-5248

45. Compact memetic algorithm-based process model matching
Author(s): Xingsi Xue
Pages: 5249-5257

46. Multi-criteria decision-making analysis of different non-traditional machining operations of Ti6Al4V
Author(s): Selim Gürgen, Fatih Hayati Çakır, M. Alper Sofuoğlu, Sezan Orak
Pages: 5259-5272

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IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, Volume 3, Number 3, June 2019

1. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Computational Intelligence for Smart Energy Applications to Smart Cities
Author(s): Wei-Yu Chiu ; Hongjian Sun ; Chao Wang ; Athanasios Vasilakos
Pages: 173 - 176

2. Collaborative Energy Management for a Residential Community: A Non-Cooperative and Evolutionary Approach
Author(s): Batchu Rajasekhar ; Naran Pindoriya ; Wayes Tushar ; Chau Yuen
Pages: 177 - 192

3. ANFIS Microgrid Energy Management System Synthesis by Hyperplane Clustering Supported by Neurofuzzy Min–Max Classifier
Author(s): Stefano Leonori ; Alessio Martino ; Fabio Massimo Frattale Mascioli ; Antonello Rizzi
Pages: 193 - 204

4. Blockchain and Computational Intelligence Inspired Incentive-Compatible Demand Response in Internet of Electric Vehicles
Author(s): Zhenyu Zhou ; Bingchen Wang ; Yufei Guo ; Yan Zhang
Pages: 205 - 216

5. Joint Energy and QoS-Aware Memetic-Based Scheduling for M2M Communications in LTE-M
Author(s): Samir Dawaliby ; Abbas Bradai ; Yannis Pousset ; Christian Chatellier
Pages: 217 - 229

6. New Shades of the Vehicle Routing Problem: Emerging Problem Formulations and Computational Intelligence Solution Methods
Author(s): Jacek Mańdziuk
Pages: 230 - 244

7. Hemodynamic Analysis for Cognitive Load Assessment and Classification in Motor Learning Tasks Using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): Lidia Ghosh ; Amit Konar ; Pratyusha Rakshit ; Atulya K. Nagar
Pages: 245 - 260

8. Handwriting Trajectory Reconstruction Using Low-Cost IMU
Author(s): Tse-Yu Pan ; Chih-Hsuan Kuo ; Hou-Tim Liu ; Min-Chun Hu
Pages: 261 - 270

9. Computational Intelligence in Automatic Face Age Estimation: A Survey
Author(s): Omaima FathElrahman Osman ; Moi Hoon Yap
Pages: 271 - 285

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 27, Number 6, June 2019

1. Indirect Adaptive Fuzzy Control Design With Guaranteed Tracking Error Performance For Uncertain Canonical Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Guanyu Lai ; Yun Zhang ; Zhi Liu ; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 1139 - 1150

2. Bisimilarity in Fuzzy Description Logics Under the Zadeh Semantics
Author(s): Linh Anh Nguyen
Pages: 1151 - 1161

3. Multiview Fuzzy Logic System With the Cooperation Between Visible and Hidden Views
Author(s): Te Zhang ; Zhaohong Deng ; Dongrui Wu ; Shitong Wang
Pages: 1162 - 1173

4. A Multi-Agent Architecture for the Design of Hierarchical Interval Type-2 Beta Fuzzy System
Author(s): Yosra Jarraya ; Souhir Bouaziz ; Hani Hagras ; Adel M. Alimi
Pages: 1174 - 1188

5. Analysis of the Fuzzy Economic Production Lot Size Inventory Problem Without an Explicit Membership Function
Author(s): Shih-Pin Chen ; Yu-Wen Chen
Pages: 1189 - 1200

6. Observer-Based Event-Triggered Adaptive Decentralized Fuzzy Control for Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems
Author(s): Liang Cao ; Hongyi Li ; Ning Wang ; Qi Zhou
Pages: 1201 - 1214

7. Event-Triggered Fuzzy Filtering for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems via Reduced-Order Approach
Author(s): Xiaojie Su ; Yao Wen ; Peng Shi ; Hak-Keung Lam
Pages: 1215 - 1225

8. On Convergence of the Class Membership Estimator in Fuzzy k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
Author(s): Imon Banerjee ; Sankha Subhra Mullick ; Swagatam Das
Pages: 1226 - 1236

9. A Constrained Representation Theorem for Well-Shaped Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets, and the Corresponding Constrained Uncertainty Measures
Author(s): Dongrui Wu ; Hai-Tao Zhang ; Jian Huang
Pages: 1237 - 1251

10. A Fuzzy Multilayer Assessment Method for EFQM
Author(s): Jay Daniel ; Mohsen Naderpour ; Chin-Teng Lin
Pages: 1252 - 1262

11. Stabilization of Chaotic Systems With T–S Fuzzy Model and Nonuniform Sampling: A Switched Fuzzy Control Approach
Author(s): Xin Wang ; Ju H. Park ; Kun She ; Shouming Zhong ; Lin Shi
Pages: 1263 - 1271

12. Controlling Uncertain Swarm Mechanical Systems: A β-Measure-Based Approach
Author(s): Xiaomin Zhao ; Ye-Hwa Chen ; Fangfang Dong ; Han Zhao
Pages: 1272 - 1285

13. A Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm for Solving Fuzzy Number Linear Programming Problems Using Modified Kerre's Method
Author(s): Reza Ghanbari ; Khatere Ghorbani-Moghadam ; Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri
Pages: 1286 - 1294

14. Robust Fuzzy Predictive Control for Automatic Train Regulation in High-Frequency Metro Lines
Author(s): Xi Wang ; Shukai Li ; Shuai Su ; Tao Tang
Pages: 1295 - 1308

15. Melting Probability Measure With OWA Operator to Generate Fuzzy Measure: The Crescent Method
Author(s): LeSheng Jin ; Radko Mesiar ; Ronald R. Yager
Pages: 1309 - 1316

16. A Space Efficient Minimum Spanning Tree Approach to the Fuzzy Joint Points Clustering Algorithm
Author(s): Can Atilgan ; Efendi N. Nasibov
Pages: 1317 - 1322

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 23, Issue 3, June 2019

1. Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Based on Dynamical Decomposition
Author(s): Xiaoyu He ; Yuren Zhou ; Zefeng Chen ; Qingfu Zhang
Pages: 361 - 375

2. Learning to Decompose: A Paradigm for Decomposition-Based Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): Mengyuan Wu ; Ke Li ; Sam Kwong ; Qingfu Zhang ; Jun Zhang
Pages: 376 - 390

3. A Clustering-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Many-Objective Optimization Problems
Author(s): Qiuzhen Lin ; Songbai Liu ; Ka-Chun Wong ; Maoguo Gong ; Carlos A. Coello Coello ; Jianyong Chen ; Jun Zhang
Pages: 391 - 405

4. Memetic Evolution for Generic Full-Body Inverse Kinematics in Robotics and Animation
Author(s): Sebastian Starke ; Norman Hendrich ; Jianwei Zhang
Pages: 406 - 420

5. A Survey on Cooperative Co-Evolutionary Algorithms
Author(s): Xiaoliang Ma ; Xiaodong Li ; Qingfu Zhang ; Ke Tang ; Zhengping Liang ; Weixin Xie ; Zexuan Zhu
Pages: 421 - 441

6. Data-Driven Evolutionary Optimization: An Overview and Case Studies
Author(s): Yaochu Jin ; Handing Wang ; Tinkle Chugh ; Dan Guo ; Kaisa Miettinen
Pages: 442 - 458

7. Multiobjective Infill Criterion Driven Gaussian Process-Assisted Particle Swarm Optimization of High-Dimensional Expensive Problems
Author(s): Jie Tian ; Ying Tan ; Jianchao Zeng ; Chaoli Sun ; Yaochu Jin
Pages: 459 - 472

8. Variable-Length Particle Swarm Optimization for Feature Selection on High-Dimensional Classification
Author(s): Binh Tran ; Bing Xue ; Mengjie Zhang
Pages: 473 - 487

9. Improving Generalization of Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression With Angle-Driven Geometric Semantic Operators
Author(s): Qi Chen ; Bing Xue ; Mengjie Zhang
Pages: 488 - 502

10. Multiphase Balance of Diversity and Convergence in Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): Haitham Seada ; Mohamed Abouhawwash ; Kalyanmoy Deb
Pages: 503 - 513

11. A Covariance Matrix Self-Adaptation Evolution Strategy for Optimization Under Linear Constraints
Author(s): Patrick Spettel ; Hans-Georg Beyer ; Michael Hellwig
Pages: 514 - 524

12. A Scalable Indicator-Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Large-Scale Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): Wenjing Hong ; Ke Tang ; Aimin Zhou ; Hisao Ishibuchi ; Xin Yao
Pages: 525 - 537

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 6, June 2019.

1. On the Universality of Memcomputing Machines
Author(s): Yan Ru Pei; Fabio L. Traversa; Massimiliano Di Ventra
Pages: 1610 - 1620

2. Spatio-Temporal Interpolated Echo State Network for Meteorological Series Prediction
Author(s): Meiling Xu; Yuanzhe Yang; Min Han; Tie Qiu; Hongfei Lin
Pages: 1621 - 1634

3. Exploiting Generalization in the Subspaces for Faster Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Maryam Hashemzadeh; Reshad Hosseini; Majid Nili Ahmadabadi
Pages: 1635 - 1650

4. Event-Sampled Output Feedback Control of Robot Manipulators Using Neural Networks
Author(s): Vignesh Narayanan; Sarangapani Jagannathan; Kannan Ramkumar
Pages: 1651 - 1658

5. A Nonconvex Relaxation Approach to Low-Rank Tensor Completion
Author(s): Xiongjun Zhang
Pages: 1659 - 1671

6. Coupled Neural P Systems
Author(s): Hong Peng; Jun Wang
Pages: 1672 - 1682

7. Axially Symmetric Data Clustering Through Dirichlet Process Mixture Models of Watson Distributions
Author(s): Wentao Fan; Nizar Bouguila; Ji-Xiang Du; Xin Liu
Pages: 1683 - 1694

8. Finite-Horizon l2−l∞ Synchronization for Time-Varying Markovian Jump Neural Networks Under Mixed-Type Attacks: Observer-Based Case
Author(s): Yong Xu; Jun-Yi Li; Renquan Lu; Chang Liu; Yuanqing Wu
Pages: 1695 - 1704

9. Training Lightweight Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Using Bag-of-Features Pooling
Author(s): Nikolaos Passalis; Anastasios Tefas
Pages: 1705 - 1715

10. The State Following Approximation Method
Author(s): Joel A. Rosenfeld; Rushikesh Kamalapurkar; Warren E. Dixon
Pages: 1716 - 1730

11. Data Augmentation-Based Joint Learning for Heterogeneous Face Recognition
Author(s): Bing Cao; Nannan Wang; Jie Li; Xinbo Gao
Pages: 1731 - 1743

12. Attention Inspiring Receptive-Fields Network for Learning Invariant Representations
Author(s): Lu Yang; Qing Song; Yingqi Wu; Mengjie Hu
Pages: 1744 - 1755

13. Adaptive Neural Control for MIMO Pure-Feedback Nonlinear Systems With Periodic Disturbances
Author(s): Renwei Zuo; Xinmin Dong; Yongzhi Liu; Zongcheng Liu; Wenqian Zhang
Pages: 1756 - 1767

14. Deep Transfer Low-Rank Coding for Cross-Domain Learning
Author(s): Zhengming Ding; Yun Fu
Pages: 1768 - 1779

15. Finite-Time Distributed Average Tracking for Second-Order Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Yu Zhao; Yongfang Liu; Guanghui Wen; Tingwen Huang
Pages: 1780 - 1789

16. Maximum Likelihood Estimation-Based Joint Sparse Representation for the Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
Author(s): Jiangtao Peng; Luoqing Li; Yuan Yan Tang
Pages: 1790 - 1802

17. Feature Extraction for Incomplete Data Via Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition With Feature Regularization
Author(s): Qiquan Shi; Yiu-Ming Cheung; Qibin Zhao; Haiping Lu
Pages: 1803 - 1817

18. Eigenfunction-Based Multitask Learning in a Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
Author(s): Xinmei Tian; Ya Li; Tongliang Liu; Xinchao Wang; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 1818 - 1830

19. Stable and Efficient Policy Evaluation
Author(s): Daoming Lyu; Bo Liu; Matthieu Geist; Wen Dong; Saad Biaz; Qi Wang
Pages: 1831 - 1840

20. Nonfragile Dissipative Synchronization for Markovian Memristive Neural Networks: A Gain-Scheduled Control Scheme
Author(s): Hao Shen; Ting Wang; Jinde Cao; Guoping Lu; Yongduan Song; Tingwen Huang
Pages: 1841 - 1853

21. Global Exponential Stability and Synchronization for Discrete-Time Inertial Neural Networks With Time Delays: A Timescale Approach
Author(s): Qiang Xiao; Tingwen Huang; Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 1854 - 1866

22. Multidimensional Balance-Based Cluster Boundary Detection for High-Dimensional Data
Author(s): Xiaofeng Cao; Baozhi Qiu; Xiangli Li; Zenglin Shi; Guandong Xu; Jianliang Xu
Pages: 1867 - 1880

23. Model Order Reduction Based on Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering
Author(s): Seaar Al-Dabooni; Donald Wunsch
Pages: 1881 - 1895

24. Toward Resolution-Invariant Person Reidentification via Projective Dictionary Learning
Author(s): Kai Li; Zhengming Ding; Sheng Li; Yun Fu
Pages: 1896 - 1907

25. Convergence Conditions for Solving Robust Iterative Learning Control Problems Under Nonrepetitive Model Uncertainties
Author(s): Deyuan Meng
Pages: 1908 - 1919

26. Weighted p-Bits for FPGA Implementation of Probabilistic Circuits
Author(s): Ahmed Zeeshan Pervaiz; Brian M. Sutton; Lakshmi Anirudh Ghantasala; Kerem Y. Camsari
Pages: 1920 - 1926

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Evolving Systems, Volume 10, Issue 2, June 2019

1. New face features to detect multiple faces in complex background
Author(s): Chemesse ennehar Bencheriet
Pages: 79-95

2. Steady-state visual evoked potential (SSEVP) from EEG signal modeling based upon recurrence plots
Author(s): S. M. Fernandez-Fraga, M. A. Aceves-Fernandez, J. Rodríguez-Resendíz
Pages: 97-109

3. Partial identification and control of MIMO systems via switching linear reduced-order models under weak stimulations
Author(s): Saeed Ansari-Rad, Ahmad Kalhor, Babak N. Araabi
Pages: 111-128

4. A dynamically adapted and weighted Bat algorithm in image enhancement domain
Author(s): Krishna Gopal Dhal, Sanjoy Das
Pages: 129-147

5. Identification of realistic distillation column using hybrid particle swarm optimization and NARX based artificial neural network
Author(s): E. Abdul Jaleel, K. Aparna
Pages: 149-166

6. Stochastic simulation of quorum sensing in Vibrio fischeri based on P System
Author(s): Yamina Mohamed Ben Ali, Khaira Tazir
Pages: 167-177

7. Performance of Maintainability Index prediction models: a feature selection based study
Author(s): B. Ramachandra Reddy, Aparajita Ojha
Pages: 179-204

8. A novel synergistic fibroblast optimization based Kalman estimation model for forecasting time-series data
Author(s): T. T. Dhivyaprabha, P. Subashini, M. Krishnaveni, N. Santhi
Pages: 205-220

9. Infinite impulse response systems modeling by artificial intelligent optimization methods
Author(s): Ali Mohammadi, Seyed Hamid Zahiri, Seyyed Mohammad Razavi
Pages: 221-237

10. Multi-objective optimal operation in a micro-grid considering economic and environmental goals
Author(s): Gholamreza Aghajani, Naser Yousefi
Pages: 239-248

11. Hybrid fuzzy inference system for evaluating lean product development practice
Author(s): Daniel O. Aikhuele, Gabriel Oluwadare
Pages: 249-259

12. Deep learning for finger-knuckle-print identification system based on PCANet and SVM classifier
Author(s): Rachid Chlaoua, Abdallah Meraoumia, Kamal Eddine Aiadi, Maarouf Korichi
Pages: 261-272

13. A hybrid fuzzy-PID controller based on gray wolf optimization algorithm in power system
Author(s): Mobin Ghanamijaber
Pages: 273-284

14. An evolutionary spectral representation for blind separation of biosignals
Author(s): Seda Senay
Pages: 285-294

15. Detecting changes in the heart rate of firefighters to prevent smoke inhalation and health effects
Author(s): Raquel Sebastião, Sandra Sorte, Joana Valente, Ana I. Miranda
Pages: 295-304

Friday, May 10, 2019

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 12, June 2019

1. A uniform solution to SAT problem by symport/antiport P systems with channel states and membrane division  
Author(s): Suxia Jiang, Yanfeng Wang, Yansen Su
Pages: 3903-3911

2. Structures of compactly generated lattices described by cut sets of L-valued sets
Author(s): Kai Zuo, Xue-ping Wang, Xiaohong Zhang
Pages: 3913-3920

3. Method with horizontal fuzzy numbers for solving real fuzzy linear systems
Author(s): Marek Landowski
Pages: 3921-3933

4. Operations and structures derived from non-associative MV-algebras
Author(s): Ivan Chajda, Radomir Halaš, Helmut Länger
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5. Performing CTL model checking via DNA computing
Author(s): Weijun Zhu, Yingjie Han, Qinglei Zhou
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6. On characterizations of a pair of covering-based approximation operators
Author(s): Yan-Lan Zhang, Chang-Qing Li, Jinjin Li
Pages: 3965-3972

7. Semi-complement graph of lattice modules
Author(s): Narayan Phadatare, Vilas Kharat, Sachin Ballal
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8. A topological duality for tense θ-valued Łukasiewicz–Moisil algebras
Author(s): Aldo V. Figallo, Inés Pascual, Gustavo Pelaitay
Pages: 3979-3997  

9. On an explicit representation of the Łukasiewicz sum as a quantum operation
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10. Attribute-based encryption with adaptive policy
Author(s): Yiliang Han
Pages: 4009-4017

11. On distributed user-centric memetic algorithms
Author(s): Antonio J. Fernández-Leiva, Álvaro Gutiérrez-Fuentes
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12. An angle-based method for measuring the semantic similarity between visual and textual features
Author(s): Chenwei Tang, Jiancheng Lv, Yao Chen, Jixiang Guo
Pages: 4041-4050

13. Fusion of progressive granular neural networks for pattern classification
Author(s): D. Arun Kumar, Saroj K. Meher, K. Padma Kumari
Pages: 4051-4064

14. A stock model with jumps for Itô–Liu financial markets
Author(s): Frank Ranganai Matenda, Eriyoti Chikodza
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15. A simple water cycle algorithm with percolation operator for clustering analysis
Author(s): Shilei Qiao, Yongquan Zhou, Yuxiang Zhou, Rui Wang
Pages: 4081-4095

16. Bayesian genetic programming for edge detection
Author(s): Wenlong Fu, Mengjie Zhang, Mark Johnston
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17. Accelerating differential evolution based on a subset-to-subset survivor selection operator
Author(s): Jinglei Guo, Zhijian Li, Shengxiang Yang
Pages: 4113-4130

18. Adaptive cruise control via adaptive dynamic programming with experience replay
Author(s): Bin Wang, Dongbin Zhao, Jin Cheng
Pages: 4131-4144

19. Supporting academic decision making at higher educational institutions using machine learning-based algorithms
Author(s): Yuri Nieto, Vicente García-Díaz, Carlos Montenegro, Rubén González Crespo
Pages: 4145-4153

20. A biased random key genetic algorithm for the protein–ligand docking problem
Author(s): Pablo Felipe Leonhart, Eduardo Spieler, Rodrigo Ligabue-Braun
Pages: 4155-4176

21. Context-sensitive and keyword density-based supervised machine learning techniques for malicious webpage detection
Author(s): Betul Altay, Tansel Dokeroglu, Ahmet Cosar
Pages: 4177-4191

22. Sorting retail locations in a large urban city by using ELECTRE TRI-C and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
Author(s): Javier Pereira, Elaine C. B. de Oliveira, Luiz F. A. M. Gomes
Pages: 4193-4206

23. Automatic identification of characteristic points related to pathologies in electrocardiograms to design expert systems
Author(s): Jose Ignacio Peláez, Jose Antonio Gomez-Ruiz, Javier Fornari
Pages: 4207-4219

24. A multi-objective approach to weather radar network architecture
Author(s): Redouane Boudjemaa, Diego Oliva
Pages: 4221-4238          

25. An optimization algorithm applied to the class integration and test order problem
Author(s): Yanmei Zhang, Shujuan Jiang, Xingya Wang, Ruoyu Chen, Miao Zhang
Pages: 4239-4253

26. A meta-heuristic approach for RLE compression in a column store table
Author(s): Jane Jovanovski, Nino Arsov, Evgenija Stevanoska, Maja Siljanoska Simons
Pages: 4255-4276

27. A two-product, multi-period nonstationary newsvendor problem with budget constraint
Author(s): Yong Zhang, Weiguo Zhang, Xingyu Yang, Weijun Xu
Pages: 4277-4287

28. Belief-based chaotic algorithm for support vector data description
Author(s): Javad Hamidzadeh, Neda Namaei
Pages: 4289-4314

29. Heuristic nonlinear regression strategy for detecting phishing websites
Author(s): Mehdi Babagoli, Mohammad Pourmahmood Aghababa, Vahid Solouk
Pages: 4315-4327
30. C-means clustering and deep-neuro-fuzzy classification for road weight measurement in traffic management system
Author(s): Sakhawat Hosain Sumit, Shamim Akhter
Pages: 4329-43400

31. Multi-objective differential evolution with dynamic hybrid constraint handling mechanism
Author(s): YueFeng Lin, Wei Du, Wenli Du
Pages: 4341-4355

32. Multiply information coding and hiding using fuzzy vault
Author(s): Katarzyna Koptyra, Marek R. Ogiela
Pages: 4357-4366

33. A new bi-objective fuzzy portfolio selection model and its solution through evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): Mohuya B. Kar, Samarjit Kar, Sini Guo, Xiang Li, Saibal Majumder
Pages: 4367-4381

34. An elitism-based self-adaptive multi-population Jaya algorithm and its applications
Author(s): R. Venkata Rao, Ankit Saroj
Pages: 4383-4406

35. An Electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm for the router node placement in wireless mesh networks
Author(s): Lamri Sayad, Louiza Bouallouche-Medjkoune, Djamil Aissani
Pages: 4407-4419

36. Particle swarm optimization with convergence speed controller for large-scale numerical optimization
Author(s): Han Huang, Liang Lv, Shujin Ye, Zhifeng Hao
Pages: 4421-4437

37. Chatter prediction using merged wavelet denoising and ANFIS
Author(s): Shailendra Kumar, Bhagat Singh
Pages: 4439-4458
38. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system-based caching scheme for content-centric networking
Author(s): Nidhi Lal, Shishupal Kumar, Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya
Pages: 4459-4470

39. A simplified implementation of hierarchical fuzzy systems
Author(s): Chia-Wen Chang, Chin-Wang Tao
Pages: 4471-4481

40. Efficient and merged biogeography-based optimization algorithm for global optimization problems
Author(s): Xinming Zhang, Qiang Kang, Qiang Tu, Jinfeng Cheng, Xia Wang
Pages: 4483-4502

41. Bipolar fuzzy concept learning using next neighbor and Euclidean distance
Author(s): Prem Kumar Singh
Pages: 4503-4520

42. A new effective solution method for fully intuitionistic fuzzy transportation problem
Author(s): Ali Mahmoodirad, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Sadegh Niroomand
Pages: 4521-4530

43. MS-ACO: a multi-stage ant colony optimization to refute complex software systems specified through graph transformation
Author(s): Vahid Rafe, Mahsa Darghayedi, Einollah Pira
Pages: 4531-4556

44. AFCGD: an adaptive fuzzy classifier based on gradient descent
Author(s): Homeira Shahparast, Eghbal G. Mansoori, Mansoor Zolghadri Jahromi
Pages: 4557-4571

45. Research on a novel minimum-risk model for uncertain orienteering problem based on uncertainty theory
Author(s): Jian Wang, Jiansheng Guo, Mingfa Zheng, Zheng MuRong, Zhengxin Li
Pages: 4573-4584

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 11, June 2019

1. Domination landscape in evolutionary algorithms and its applications
Author(s): Guo-Sheng Hao, Meng-Hiot Lim, Yew-Soon Ong, Han Huang, Gai-Ge Wang
Pages: 3563-3570

2. Optimization based on nonlinear transformation in decision space
Author(s): Yangyang Li, Cheng Peng, Yang Wang, Licheng Jiao
Pages: 3571-3590

3. Controller exploitation-exploration reinforcement learning architecture for computing near-optimal policies
Author(s): Erick Asiain, Julio B. Clempner, Alexander S. Poznyak
Pages: 3591-3604

4. Fuzzy relation lexicographic programming for modelling P2P file sharing system
Author(s): Yu-Bin Zhong, Gang Xiao, Xiao-Peng Yang
Pages: 3605-3614

5. On decidability and axiomatizability of some ordered structures
Author(s): Ziba Assadi, Saeed Salehi
Pages: 3615-3626

6. Iterated population-based VND algorithms for single-machine scheduling with sequence-dependent setup times
Author(s): Chun-Lung Chen
Pages: 3627-3641

7. Differential evolution algorithm with dichotomy-based parameter space compression
Author(s): Laizhong Cui, Genghui Li, Zexuan Zhu, Zhong Ming, Zhenkun Wen, Nan Lu
Pages: 3643-3660

8. New crossover operators using dominance and co-dominance principles for faster convergence of genetic algorithms
Author(s): G. Pavai, T. V. Geetha
Pages: 3661-3686

9. First hitting time of uncertain random renewal reward process and its application in insurance risk process
Author(s): Kai Yao
Pages: 3687-3696

10. Soft-clustering-based local multiple kernel learning algorithm for classification
Author(s): Qingchao Wang, Guangyuan Fu, Hongqiao Wang, Linlin Li, Shuai Huang
Pages: 3697-3706

11. How much and where to use manual guidance in the computational detection of contours for histopathological images?
Author(s): Catalin Stoean, Ruxandra Stoean, Adrian Sandita, Cristian Mesina
Pages: 3707-3722

12. A predictive strategy based on special points for evolutionary dynamic multi-objective optimization
Author(s): Qingya Li, Juan Zou, Shengxiang Yang, Jinhua Zheng, Gan Ruan
Pages: 3723-3739

13. Knowledge aggregation in decision-making process with C-fuzzy random forest using OWA operators
Author(s): Łukasz Gadomer, Zenon A. Sosnowski
Pages: 3741-3755

14. 3D flow simulation of straight groynes using hybrid DE-based artificial intelligence methods
Author(s): Akbar Safarzadeh, Amir Hossein Zaji, Hossein Bonakdari
Pages: 3757-3777

15. Public audit for operation behavior logs with error locating in cloud storage
Author(s): Hui Tian, Zhaoyi Chen, Chin-Chen Chang, Yongfeng Huang, Tian Wang
Pages: 3779-3792

16. Very large-scale data classification based on K-means clustering and multi-kernel SVM
Author(s): Tinglong Tang, Shengyong Chen, Meng Zhao, Wei Huang, Jake Luo
Pages: 3793-3801

17. On fuzzy type-1 and type-2 stochastic ordinary and partial differential equations and numerical solution
Author(s): Abhirup Bandyopadhyay, Samarjit Kar
Pages: 3803-3821

18. Multi-attribute group decision making based on power generalized Heronian mean operator under hesitant fuzzy linguistic environment
Author(s): Dawei Ju, Yanbing Ju, Aihua Wang
Pages: 3823-3842

19. A novel fuzzy vault scheme based on fingerprint and finger vein feature fusion
Author(s): Lin You, Ting Wang
Pages: 3843-3851

20. Multi-attribute decision making based on prioritized operators under probabilistic hesitant fuzzy environments
Author(s): Jian Li, Zhong-xing Wang
Pages: 3853-3868

21. Some intuitionistic uncertain linguistic Bonferroni mean operators and their application to group decision making
Author(s): Peide Liu, Xiaohong Zhang
Pages: 3869-3886

22. An approach for parameterized shadowed type-2 fuzzy membership functions applied in control applications
Author(s): Patricia Melin, Emanuel Ontiveros-Robles, Claudia I. Gonzalez
Pages: 3887-3901

Monday, May 6, 2019

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 30, Issue 5, May 2019

1. Deep Neural Network Initialization With Decision Trees
Author(s): Kelli D. Humbird; J. Luc Peterson; Ryan G. Mcclarren
Pages: 1286 - 1295

2. Neural Learning Control of Strict-Feedback Systems Using Disturbance Observer
Author(s): Bin Xu; Yingxin Shou; Jun Luo; Huayan Pu; Zhongke Shi
Pages: 1296 - 1307

3. Off-Policy Interleaved  Q-Learning: Optimal Control for Affine Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
Author(s): Jinna Li; Tianyou Chai; Frank L. Lewis; Zhengtao Ding; Yi Jiang
Pages: 1308 - 1320

4. Feature Analysis of Marginalized Stacked Denoising Autoenconder for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Author(s): Pengfei Wei; Yiping Ke; Chi Keong Goh
Pages: 1321 - 1334

5. On the Representational Power of Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Symmetric Functions and Boolean Functions
Author(s): Linyan Gu; Jianfeng Huang; Lihua Yang
Pages: 1335 - 1347

6. Pool-Based Sequential Active Learning for Regression
Author(s): Dongrui Wu
Pages: 1348 - 1359

7. Stochastic Conjugate Gradient Algorithm With Variance Reduction
Author(s): Xiao-Bo Jin; Xu-Yao Zhang; Kaizhu Huang; Guang-Gang Geng
Pages: 1360 - 1369

8. Quantized Minimum Error Entropy Criterion
Author(s): Badong Chen; Lei Xing; Nanning Zheng; José C. Príncipe
Pages: 1370 - 1380

9. Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation Through Progressive Alignment
Author(s): Jingjing Li; Ke Lu; Zi Huang; Lei Zhu; Heng Tao Shen
Pages: 1381 - 1391

10. Generalization and Expressivity for Deep Nets
Author(s): Shao-Bo Lin
 1392 - 1406

11. Temporal Attention-Augmented Bilinear Network for Financial Time-Series Data Analysis
Author(s): Dat Thanh Tran; Alexandros Iosifidis; Juho Kanniainen; Moncef Gabbouj
Pages: 1407 - 1418

12. Face Sketch Synthesis by Multidomain Adversarial Learning
Author(s): Shengchuan Zhang; Rongrong Ji; Jie Hu; Xiaoqiang Lu; Xuelong Li
Pages: 1419 - 1428

13. Deep Semantic-Preserving Ordinal Hashing for Cross-Modal Similarity Search
Author(s): Lu Jin; Kai Li; Zechao Li; Fu Xiao; Guo-Jun Qi; Jinhui Tang
Pages: 1429 - 1440

14. Bag-Level Aggregation for Multiple-Instance Active Learning in Instance Classification Problems
Author(s): Marc-André Carbonneau; Eric Granger; Ghyslain Gagnon
Pages: 1441 - 1451

15. Nonuniformly Sampled Data Processing Using LSTM Networks
Author(s): Safa Onur Sahin; Suleyman Serdar Kozat
Pages: 1452 - 1461

16. Distributed Adaptive Tracking Synchronization for Coupled Reaction–Diffusion Neural Network
Author(s): Hao Zhang; Nikhil R. Pal; Yin Sheng; Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 1462 - 1475

17. Novel Finite-Time Synchronization Criteria for Inertial Neural Networks With Time Delays via Integral Inequality Method
Author(s): Zhengqiu Zhang; Jinde Cao
Pages: 1476 - 1485

18. Early Expression Detection via Online Multi-Instance Learning With Nonlinear Extension
Author(s): Liping Xie; Dacheng Tao; Haikun Wei
Pages: 1486 - 1496

19. LTNN: A Layerwise Tensorized Compression of Multilayer Neural Network
Author(s): Hantao Huang; Hao Yu
Pages: 1497 - 1511

20. Approximate Optimal Distributed Control of Nonlinear Interconnected Systems Using Event-Triggered Nonzero-Sum Games
Author(s): Vignesh Narayanan; Avimanyu Sahoo; Sarangapani Jagannathan; Koshy George
Pages: 1512 - 1522

21. Output Feedback Q-Learning Control for the Discrete-Time Linear Quadratic Regulator Problem
Author(s): Syed Ali Asad Rizvi; Zongli Lin
Pages: 1523 - 1536

22. Multistability of Delayed Hybrid Impulsive Neural Networks With Application to Associative Memories
Author(s): Bin Hu; Zhi-Hong Guan; Guanrong Chen; Frank L. Lewis
Pages: 1537 - 1551

23. STRAINet: Spatially Varying sTochastic Residual AdversarIal Networks for MRI Pelvic Organ Segmentation
Author(s): Dong Nie; Li Wang; Yaozong Gao; Jun Lian; Dinggang Shen
Pages: 1552 - 1564

24. A Deep Learning Approach to Competing Risks Representation in Peer-to-Peer Lending
Author(s): Fei Tan; Xiurui Hou; Jie Zhang; Zhi Wei; Zhenyu Yan
Pages: 1565 - 1574

25. Dynamical Behavior of Nonautonomous Stochastic Reaction–Diffusion Neural-Network Models
Author(s): Tengda Wei; Ping Lin; Quanxin Zhu; Linshan Wang; Yangfan Wang
Pages: 1575 - 1580

26. Hierarchical Feature Selection for Random Projection
Author(s): Qi Wang; Jia Wan; Feiping Nie; Bo Liu; Chenggang Yan; Xuelong Li
Pages: 1581 - 1586

27. Generalized Uncorrelated Regression with Adaptive Graph for Unsupervised Feature Selection
Author(s): Xuelong Li; Han Zhang; Rui Zhang; Yun Liu; Feiping Nie
Pages: 1587 - 1595

28. Output-Feedback Adaptive Neural Controller for Uncertain Pure-Feedback Nonlinear Systems Using a High-Order Sliding Mode Observer
Author(s): Jang-Hyun Park; Seong-Hwan Kim; Tae-Sik Park
Pages: 1596 - 1601

29. Multiobjective Support Vector Machines: Handling Class Imbalance With Pareto Optimality
Author(s): Shounak Datta; Swagatam Das
Pages: 1602 - 1608

Monday, April 15, 2019

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 10, May 2019

1. α-filters and prime α-filter spaces in residuated lattices
Author(s): Yan Yan Dong, Xiao Long Xin
Pages: 3207-3216

2. The characterizations of upper approximation operators based on coverings
Author(s): Pei Wang, Qingguo Li
Pages: 3217-3228

3. Transformations between the center of gravity and the possibilistic mean for triangular and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
Author(s): Pasi Luukka, Jan Stoklasa, Mikael Collan
Pages: 3229-3235

4. The comparative study of covering rough sets and multi-granulation rough sets
Author(s): Qingzhao Kong, Weihua Xu
Pages: 3237-3251

5. Regular and strongly regular relations on soft hyperrings
Author(s): S. Ostadhadi-Dehkordi, K. P. Shum
Pages: 3253-3260

6. The lattice of subspaces of a vector space over a finite field
Author(s): Ivan Chajda, Helmut Länger
Pages: 3261-3267

7. A novel artificial bee colony algorithm for inverse kinematics calculation of 7-DOF serial manipulators
Author(s): Li Zhang, Nanfeng Xiao
Pages: 3269-3277

8. Uncertain multi-objective multi-item fixed charge solid transportation problem with budget constraint
Author(s): Saibal Majumder, Pradip Kundu, Samarjit Kar, Tandra Pal
Pages: 3279-3301

9. Evolutionary multiobjective optimization with clustering-based self-adaptive mating restriction strategy
Author(s): Xin Li, Shenmin Song, Hu Zhang
Pages: 3303-3325

10. A group decision process based on expert analysis and criteria coalition to measure municipalities’ financial distress
Author(s): Manuel A. Fernández, Elías Bendodo, José R. Sánchez, Francisco E. Cabrera
Pages: 3327-3345

11. Semantic distance between vague concepts in a framework of modeling with words
Author(s): Weifeng Zhang, Hua Hu, Haiyang Hu, Jinglong Fang
Pages: 3347-3364

12. Conception and implementation of a data-driven prognostics algorithm for safety–critical systems
Author(s): Hatem M. Elattar, Hamdy K. Elminir, A. M. Riad
Pages: 3365-3382

13. Fuzzy reliability estimation using the new operations of transmission average on Rational-linear patchy fuzzy numbers
Author(s): F. Abbasi, T. Allahviranloo
Pages: 3383-3396

14. iMOPSE: a library for bicriteria optimization in Multi-Skill Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
Author(s): Paweł B. Myszkowski, Maciej Laszczyk, Ivan Nikulin, Marek Skowroński
Pages: 3397-3410

15. Improved secure fuzzy auditing protocol for cloud data storage
Author(s): Jindan Zhang, Baocang Wang, Debiao He, Xu An Wang
Pages: 3411-3422

16. Adaptive differential evolution with multi-population-based mutation operators for constrained optimization
Author(s): Bin Xu, Lili Tao, Xu Chen, Wushan Cheng
Pages: 3423-3447

17. Bio-inspired heuristics for layer thickness optimization in multilayer piezoelectric transducer for broadband structures
Author(s): Aneela Zameer, Mohsin Majeed, Sikander M. Mirza
Pages: 3449-3463

18. A generic heuristic for multi-project scheduling problems with global and local resource constraints (RCMPSP)
Author(s): Félix Villafáñez, David Poza, Adolfo López-Paredes, Javier Pajares
Pages: 3465-3479

19. Supplier’s strategy: align with the dominant entrant retailer or the vulnerable incumbent retailer?
Author(s): Ye Wang, Wansheng Tang, Ruiqing Zhao
Pages: 3481-3500

20. Finding suitable membership functions for fuzzy temporal mining problems using fuzzy temporal bees method
Author(s): Mojtaba Asadollahpour Chamazi, Homayun Motameni
Pages: 3501-3518

21. A fuzzy genetic approach for velocity estimation in wind-tunnel
Author(s): Hamed Vahdat-Nejad, Mojtaba Dehghan-Manshadi, Mahdi Kherad
Pages: 3519-3527

22. Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for evaluating dysarthric automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems: a case study on MVML-based ASR
Author(s): Adeleh Asemi, Siti Salwah Binti Salim, Seyed Reza Shahamiri, Asefeh Asemi
Pages: 3529-3544

23. Sliding-window metaheuristic optimization-based forecast system for foreign exchange analysis
Author(s): Jui-Sheng Chou, Thi Thu Ha Truong
Pages: 3545-3561

Evolving Systems, Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2019

Special Issue: Foundations and Applications of Evolving Intelligence at the 21 Century (Volume 2)

1. Editorial
Author(s): Lazaros Iliadis, Ilias Maglogiannis
Pages: 1-2

2. Heuristic and metaheuristic solutions of pickup and delivery problem for self-driving taxi routing
Author(s): Viacheslav Shalamov, Andrey Filchenkov, Anatoly Shalyto
Pages: 3-11

3. Applying nature-inspired optimization algorithms for selecting important timestamps to reduce time series dimensionality
Author(s): Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad
Pages: 13-28

4. ILIOU machine learning preprocessing method for depression type prediction
Author(s): Theodoros Iliou, Georgia Konstantopoulou, Mandani Ntekouli
Pages: 29-39

5. A machine learning approach for asperities’ location identification
Author(s): Konstantinos Arvanitakis, Ioannis Karydis, Katia L. Kermanidis
Pages: 41-50

6. Hybrid local boosting utilizing unlabeled data in classification tasks
Author(s): Christos K. Aridas, Sotiris B. Kotsiantis, Michael N. Vrahatis
Pages: 51-61

7. Multi-label active learning: key issues and a novel query strategy
Author(s): Everton Alvares Cherman, Yannis Papanikolaou, Grigorios Tsoumakas
Pages: 63-78

Thursday, April 11, 2019

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems - Papers Published April 2019

1. General 3-D Type-II Fuzzy Logic Systems in the Polar Frame: Concept and Practice
Author(s): H Zakeri, F M Nejad, A Fahimifar

2. Survey of Fuzzy Min–Max Neural Network for Pattern Classification Variants and Applications
Author(s): O N Al Sayaydeh, M F Mohammed, C P Lim

3. A Novel Finite-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control Scheme for Nonstrict Feedback Systems
Author(s): Y Liu, X Liu, Y Jing, Z Zhang

4. Dissipativity-Preserving Model Reduction for Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): Y Ren, Q Li, D-W Ding, X Xie

5. Quality Control Process Based on Fuzzy Random Variables
Author(s): G Hesamian, M G Akbari, R Yaghoobpoor

6. Multiobjective $H_{2}/H_{\infty }$ Control Design of the Nonlinear Mean-Field Stochastic Jump-Diffusion Systems via Fuzzy Approach
Author(s): C-F Wu, B-S Chen, W Zhang

7. A Metahierarchical Rule Decision System to Design Robust Fuzzy Classifiers Based on Data Complexity
Author(s): J Cozar, A Fernandez, F Herrera, J A Gamez

8. A Method of Measuring Uncertainty for Z-Number
Author(s): B Kang, Y Deng, K Hewage, R Sadiq

9. A Weighted Least Squares Fuzzy Regression for Crisp Input-Fuzzy Output Data
Author(s): J Chachi

10. An SOS-Based Sliding Mode Controller Design for a Class of Polynomial Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): H Zhang, Y Wang, J Zhang, Y Wang

11. Fuzzy Pushdown Termination Games
Author(s): H Pan, F Song, Y Cao, J Qian

12. Granular Fuzzy Modeling for Multidimensional Numeric Data: A Layered Approach Based on Hyperbox
Author(s): W Lu, D Shan, W Pedrycz, L Zhang, J Yang, X Liu

13. Decentralized Dissipative Filtering for Delayed Nonlinear Interconnected Systems Based on T–S Fuzzy Model
Author(s): Y Liu, F Fang, J H Park

14. Delayed Fuzzy Control of a 1-D Reaction-Diffusion Equation Using Sampled-in-Space Sensing and Actuation
Author(s): W Kang, D-W Ding

15. Supervised Learning to Aggregate Data With the Sugeno Integral
Author(s): M Gagolewski, S James, G Beliakov

16. Interval Observer Design for Discrete-Time Uncertain Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): J Li, Z Wang, Y Shen, Y Wang

17. Characterization of Quadratic Aggregation Functions
Author(s): S Tasena

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems - Papers Published March 2019

1. Intelligent Backstepping Control Using Recurrent Feature Selection Fuzzy Neural Network for Synchronous Reluctance Motor Position Servo Drive System
Author(s): F-J Lin, S-G Chen, C-W Hsu

2. Generalized Dempster–Shafer Structures
Author(s): R R Yager

3. Fuzzy Peak-to-Peak Filtering for Networked Nonlinear Systems With Multipath Data Packet Dropouts
Author(s): X-H Chang; Q Liu, Y-M Wang, J Xiong

4. Distributed Fuzzy Adaptive Backstepping Optimal Control for Nonlinear Multimissile Guidance Systems With Input Saturation
Author(s): J Sun, C Liu

5. Dynamic Output Feedback Predictive Control With One Free Control Move for the Takagi–Sugeno Model With Bounded Disturbance
Author(s): J Hu, B Ding

6. Another View on Generalized Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Sets and Related Multiattribute Decision Making Methods
Author(s): F Feng, H Fujita, M I Ali, R R Yager, X Liu

7. A Novel Three-Dimensional Fuzzy Modeling Method for Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems
Author(s): X-X Zhang, L-R Zhao, H-X Li, S-W Ma

8. iPatch: A Many-Objective Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System for Field Workforce Optimization
Author(s): A Starkey, H Hagras, S Shakya, G Owusu

9. Similarity Measures for Closed General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets: Overview, Comparisons, and a Geometric Approach
Author(s): D Wu, J M Mendel

10. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Rough Set-Based Granular Structures and Attribute Subset Selection
Author(s): A Tan, W-Z Wu, Y Qian, J Liang, J Chen, J Li

11. Novel Stabilization Criteria for T–S Fuzzy Systems With Affine Matched Membership Functions
Author(s): S Lee

12. Wavelet-TSK-Type Fuzzy Cerebellar Model Neural Network for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): J Zhao, C-M Lin

13. Sparse Representation-Based Intuitionistic Fuzzy Clustering Approach to Find the Group Intra-Relations and Group Leaders for Large-Scale Decision Making
Author(s): R-X Ding, X Wang, K Shang, B Liu, F Herrera

14. Finite-Time Convergence Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Dual-Arm Robot With Unknown Kinematics and Dynamics
Author(s): C Yang, Y Jiang, J Na, Z Li, L Cheng, C-Y Su

15. The Properties of Fuzzy Tensor and Its Application in Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making
Author(s): S Deng, J Liu, X Wang

16. The Non-Smoothness Problem in Disturbance Observer Design: A Set-Invariance-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Control Method
Author(s): M Lv, S Baldi, Z Liu

17. Monotonic Smooth Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems With Fuzzy Sets With Compact Support
Author(s): P Husek

18. Ordered Weighted Averaging Aggregation on Convex Poset
Author(s): L Jin, R Mesiar, R Yager

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems - Papers Published February 2019

1. Online Performance-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Dynamic Surface Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems Under Input Saturation
Author(s): P Wang, X Zhang, J Zhu

2. A Consensus Model for Large-Scale Linguistic Group Decision Making With a Feedback Recommendation Based on Clustered Personalized Individual Semantics and Opposing Consensus Groups
Author(s): C-C Li, Y Dong, F Herrera

3. A Goal-Programming-Based Heuristic Approach to Deriving Fuzzy Weights in Analytic Form from Triangular Fuzzy Preference Relations
Author(s): Z-J Wang

4. Finite-Time Stabilization for Discontinuous Interconnected Delayed Systems via Interval Type-2 T–S Fuzzy Model Approach
Author(s): N Rong, Z Wang, H Zhang

5. Efficient Robust Fuzzy Model Predictive Control of Discrete Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems via Razumikhin Approach
Author(s): L Teng, Y Wang, W Cai, H Li

6. Omitting Types Theorem for Fuzzy Logics
Author(s): P Cintula, D Diaconescu

7. A Novel Fuzzy Observer-Based Steering Control Approach for Path Tracking in Autonomous Vehicles
Author(s): C Zhang, J Hu, J Qiu, W Yang, H Sun, Q Chen

8. Fuzzy Transfer Learning Using an Infinite Gaussian Mixture Model and Active Learning
Author(s): H Zuo, J Lu, G Zhang, F Liu

9. Design of Hidden-Property-Based Variable Universe Fuzzy Control for Movement Disorders and Its Efficient Reconfigurable Implementation
Author(s): S Yang, B Deng, J Wang, C Liu, H Li, Q Lin, C Fietkie, K A Loparo

10. Consensus Building With Individual Consistency Control in Group Decision Making
Author(s): C-C Li, R M Rodrigues, L Martinez, Y Dong, F Herrera

11. General Type-2 Radial Basis Function Neural Network: A Data-Driven Fuzzy Model
Author(s): A Rubio-Solis, P Melin, U Martinez-Hernandez, G Panoutsos

12. Fuzzy Rule-Based Domain Adaptation in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Spaces
Author(s): H Zuo, J Lu, G Zhang, W Pedrycz

13. From Fuzzy Sets to Interval-Valued and Atanassov Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets: A Unified View of Different Axiomatic Measures
Author(s): I Couso, H Bustince

14. Consistency Measures of Linguistic Preference Relations With Hedges
Author(s): H Wang, Z Xu, X-J Zeng, H Liao

15. Noise Robust Multiobjective Evolutionary Clustering Image Segmentation Motivated by the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information
Author(s): F Zhao, J Fan, H Liu, R Lan, C W Chen

16. Enhanced Predictor-Based Control Synthesis for Discrete-Time TS Fuzzy Descriptor Systems With Time-Varying Input Delays
Author(s): A Gonzalez, T-M Guerra

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 9, May 2019

1. Special issue on: Optimization methods for decision making: advances and applications
Author(s): Patrizia Beraldi, Maurizio Boccia, Claudio Sterle
Pages: 2849-2852

2. A configurational approach based on geographic information systems to support decision-making process in real estate domain
Author(s): Valerio Di Pinto, Antonio M. Rinaldi
Pages: 2853-2862

3. A “pay-how-you-drive” car insurance approach through cluster analysis
Author(s): Maria Francesca Carfora, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo
Pages: 2863-2875

4. A decision support system to improve performances of airport check-in services
Author(s): Giuseppe Bruno, Antonio Diglio, Andrea Genovese, Carmela Piccolo
Pages: 2877-2886

5. Sparse analytic hierarchy process: an experimental analysis
Author(s): Gabriele Oliva, Roberto Setola, Antonio Scala, Paolo Dell’Olmo
Pages: 2887-2898

6. Sustainability-based review of urban freight models
Author(s): Maria Elena Nenni, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle
Pages: 2899-2909

7. MIP-based heuristic approaches for the capacitated edge activation problem: the effect of non-compactness
Author(s): Sara Mattia
Pages: 2911-2921

8. Scheduling ships movements within a canal harbor
Author(s): Paola Pellegrini, Giacomo di Tollo, Raffaele Pesenti
Pages: 2923-2936

9. Checking weak optimality and strong boundedness in interval linear programming
Author(s): Elif Garajová, Milan Hladík
Pages: 2937-2945

10. The Minimum Routing Cost Tree Problem
Author(s): Adriano Masone, Maria Elena Nenni, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle
Pages: 2947-2957

11. An effective heuristic for large-scale fault-tolerant k-median problem
Author(s): Igor Vasilyev, Anton V. Ushakov, Nadezhda Maltugueva, Antonio Sforza
Pages: 2959-2967

12. Global optimization in machine learning: the design of a predictive analytics application
Author(s): Antonio Candelieri, Francesco Archetti
Pages: 2969-2977

13. The risk-averse traveling repairman problem with profits
Author(s): P. Beraldi, M. E. Bruni, D. Laganà, R. Musmanno
Pages: 2979-2993

14. Multi-objective stable matching and distributional constraints
Author(s): Mangesh Gharote, Nitin Phuke, Rahul Patil, Sachin Lodha
Pages: 2995-3011

15. Computational study of separation algorithms for clique inequalities
Author(s): Francesca Marzi, Fabrizio Rossi, Stefano Smriglio
Pages: 3013-3027

16. Implementation of an intelligent hybrid simulation systems for WMNs based on particle swarm optimization and simulated annealing: performance evaluation for different replacement methods
Author(s): Shinji Sakamoto, Kosuke Ozera, Admir Barolli, Makoto Ikeda
Pages: 3029-3035

17. Weighted network graph for interpersonal communication with temporal regularity
Author(s): Ryoichi Shinkuma, Yuki Sugimoto, Yuichi Inagaki
Pages: 3037-3051

18. Sparse multi-criteria optimization classifier for credit risk evaluation
Author(s): Zhiwang Zhang, Jing He, Guangxia Gao, Yingjie Tian
Pages: 3053-3066

19. Enhanced quantum-based neural network learning and its application to signature verification
Author(s): Om Prakash Patel, Aruna Tiwari, Rishabh Chaudhary…
Pages: 3067-3080

20. Patch-based fuzzy clustering for image segmentation
Author(s): Xiaofeng Zhang, Qiang Guo, Yujuan Sun, Hui Liu, Gang Wang, Qingtang Su…
Pages: 3081-3093

21. Bee swarm optimization for solving the MAXSAT problem using prior knowledge
Author(s): Youcef Djenouri, Zineb Habbas, Djamel Djenouri, Philippe Fournier-Viger
Pages: 3095-3112

22. Self-adaptive parameters in differential evolution based on fitness performance with a perturbation strategy
Author(s): Chen-Yang Cheng, Shu-Fen Li, Yu-Cheng Lin
Pages: 3113-3128

23. A vegetable category recognition system: a comparison study for caffe and Chainer DNN frameworks
Author(s): Makoto Ikeda, Tetsuya Oda, Leonard Barolli
Pages: 3129-3136

24. A survey on handling computationally expensive multiobjective optimization problems with evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): Tinkle Chugh, Karthik Sindhya, Jussi Hakanen, Kaisa Miettinen
Pages: 3137-3166

25. Novel soft fuzzy rough rings (ideals) of rings and their application in decision making
Author(s): Kuan Yun Zhu
Pages: 3167-3189

26. A distributed hybrid index for processing continuous range queries over moving objects
Author(s): Ziqiang Yu, Fatos Xhafa, Yuehui Chen, Kun Ma
Pages: 3191-3205

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 8, April 2019

1. Soft computing approaches for next-generation sustainable systems (SCNGS)
Author(s): Pasumpon Pandian, Xavier Fernando, Tomonobu Senjyu
Pages: 2483

2. Saliency detection in stereoscopic images using adaptive Gaussian Kernel and Gabor filter
Author(s): Y. Rakesh, K. Sri Rama Krishna
Pages: 2485-2498

3. Destination-aware context-based routing protocol with hybrid soft computing cluster algorithm for VANET
Author(s): K. Aravindhan, C. Suresh Gnana Dhas
Pages: 2499-2507

4. Optimal resource allocation algorithm for OFDMA-based WiMAX network using stochastic fish swarm optimization
Author(s): P. S. Kumaresh, A. V. Ramprasad
Pages: 2509-2523

5. Gender classification from face images by mixing the classifier outcome of prime, distinct descriptors
Author(s): A. Geetha, M. Sundaram, B. Vijayakumari
Pages: 2525-2535

6. Soft computing and trust-based self-organized hierarchical energy balance routing protocol (TSHEB) in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): G. Asha, R. Santhosh
Pages: 2537-2543

7. Global biotic cross-pollination algorithm enhanced with evolutionary strategies for color image segmentation
Author(s): S. N. Deepa, D. Rasi
Pages: 2545-2559

8. Attribute-based hierarchical file encryption for efficient retrieval of files by DV index tree from cloud using crossover genetic algorithm
Author(s): R. Naresh, M. Sayeekumar, G. M. Karthick, P. Supraja
Pages: 2561-2574

9. A fuzzy entropy technique for dimensionality reduction in recommender systems using deep learning
Author(s): B. Saravanan, V. Mohanraj, J. Senthilkumar
Pages: 2575-2583

10. Medical big data analysis: preserving security and privacy with hybrid cloud technology
Author(s): E. Shanmugapriya, R. Kavitha
Pages: 2585-2596

11. A hybrid soft computing: SGP clustering methodology for enhancing network lifetime in wireless multimedia sensor networks
Author(s): P. X. Britto, S. Selvan
Pages: 2597-2609

12. Digital acquisition and character extraction from stone inscription images using modified fuzzy entropy-based adaptive thresholding
Author(s): K. Durga Devi, P. Uma Maheswari
Pages: 2611-2626

13. A model predictive controller for improvement in power quality from a hybrid renewable energy system
Author(s): R. Muthukumar, P. Balamurugan
Pages: 2627-2635

14. Hybrid data fusion model for restricted information using Dempster–Shafer and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference (DSANFI) system
Author(s): E. Brumancia, S. Justin Samuel, L. Mary Gladence, Karunya Rathan
Pages: 2637-2644

15. Noninvasive method of epileptic detection using DWT and generalized regression neural network
Author(s): S. Vijay Anand, R. Shantha Selvakumari
Pages: 2645-2653

16. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy logic based jamming detection system in WSN
Author(s): K. P. Vijayakumar, K. Pradeep Mohan Kumar, K. Kottilingam, T. Karthick
Pages: 2655-2667

17. Quality-based pattern C2 code score-level fusion in multimodal biometric authentication system using pattern net
Author(s): S. Ilankumaran, C. Deisy, R. Pandian
Pages: 2669-2682

18. A novel Nth-order IIR filter-based graphic equalizer optimized through genetic algorithm for computing filter order
Author(s): Shajin Prince, K. R. Shankar Kumar
Pages: 2683-2691

19. A novel vessel detection and classification algorithm using a deep learning neural network model with morphological processing (M-DLNN)
Author(s): S. Iwin Thanakumar Joseph, J. Sasikala, D. Sujitha Juliet
Pages: 2693-2700

20. A novel PTS: grey wolf optimizer-based PAPR reduction technique in OFDM scheme for high-speed wireless applications
Author(s): R. S. Suriavel Rao, P. Malathi
Pages: 2701-2712

21. Constraints handling in combinatorial interaction testing using multi-objective crow search and fruitfly optimization
Author(s): P. Ramgouda, V. Chandraprakash
Pages: 2713-2726

22. Hybrid intelligence system using fuzzy inference in cluster architecture for secured group communication
Author(s): M. Sayeekumar, G. M. Karthik, S. Puhazholi
Pages: 2727-2734

23. Enhanced secure communication over inter-domain routing in heterogeneous wireless networks based on analysis of BGP anomalies using soft computing techniques
Author(s): N. Elamathi, S. Jayashri, R. Pitchai
Pages: 2735-2746

24. Interblend fusing of genetic algorithm-based attribute selection for clustering heterogeneous data set
Author(s): J. Dhayanithi, J. Akilandeswari
Pages: 2747-2759

25. FFcPsA: a fast finite conventional state using prefix pattern gene search algorithm for large sequence identification
Author(s): A. Surendar, M. Arun, A. Mahabub Basha
Pages: 2761-2771

26. Performance analysis of soft computing techniques for the automatic classification of fruits dataset
Author(s): L. Rajasekar, D. Sharmila
Pages: 2773-2788

27. A hybrid genetic artificial neural network (G-ANN) algorithm for optimization of energy component in a wireless mesh network toward green computing
Author(s): B. Prakash, S. Jayashri, T. S. Karthik
Pages: 2789-2798

28. IoT complex communication architecture for smart cities based on soft computing models
Author(s): Daming Li, Zhiming Cai, Lianbing Deng, Xiang Yao
Pages: 2799-2812

Video analytics-based intelligent surveillance system for smart buildings
Author(s): K. S. Gautam, Senthil Kumar Thangavel
Pages: 2813-2837

30. An approach for automatic detection of fetal gestational age at the third trimester using kidney length and biparietal diameter
Author(s): S. Meenakshi, M. Suganthi, P. Suresh Kumar
Pages: 2839-2848