Tuesday, June 5, 2012

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 23, Issue 6, June 2012

This issue published some papers on sparse representation, semi-supervised learning, spiking neural networks, high level classification, and multitask learning. We welcome you to submit your papers on these topics to IEEE TNNLS.

These articles can be retrieved on IEEE Xplore:
or directly by clicking the individual paper URL below.

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 23, Issue 6, June 2012

1. Title: Global Stability of Complex-Valued Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Delays
Authors: Jin Hu; Jun Wang
Page(s): 853 - 865

2. Title: Robust Exponential Stability of Uncertain Delayed Neural Networks With Stochastic Perturbation and Impulse Effects
Authors: Tingwen Huang; Chuandong Li; Shukai Duan; Janusz A. Starzyk
Page(s): 866 - 875

3. Title: Sparse Tensor Discriminant Color Space for Face Verification
Authors: Su-Jing Wang; Jian Yang; Ming-Fang Sun; Xu-Jun Peng; Ming-Ming Sun; Chun-Guang Zhou
Page(s): 876 - 888

4. Title: Programming Time-Multiplexed Reconfigurable Hardware Using a Scalable Neuromorphic Compiler
Authors: Kirill Minkovich; Narayan Srinivasa; Jose M. Cruz-Albrecht; Youngkwan Cho; Aleksey Nogin
Page(s): 889 - 901

5. Title: Laplacian Embedded Regression for Scalable Manifold Regularization
Authors: Lin Chen; Ivor W. Tsang; Dong Xu
Page(s): 902 - 915

6. Title: Neural Assembly Computing
Authors: João Ranhel
Page(s): 916 - 927

7. Title: Extracting Representative Information to Enhance Flexible Data Queries
Authors: Jin Zhang; Guoqing Chen; Xiaohui Tang
Page(s): 928 - 941

8. Title: Robust Synchronization for 2-D Discrete-Time Coupled Dynamical Networks
Authors: Jinling Liang; Zidong Wang; Xiaohui Liu; Panos Louvieris
Page(s): 942 - 953

9. Title: Network-Based High Level Data Classification
Authors: Thiago Christiano Silva; Liang Zhao
Page(s): 954 - 970

10. Title: Neural Network Structure for Spatio-Temporal Long-Term Memory
Authors: Vu Anh Nguyen; Janusz A. Starzyk; Wooi-Boon Goh; Daniel Jachyra
Page(s): 971 - 983

11. Title: Feedback Optimal Control of Distributed Parameter Systems by Using Finite-Dimensional Approximation Schemes
Authors: Angelo Alessandri; Mauro Gaggero; Riccardo Zoppoli
Page(s): 984 - 996

12. Title: Generalized SMO Algorithm for SVM-Based Multitask Learning
Authors: Feng Cai; Vladimir Cherkassky
Page(s): 997 - 1003

13. Title: Complexity-Reduced Scheme for Feature Extraction With Linear Discriminant Analysis
Authors: Yuxi Hou; Iickho Song; Hwang-Ki Min; Cheol Hoon Park
Page(s): 1003 - 1009

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