Thursday, August 2, 2012

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: Volume 20, Issue 4, 2012

1. Finite-Time $H_{infty}$ Fuzzy Control of Nonlinear Jump Systems With Time Delays Via Dynamic Observer-Based State Feedback
He, S.; Liu, F.
Page(s): 605 - 614

2. A Practical Approach to R&D Portfolio Selection Using the Fuzzy Pay-Off Method
Hassanzadeh, F.; Collan, M.; Modarres, M.
Page(s): 615 - 622

3. Fuzzy Hardware: A Retrospective and Analysis
Zavala, A. H.; Nieto, O. C.
Page(s): 623 - 635

4. On Robust Fuzzy Rough Set Models
Hu, Q.; Zhang, L.; An, S.; Zhang, D.; Yu, D.
Page(s): 636 - 651

5. Fault-Tolerant Control for T–S Fuzzy Systems With Application to Near-Space Hypersonic Vehicle With Actuator Faults
Shen, Q.; Jiang, B.; Cocquempot, V.
Page(s): 652 - 665

6. Constrained Fuzzy Hierarchical Analysis for Portfolio Selection Under Higher Moments
Nguyen, T. T.; Gordon-Brown, L.
Page(s): 666 - 682

7. An Integrated Mechanism for Feature Selection and Fuzzy Rule Extraction for Classification
Chen, Y-.C.; Pal, N. R.; Chung, I-.F.
Page(s): 683 - 698

8. Generalizing the Decentralized Control of Fuzzy Discrete Event Systems
Jayasiri, A.; Mann, G. K. I.; Gosine, R. G.
Page(s): 699 - 714

9. Participatory Learning of Propositional Knowledge
Yager, R. R.
Page(s): 715 - 727

10. The $K$-Means-Type Algorithms Versus Imbalanced Data Distributions
Liang, J.; Bai, L.; Dang, C.; Cao, F.
Page(s): 728 - 745

11. Stress Monitoring Based on Stochastic Fuzzy Analysis of Heartbeat Intervals
Kumar, M.; Neubert, S.; Behrendt, S.; Rieger, A.; Weippert, M.; Stoll, N.; Thurow, K.; Stoll, R.
Page(s): 746 - 759

12. Fuzzy Preferences in the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution
Bashar, M. A.; Kilgour, D. M.; Hipel, K. W.
Page(s): 760 - 770

13. Observer-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Output Feedback Control of Uncertain MIMO Pure-Feedback Nonlinear Systems
Tong, S. C.; Li, Y. M.; Shi, P.
Page(s): 771 - 785

14. On the Use of a Fuzzy Object-Relational Database for Flexible Retrieval of Medical Images
Medina, J. M.; Jaime-Castillo, S.; Barranco, C. D.; Campana, J. R.
Page(s): 786 - 803

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