Wednesday, January 16, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 24, Issue 2, February 2013

1. Stability for Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays via Some New Approaches
Authors: Oh-Min Kwon; Myeong-Jin Park; Sang-Moon Lee; Ju H. Park; Eun-Jong Cha
Page(s): 181 - 193

2. Sequential Projection-Based Metacognitive Learning in a Radial Basis Function Network for Classification Problems
Authors: Giduthuri Sateesh Babu; Sundaram Suresh
Page(s): 194 - 206

3. Developing a Local Least-Squares Support Vector Machines-Based Neuro-Fuzzy Model for Nonlinear and Chaotic Time Series Prediction
Authors: Arash Miranian; Majid Abdollahzade
Page(s): 207 - 218

4. Radial Basis Function Network Training Using a Nonsymmetric Partition of the Input Space and Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors: Alex Alexandridis; Eva Chondrodima; Haralambos Sarimveis
Page(s): 219 - 230

5. Compositional Generative Mapping for Tree-Structured Data—Part II: Topographic Projection Model
Authors: Davide Bacciu; Alessio Micheli; Alessandro Sperduti
Page(s): 231 - 247

6. Efficient Multitemplate Learning for Structured Prediction
Authors: Qi Mao; Ivor Wai-Hung Tsang
Page(s): 248 - 261

7. Formulating Robust Linear Regression Estimation as a One-Class LDA Criterion: Discriminative Hat Matrix
Authors: Franck Dufrenois; Jean Charles Noyer
Page(s): 262 - 273

8. Fuzzy-Neural-Network Inherited Sliding-Mode Control for Robot Manipulator Including Actuator Dynamics
Authors: Rong-Jong Wai; Rajkumar Muthusamy
Page(s): 274 - 287

9. Generalization Performance of Fisher Linear Discriminant Based on Markov Sampling
Authors: Bin Zou; Luoqing Li; Zongben Xu; Tao Luo; Yuan Yan Tang
Page(s): 288 - 300

10. Selective Positive–Negative Feedback Produces the Winner-Take-All Competition in Recurrent Neural Networks
Authors: Shuai Li; Bo Liu; Yangming Li
Page(s): 301 - 309

11. Identification and Prediction of Dynamic Systems Using an Interactively Recurrent Self-Evolving Fuzzy Neural Network
Authors: Yang-Yin Lin; Jyh-Yeong Chang; Chin-Teng Lin
Page(s): 310 - 321

12. New Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Network Proposal for Quadratic Optimization With General Linear Constraints
Authors: María José Pérez-Ilzarbe
Page(s): 322 - 328

13. Incorporating Mean Template Into Finite Mixture Model for Image Segmentation
Authors: Hui Zhang; Q. M. Jonathan Wu; Thanh Minh Nguyen
Page(s): 328 - 335

14. Hyperbolic Hopfield Neural Networks
Authors: Masaki Kobayashi
Page(s): 335 - 341

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