Friday, February 1, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation: Volume 17 Issue 1 2013

1. Parent Selection Pressure Auto-Tuning for Tournament Selection in Genetic Programming
Authors: Xie, H.; Zhang, M.
Page(s): 1 - 19

2. A Hybrid Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization Problems
Authors:Tang, L.; Wang, X.
Page(s): 20 - 45

3. Classification of Electromyographic Signals: Comparing Evolvable Hardware to Conventional Classifiers
Authors:Kaufmann, P.; Glette, K.; Gruber, T.; Platzner, M.; Torresen, J.; Sick, B.
Page(s): 46 - 63

4. A New Sequential Covering Strategy for Inducing Classification Rules With Ant Colony Algorithms
Authors:Otero, F. E. B.; Freitas, A. A.; Johnson, C. G.
Page(s): 64 - 76

5. Objective Reduction in Many-Objective Optimization: Linear and Nonlinear Algorithms
Authors:Saxena, D. K.; Duro, J. A.; Tiwari, A.; Deb, K.; Zhang, Q.
Page(s): 77 - 99

6. On the Advantages of Variable Length GRNs for the Evolution of Multicellular Developmental Systems
Authors:Trefzer, M. A.; Kuyucu, T.; Miller, J. F.; Tyrrell, A. M.
Page(s): 100 - 121

7. The Transferability Approach: Crossing the Reality Gap in Evolutionary Robotics
Authors:Koos, S.; Mouret, J.-B.; Doncieux, S.
Page(s): 122 - 145

8. The Use of an Analytic Quotient Operator in Genetic Programming
Authors:Ni, J.; Drieberg, R. H.; Rockett, P. I.
Page(s): 146 - 152

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