Wednesday, September 4, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 24, Issue 9, September 2013

1. Study of the Convergence Behavior of the Complex Kernel Least Mean Square Algorithm
Author(s): Paul, T.K. ; Ogunfunmi, T.
Pages: 1349-1363

2. Transductive Face Sketch-Photo Synthesis
Author(s): Wang, N. ; Tao, D. ; Gao, X. ; Li, X. ; Li, J.
Pages: 1364-1376

3. Learning Sparse Kernel Classifiers for Multi-Instance Classification
Author(s): Fu, Z. ; Lu, G. ; Ting, K.M. ; Zhang, D.

4. FPGA-Based Distributed Computing Microarchitecture for Complex Physical Dynamics Investigation
Author(s): Borgese, G. ; Pace, C. ; Pantano, P. ; Bilotta, E.
Pages: 1390-1399

5. Neural-Adaptive Control of Single-Master–Multiple-Slaves Teleoperation for Coordinated Multiple Mobile Manipulators With Time-Varying Communication Delays and Input Uncertainties
Author(s): Li, Z. ; Su, C.-Y.
Pages: 1400-1413

6. Cube Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (CKSOM) Model With New Equations in Organizing Unstructured Data
Author(s): Lim, S.P. ; Haron, H.
Pages: 1414-1424

7. Real-Time Model Predictive Control Using a Self-Organizing Neural Network
Author(s): Han, H.-G. ; Wu, X.-L. ; Qiao, J.-F.
Pages: 1425-1436

8. Memory Models of Adaptive Behavior
Author(s): Traversa, F.L. ; Pershin, Y.V. ; Di Ventra, M.
Pages: 1437-1448

9. Model of an Excitatory Synapse Based on Stochastic Processes
Author(s): L'Esperance, P.-Y. ; Labib, R.
Pages: 1449-1458

10. Combined Convex Technique on Delay-Dependent Stability for Delayed Neural Networks
Author(s): Li, T. ; Wang, T. ; Song, A. ; Fei, S.
Pages: 1459-1465

11. Low-Temperature Fabrication of Spiking Soma Circuits Using Nanocrystalline-Silicon TFTs
Author(s): Subramaniam, A. ; Cantley, K.D. ; Stiegler, H.J. ; Chapman, R.A. ; Vogel, E.M.
Pages: 1466-1471

12. Effect of Input Noise and Output Node Stochastic on Wang's kWTA
Author(s): Sum, J. ; Leung, C.-S. ; Ho, K.
Pages: 1472-1477

13. Controllability and Observability of Boolean Control Networks With Time-Variant Delays in States
Author(s): Zhang, L. ; Zhang, K.
Pages: 1478-1483

14. Quantized Kernel Recursive Least Squares Algorithm
Author(s): Chen, B. ; Zhao, S. ; Zhu, P. ; Principe, J.C.
Pages: 1484-1490

15. On the Optimal Class Representation in Linear Discriminant Analysis
Author(s): Iosifidis, A. ; Tefas, A. ; Pitas, I.
Pages: 1491-1496

16. L\infty Analysis and State-Feedback Control of Hopfield Networks
Author(s): Stoica, A.-M. ; Yaesh, I.
Pages: 1497-1502

17. Sequential Blind Identification of Underdetermined Mixtures Using a Novel Deflation Scheme
Author(s): Zhang, M. ; Yu, S. ; Wei, G.
Pages: 1503-1509

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