Friday, November 1, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 24, Issue 11, November 2013

1. Error Surface of Recurrent Neural Networks
Author(s): Phan, M.C. ; Hagan, M.T.
Pages: 1709-1721
2. Single-Channel Blind Separation Using Pseudo-Stereo Mixture and Complex 2-D Histogram
Author(s): Tengtrairat, N. ; Gao, B. ; Woo, W.L. ; Dlay, S.S.
Pages:  1722-1735

3. On the SVMpath Singularity
Author(s): Dai, J. ; Chang, C. ; Mai, F. ; Zhao, D. ; Xu, W.
Pages: 1736-1748
4. Multistability of Two Kinds of Recurrent Neural Networks With Activation Functions Symmetrical About the Origin on the Phase Plane
Author(s): Zeng, Z. ; Zheng, W.X.
Pages: 1749-1762
5. Safety-Aware Semi-Supervised Classification
Author(s): Wang, Y. ; Chen, S.
Pages: 1763-1772

6. Neural Network Approaches for Noisy Language Modeling
Author(s): Li, J. ; Ouazzane, K. ; Kazemian, H.B. ; Afzal, M.S.
Pages: 1773-1784

7. A New Discrete-Continuous Algorithm for Radial Basis Function Networks Construction
Author(s): Zhang, L. ; Li, K. ; He, H. ; Irwin, G.W.
Pages: 1785-1798

8. Finding Potential Support Vectors in Separable Classification Problems
Author(s): Varagnolo, D. ; Del Favero, S. ; Dinuzzo, F. ; Schenato, L. ; Pillonetto, G.
Pages: 1799-1813

9. Nonlinear Systems Identification and Control Via Dynamic Multitime Scales Neural Networks
Author(s): Fu, Z.-J. ; Xie, W.-F. ; Han, X. ; Luo, W.-D.
Pages: 1814-1823

10. Hierarchical Similarity Transformations Between Gaussian Mixtures
Author(s): Rigas, G. ; Nikou, C. ; Goletsis, Y. ; Fotiadis, D.I.
Pages: 1824-1835

11. Negative Correlation Ensemble Learning for Ordinal Regression
Author(s): Fernandez-Navarro, F. ; Gutierrez, P.A. ; Hervas-Martinez, C. ; Yao, X.
Pages: 1836-1849

12. Online Learning of a Dirichlet Process Mixture of Beta-Liouville Distributions Via Variational Inference
Author(s): Fan, W. ; Bouguila, N.
Pages: 1850-1862

13. Transfer Ordinal Label Learning
Author(s): Seah, C.-W. ; Tsang, I.W. ; Ong, Y.-S.
Pages: 1863-1876

14. Pseudo-Orthogonalization of Memory Patterns for Associative Memory
Author(s): Oku, M. ; Makino, T. ; Aihara, K.
Pages: 1877-1887

15. Multilabel Classification Using Error-Correcting Codes of Hard or Soft Bits
Author(s): Ferng, C.-S. ; Lin, H.-T.
Pages: 1888-1900

16. Multiclass Support Vector Machines With Example-Dependent Costs Applied to Plankton Biomass Estimation
Author(s): Gonzalez, P. ; Alvarez, E. ; Barranquero, J. ; Diez, J. ; Gonzalez-Quiros, R. ; Nogueira, E. ; Lopez-Urrutia, A. ; del Coz, J.J.
Pages: 1901-1905

17. Corrections to: “Estimator Design for Discrete-Time Switched Neural Networks With Asynchronous Switching and Time-Varying Delay”
Author(s): Zhang, D. ; Yu, L. ; Wang, Q.-G. ; Ong, C.
Pages:  1906

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