Monday, January 27, 2014

Neural Networks, Volume 51, March 2014

1. Editorial Board  
Pages IFC


2. Global Mittag-Leffler stability and synchronization of memristor-based fractional-order neural networks  
Pages: 1-8
Author(s): Jiejie Chen, Zhigang Zeng, Ping Jiang

Learning Systems

3. Feature selection and multi-kernel learning for sparse representation on a manifold  
Pages: 9-16
Author(s):Jim Jing-Yan Wang, Halima Bensmail, Xin Gao
4. Long-term time series prediction using OP-ELM
Pages: 50-56
Author(s):Alexander Grigorievskiy, Yoan Miche, Anne-Mari Ventelä, Eric Séverin, Amaury Lendasse
5. Least Square Fast Learning Network for modeling the combustion efficiency of a 300WM coal-fired boiler
Pages: 57-66
Author(s):Guoqiang Li, Peifeng Niu, Huaibao Wang, Yongchao Liu

Mathematical and Computational Analysis

6. Neural network for solving convex quadratic bilevel programming problems 
Pages: 17-25
Author(s):Xing He, Chuandong Li, Tingwen Huang, Chaojie Li
7. Stability analysis of switched stochastic neural networks with time-varying delays  
Pages: 39-49
Author(s):Xiaotai Wu, Yang Tang, Wenbing Zhang
8. Lagrangian support vector regression via unconstrained convex minimization  
Pages: 67-79
Author(s):S. Balasundaram, Deepak Gupta, Kapil
9. Periodicity and global exponential stability of generalized Cohen–Grossberg neural networks with discontinuous activations and mixed delays
Pages: 80-95
Author(s):Dongshu Wang, Lihong Huang

Engineering and Applications

10. A generalized analog implementation of piecewise linear neuron models using CCII building blocks  
Pages: 26-38
Author(s):Hamid Soleimani, Arash Ahmadi, Mohammad Bavandpour, Ozra Sharifipoor
11. Current Events  
Pages I-II

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