Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Neural Networks new articles 24 February - 2 March

1. An improved robust stability result for uncertain neural networks with multiple time delays
Author(s): Sabri Arik

2. Necessary and sufficient condition for multistability of neural networks evolving on a closed hypercube
Author(s): Mauro Di Marco, Mauro Forti, Massimo Grazzini, Luca Pancioni
3. Interaction of feedforward and feedback streams in visual cortex in a firing-rate model of columnar computations
Author(s): Tobias Brosch, Heiko Neumann

4. Solving the linear interval tolerance problem for weight initialization of neural networks
Author(s): S.P. Adam, D.A. Karras, G.D. Magoulas, M.N. Vrahatis
5. Further results on robustness analysis of global exponential stability of recurrent neural networks with time delays and random disturbances
Author(s): Weiwei Luo, Kai Zhong, Song Zhu, Yi Shen

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