Monday, April 14, 2014

IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine Volume 9 Issue 2 May 2014

1. What Is Your Main IEEE Society? [Editor's Remarks]
Author(s): Ishibuchi, H.

2. President's Greeting [President's Message]
Author(s): Yao, X.

3. CIS Society Officers

4. Newly Elected CIS Administrative Committee Members (2014-2016) [Society Briefs]
Author(s): Yao, X.

5. IEEE Fellows - Class of 2014 [Society Briefs]
Author(s): Bezdek, J.

6. A Report on the CIS Second Video Competition [Society Briefs]
Author(s): Matthews, S. ; Abdool, A. ; Eliades, D. ; Coyle, D. ; Posada, J. ; Martin, E. ; Sperduti, A. ; Alippi, C. ; Estevez, P.

7. CIS Publication Spotlight
Author(s): Liu, D. ; Lin, C. ; Greenwood, G. ; Lucas, S. ; Zhang, Z.

8. Special Issue on Computational Intelligence for Community-Centric Systems [Guest Editorial]
Author(s): Kubota, N. ; Liu, H.

9. Context-Aware Personal Information Retrieval From Multiple Social Networks
Author(s): Han, X. ; Wei, W. ; Miao, C. ; Mei, J. ; Song, H.

10. Landmark-Based Methods for Temporal Alignment of Human Motions
Author(s): de Dios, P. ; Chung, P. ; Meng, Q.

11. Muscle Fatigue Tracking with Evoked EMG via Recurrent Neural Network: Toward Personalized Neuroprosthetics
Author(s): Li, Z. ; Hayashibe, M. ; Fattal, C. ; Guiraud, D.

12. Jumping NLP Curves: A Review of Natural Language Processing Research [Review Article]
Author(s): Cambria, E. ; White, B.

13. A Memetic Algorithm for Resource Allocation Problem Based on Node-Weighted Graphs [Application Notes]
Author(s): Wu, J. ; Chang, Z. ; Yuan, L. ; Hou, Y. ; Gong, M.

14. Conference Calendar
Author(s): Haddow, P.

15. Call for Papers for Journal Special Issues

16. CEC 2015

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