Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Neural Networks, Volume 55, Pages 1-110, July 2014

1. Detecting cells using non-negative matrix factorization on calcium imaging data
Pages: 11-19
Author(s): Ryuichi Maruyama, Kazuma Maeda, Hajime Moroda, Ichiro Kato, Masashi Inoue, Hiroyoshi Miyakawa, Toru Aonishi

Learning Systems
2. Discrete-time online learning control for a class of unknown nonaffine nonlinear systems using reinforcement learning   
Pages: 30-41
Author(s): Xiong Yang, Derong Liu, Ding Wang, Qinglai Wei
3. Stochastic nonlinear time series forecasting using time-delay reservoir computers: Performance and universality   
Pages: 59-71
Author(s): Lyudmila Grigoryeva, Julie Henriques, Laurent Larger, Juan-Pablo Ortega
4. A general soft label based Linear Discriminant Analysis for semi-supervised dimensionality reduction   
Pages: 83-97
Author(s): Mingbo Zhao, Zhao Zhang, Tommy W.S. Chow, Bing Li

Mathematical and Computational Analysis
5. Exponential synchronization of delayed memristor-based chaotic neural networks via periodically intermittent control   
Pages: 1-10
Author(s): Guodong Zhang, Yi Shen

6. A collective neurodynamic optimization approach to bound-constrained nonconvex optimization
Pages: 20-29
Author(s): Zheng Yan, Jun Wang, Guocheng Li
7. Stability analysis of fractional-order Hopfield neural networks with time delays
Pages: 98-109
Author(s): Hu Wang, Yongguang Yu, Guoguang Wen

Engineering and Applications
8. Towards limb position invariant myoelectric pattern recognition using time-dependent spectral features   
Pages: 42-58
Author(s): Rami N. Khushaba, Maen Takruri, Jaime Valls Miro, Sarath Kodagoda
9. Model, analysis, and evaluation of the effects of analog VLSI arithmetic on linear subspace-based image recognition   
Pages: 72-82
Author(s): Gonzalo Carvajal, Miguel Figueroa

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