Friday, July 25, 2014

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 25, Issue 8, August 2014

1. GMM-Based Intermediate Matching Kernel for Classification of Varying Length Patterns of Long Duration Speech Using Support Vector Machines
Authors: Aroor Dinesh Dileep; Chellu Chandra Sekhar
Page(s): 1421 - 1432

2. Extensions of Kmeans-Type Algorithms: A New Clustering Framework by Integrating Intracluster Compactness and Intercluster Separation
Authors: Xiaohui Huang; Yunming Ye; Haijun Zhang
Page(s): 1433 - 1446

3. Efficient Kernel Sparse Coding Via First-Order Smooth Optimization
Authors: Minyoung Kim
Page(s): 1447 - 1459

4. Contact-Force Distribution Optimization and Control for Quadruped Robots Using Both Gradient and Adaptive Neural Networks
Authors: Zhijun Li; Shuzhi Sam Ge; Sibang Liu
Page(s): 1460 - 1473

5. On the Capabilities and Computational Costs of Neuron Models
Authors: Michael J. Skocik; Lyle N. Long
Page(s): 1474 - 1483

6. Global Sensitivity Analysis Approach for Input Selection and System Identification Purposes—A New Framework for Feedforward Neural Networks
Authors: Eric Fock
Page(s): 1484 - 1495

7. Cooperative Tracking Control of Nonlinear Multiagent Systems Using Self-Structuring Neural Networks
Authors: Gang Chen; Yong-Duan Song
Page(s): 1496 - 1507

8. Distributed Neural Network Control for Adaptive Synchronization of Uncertain Dynamical Multiagent Systems
Authors: Zhouhua Peng; Dan Wang; Hongwei Zhang; Gang Sun
Page(s): 1508 - 1519

9. Instance-Level Constraint-Based Semisupervised Learning With Imposed Space-Partitioning
Authors: Jayaram Raghuram; David J. Miller; George Kesidis
Page(s): 1520 - 1537

10. Modified Principal Component Analysis: An Integration of Multiple Similarity Subspace Models
Authors: Zizhu Fan; Yong Xu; Wangmeng Zuo; Jian Yang; Jinhui Tang; Zhihui Lai; David Zhang
Page(s): 1538 - 1552

11. On the Complexity of Neural Network Classifiers: A Comparison Between Shallow and Deep Architectures
Authors: Monica Bianchini; Franco Scarselli
Page(s): 1553 - 1565

12. A Minimum Resource Neural Network Framework for Solving Multiconstraint Shortest Path Problems
Authors: Junying Zhang; Xiaoxue Zhao; Xiaotao He
Page(s): 1566 - 1582

13. Simulating Dynamic Plastic Continuous Neural Networks by Finite Elements
Authors: Abdolreza Joghataie; Omid Oliyan Torghabehi
Page(s): 1583 - 1587

14. Minimizing Nearest Neighbor Classification Error for Nonparametric Dimension Reduction
Authors: Wei Bian; Tianyi Zhou; Aleix M. Martinez; George Baciu; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 1588 - 1594

15. Correction to “Convergence and Rate Analysis of Neural Networks for Sparse Approximation”
Authors: Aurele Balavoine; Justin Romberg; Christopher J. Rozell
Page(s): 1595 - 1596

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