Monday, August 18, 2014

Neural Networks Volume 58, Pages 1-148, October 2014

Special Issue on Affective Neural Networks and Cognitive Learning Systems for Big Data Analysis
Edited by Amir Hussain, Erik Cambria, Björn Schuller and Newton Howard

1. Affective neural networks and cognitive learning systems for big data analysis  
Pages: 1-3
Author(s): Amir Hussain, Erik Cambria, Björn Schuller, Newton Howard
2. Discrete particle swarm optimization for identifying community structures in signed social networks
Pages: 4-13
Author(s): Qing Cai, Maoguo Gong, Bo Shen, Lijia Ma, Licheng Jiao
3. An incremental community detection method for social tagging systems using locality-sensitive hashing
Pages: 14-28
Author(s): Zhenyu Wu, Ming Zou
4. Affective topic model for social emotion detection
Pages: 29-37
Author(s): Yanghui Rao, Qing Li, Liu Wenyin, Qingyuan Wu, Xiaojun Quan
5. Modeling virtual organizations with Latent Dirichlet Allocation: A case for natural language processing
Pages: 38-49
Author(s): Alexander Gross, Dhiraj Murthy
6. Semi-supervised word polarity identification in resource-lean languages
Pages: 50-59
Author(s): Iman Dehdarbehbahani, Azadeh Shakery, Heshaam Faili
7. Incorporating conditional random fields and active learning to improve sentiment identification
Pages: 60-67
Author(s): Kunpeng Zhang, Yusheng Xie, Yi Yang, Aaron Sun, Hengchang Liu, Alok Choudhary
8. A classification of user-generated content into consumer decision journey stages
Pages: 68-81
Author(s): Silvia Vázquez, Óscar Muñoz-García, Inés Campanella, Marc Poch, Beatriz Fisas, Nuria Bel, Gloria Andreu
9. Sentiments analysis at conceptual level making use of the Narrative Knowledge Representation Language
Pages: 82-97
Author(s): Gian Piero Zarri
10. Exploring personalized searches using tag-based user profiles and resource profiles in folksonomy
Pages: 98-110
Author(s): Yi Cai, Qing Li, Haoran Xie, Huaqin Min
11. Community-aware user profile enrichment in folksonomy
Pages: 111-121
Author(s): Haoran Xie, Qing Li, Xudong Mao, Xiaodong Li, Yi Cai, Yanghui Rao
12. A multi-label, semi-supervised classification approach applied to personality prediction in social media
Pages: 122-130
Author(s): Ana Carolina E.S. Lima, Leandro Nunes de Castro
13. Semantically-based priors and nuanced knowledge core for Big Data, Social AI, and language understanding
Pages: 131-147
Author(s): Daniel Olsher

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