Monday, September 15, 2014

IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence in Games, Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2014

1. Real-Time Monte Carlo Tree Search in Ms Pac-Man
Author(s): T. Pepels, M. H. M. Winands, and M. Lanctot
Pages: 245-257

2. An Automatically Generated Evaluation Function in General Game Playing
Author(s): K. Walędzik and J. Mańdziuk
Pages: 258-270

3. A Computational Model of Plan-Based Narrative Conflict at the Fabula Level
Author(s): S. G. Ware, R. M. Young, B. Harrison, and D. L. Roberts
Pages: 271-288

4. Good Machine Performance in Turing’s Imitation Game
Author(s): K. Warwick and H. Shah
Pages: 289-300

5. Preference Learning for Move Prediction and Evaluation Function Approximation in Othello
Author(s): T. P. Runarsson and S. M. Lucas
Pages: 300-313

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