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Neural Networks Volume 60, Pages: 1-246, December 2014

Cognitive Science

1. How active perception and attractor dynamics shape perceptual categorization: A computational model  
Author(s): Nicola Catenacci Volpi, Jean Charles Quinton, Giovanni Pezzulo
Pages: 1-16

2. Connectionist interpretation of the association between cognitive dissonance and attention switching  
Author(s): Takao Matsumoto
Pages: 119-132

3. Neurocomputational approaches to modelling multisensory integration in the brain: A review  
Author(s): Mauro Ursino, Cristiano Cuppini, Elisa Magosso
Pages: 141-165

4. Person-by-person prediction of intuitive economic choice  
Author(s): George Mengov
Pages: 232-245


5. Global exponential almost periodicity of a delayed memristor-based neural networks  
Author(s): Jiejie Chen, Zhigang Zeng, Ping Jiang
Pages: 33-43

6. Global robust asymptotic stability of variable-time impulsive BAM neural networks  
Author(s): Mustafa Şaylı, Enes Yılmaz
Pages: 67-73

7. Noise cancellation of memristive neural networks  
Author(s): Shiping Wen, Zhigang Zeng, Tingwen Huang, Xinghuo Yu
Pages: 74-83

8. Stability and bifurcation analysis of new coupled repressilators in genetic regulatory networks with delays  
Author(s): Guang Ling, Zhi-Hong Guan, Ding-Xin He, Rui-Quan Liao, Xian-He Zhang
Pages: 222-231

Learning Systems

9. Simple randomized algorithms for online learning with kernels  
Author(s): Wenwu He, James T. Kwok
Pages: 17-24

10. New approximation method for smooth error backpropagation in a quantron network  
Author(s): Simon de Montigny
Pages: 84-95

11. Unsupervised learnable neuron model with nonlinear interaction on dendrites  
Pages: 96-103
Author(s): Yuki Todo, Hiroki Tamura, Kazuya Yamashita, Zheng Tang

12. A convolutional recursive modified Self Organizing Map for handwritten digits recognition  
Author(s): Ehsan Mohebi, Adil Bagirov
Pages: 104-118

13. Logarithmic learning for generalized classifier neural network  
Author(s): Buse Melis Ozyildirim, Mutlu Avci
Pages: 133-140

14. Design of hybrid radial basis function neural networks (HRBFNNs) realized with the aid of hybridization of fuzzy clustering method (FCM) and polynomial neural networks (PNNs)  
Author(s): Wei Huang, Sung-Kwun Oh, Witold Pedrycz
Pages: 166-181

15. On extending the complex FastICA algorithms to noisy data  
Author(s): Zongli Ruan, Liping Li, Guobing Qian
Pages: 194-202

16. Online computing of non-stationary distributions velocity fields by an accuracy controlled growing neural gas  
Author(s): Hervé Frezza-Buet
Pages: 203-221

Mathematical and Computational Analysis

17. Impulsive exponential synchronization of randomly coupled neural networks with Markovian jumping and mixed model-dependent time delays  
Author(s): Xin Wang, Chuandong Li, Tingwen Huang, Ling Chen
Pages: 25-32

18. Continuous neural identifier for uncertain nonlinear systems with time delays in the input signal  
Author(s): M. Alfaro-Ponce, A. Argüelles, I. Chairez
Pages: 53-66

Engineering and Applications

19. Dynamic neural network-based robust observers for uncertain nonlinear systems  
Author(s): H.T. Dinh, R. Kamalapurkar, S. Bhasin, W.E. Dixon
Pages: 44-52

20. A computer vision system for rapid search inspired by surface-based attention mechanisms from human perception  
Author(s): Johannes Mohr, Jong-Han Park, Klaus Obermayer
Pages: 182-193

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