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13th International Conference on Neuro-Computing and Evolving Intelligence 2015 (NCEI '15)


13th International Conference on Neuro-Computing and Evolving Intelligence 2015 (NCEI ‘15) Auckland, New Zealand, February 19-20, 2015

Auckland University of Technology
WG Sir Paul Reeves Building, level 1, room 126,
2 Governor Fitzroy Place, Auckland 1010 New Zealand

  • Big and Stream Data Analytics
  • Spiking Neural Network Computation
  • High Performance Neuromorphic System
  • Novel Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)
  • Novel Motion Data Analysis Technology
  • Predictive Personalised Modelling of non-Communicable Diseases
  • Predicting Response to Treatment
  • Personalised Modelling in Bioinformatics
  • Predictive Modelling on Ecological and Environmental Data
  • Big Data in Radio-Astronomy
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing for Dynamic Data Analysis
  • Visualisation of Scientific Data
  • Novel Human-Computer Interfaces
  • Complex System Optimisation
  • Collaborative and Distributed Systems Design
Selected full papers will be published after the conference in special issues of Evolving Systems and Springer Series in Bio-/Neuroinformatics.
Please visit the NCEI’15 website for more details:

Special Events:
  1. NZ INTERACT team discussion
  2. KEDRI alumni event
  3. Maori Cultural Program

Final Abstract Submission: 15 JANUARY, 2015
Acceptance Notification: 2 weeks after the submission

General Chair:
Prof. Nikola Kasabov

Organising Chair:
Joyce D’Mello

Web Maintenance & Tech.Support:
Elisa Capecci

Organising Committee:
  • Nathan Scott (email:
  • Norhanifah Murli
  • Muhaini Othman
  • Paul Davidson,
  • Reggio Hartono
  • Fahad Alvi
  • Vivienne Breen,
  • Maryam Gholami
  • Neelava Sengupta
  • Enmei Tu
  • Jin Hu

Programme Committee:

  • Prof. A. Al-Jumaily
  • A/Prof. D. Bailey
  • Prof. M. Billinghurst
  • Dr. A. Cichocki
  • A/Prof. T. Clear
  • Dr. A. Connor
  • Prof. G. Dobbie
  • Prof. V. Feigin
  • A/Prof. E. Frank
  • Prof. S. Furber
  • Prof. S. Gulyaev
  • Dr. C. Higgins
  • Prof. G. Holmes
  • Prof. Z. Hou
  • Prof. G. Indiveri
  • Prof. R. Jones
  • A/Prof. F. Joseph,
  • Dr. I. Khan
  • Prof. R. Klette
  • Dr.Y.S. Koh
  • Dr. R. Krishnamurthi
  • Prof. R. Kydd, Dr. D. Love
  • Dr. A. Lowe
  • Prof. S. MacDonell
  • Dr. A. Malik
  • Dr. S. Marks
  • Dr. H. Nuzly
  • Prof. S. Ozawa
  • A/Prof. D. Parry
  • A/Prof. R. Pears
  • A/Prof. B. Pfahringer
  • Prof. H. Regenbrecht
  • Prof. A. Robins
  • Dr. T. Robotham,
  • Dr. B. Russell
  • Dr. M. Sagar
  • Prof. Z. Salcic
  • Dr. S. Singamneni
  • A/Prof. D. Taylor
  • A/Prof. C. Walker
  • Dr. G. Wang
  • Dr. K. Wang
  • Dr. M. Watts
  • Dr. S. Weddell
  • A/Prof. S. Worner
  • Dr. W.Q. Yan
  • Prof. J. Yang
  • Prof. M. Zhang.

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