Friday, December 5, 2014

Neural Networks Voume 61, Pages 1-118, January 2015

1. Neural Networks Referees in 2014
Pages: xi-xiii

2. Exciting Time for Neural Networks  
Pages: xv-xvi
Author(s): Kenji Doya, DeLiang Wang


3. Dynamic analysis of periodic solution for high-order discrete-time Cohen–Grossberg neural networks with time delays  
Pages: 68-74
Author(s): Kaiyun Sun, Ancai Zhang, Jianlong Qiu, Xiangyong Chen, Chengdong Yang, Xiao Chen


4. Trends in extreme learning machines: A review
Pages: 32-48
Author(s): Gao Huang, Guang-Bin Huang, Shiji Song, Keyou You

5. Deep learning in neural networks: An overview
Pages: 85-117
Author(s): Jürgen Schmidhuber


6. An efficient sampling algorithm with adaptations for Bayesian variable selection
Pages: 22-31
Author(s): Takamitsu Araki, Kazushi Ikeda, Shotaro Akaho

7. A complex-valued neural dynamical optimization approach and its stability analysis
Pages: 59-67
Author(s): Songchuan Zhang, Youshen Xia, Weixing Zheng

8. Max–min distance nonnegative matrix factorization  
Pages: 75-84
Author(s): Jim Jing-Yan Wang, Xin Gao


9. New synchronization criteria for memristor-based networks: Adaptive control and feedback control schemes
Pages: 1-9
Author(s): Ning Li, Jinde Cao

10. A one-layer recurrent neural network for constrained nonconvex optimization
Pages: 10-21
Author(s): Guocheng Li, Zheng Yan, Jun Wang

11. Passivity analysis for memristor-based recurrent neural networks with discrete and distributed delays
Pages: 49-58
Author(s): Guodong Zhang, Yi Shen, Quan Yin, Junwei Sun

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