Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Neural Networks Volume 66, Pages 1-138, June 2015

1) Event-triggered asynchronous intermittent communication strategy for synchronization in complex dynamical networks
Pages: 1-10
Author(s): Huaqing Li, Xiaofeng Liao, Guo Chen, David J. Hill, Zhaoyang Dong, Tingwen Huang

2) Multilingual part-of-speech tagging with weightless neural networks 
Pages: 11-21
Author(s): Hugo C.C. Carneiro, Felipe M.G. Franca, Priscila M.V. Lima

3) Hierarchical neural networks perform both serial and parallel processing
Pages: 22-35
Author(s): Elena Agliari, Adriano Barra, Andrea Galluzzi, Francesco Guerra, Daniele Tantari, Flavia Tavani

4) Diversifying customer review rankings
Pages: 36-45
Author(s): Ralf Krestel, Nima Dokoohaki

5) Stochastic sampled-data control for synchronization of complex dynamical networks with control packet loss and additive time-varying delays  
Pages: 46-63
Author(s): R. Rakkiyappan, N. Sakthivel, Jinde Cao

6) Multi-frame image super resolution based on sparse coding  
Pages: 64-78
Author(s): Toshiyuki Kato, Hideitsu Hino, Noboru Murata

7) A digital implementation of neuron–astrocyte interaction for neuromorphic applications 
Pages: 79-90
Author(s): Soheila Nazari, Karim Faez, Mahmood Amiri, Ehsan Karami

8) Asynchronous event-based corner detection and matching  
Pages: 91-106
Author(s): Xavier Clady, Sio-Hoi Ieng, Ryad Benosman

9) Phase synchronization of coupled bursting neurons and the generalized Kuramoto model  
Pages: 107-118
Author(s): F.A.S. Ferrari, R.L. Viana, S.R. Lopes, R. Stoop

10) Global exponential periodicity and stability of discrete-time complex-valued recurrent neural networks with time-delays  
Pages: 119-130
Author(s): Jin Hu, Jun Wang

11) A new delay-independent condition for global robust stability of neural networks with time delays
Pages: 131-137
Author(s): Ruya Samli

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