Friday, May 8, 2015

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 23, Issue 2, April 2015


1. A Novel Risk Decision Making Based on Decision-Theoretic Rough Sets Under Hesitant Fuzzy Information
Author(s):  D. Liang and D. Liu
Page(s):  237-247

2. From Interval-Valued Data to General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Author(s):  C.Wagner, S. Miller, J. M. Garibaldi, D. T. Anderson, and T. C. Havens
Page(s):  248-269

3. Weighted Compensative Logic With Adjustable Threshold Andness and Orness
Author(s):  J. Dujmovi´c
Page(s):  270-290

4. Analysis of the Fuzzy Controllability Property and Stabilization for a Class of T–S Fuzzy Models
Author(s):  J. A.Meda-Campa˜na, J. Rodr´ıguez-Valdez, T. Hern´andez-Cort´es, R. Tapia-Herrera, and V. Nosov
Page(s):  291-301

5. Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Control for A Class of Nonlinear Systems With Sampled and Delayed Measurements
Author(s):  T.Wang, Y. Zhang, J. Qiu, and H. Gao
Page(s):  302-312

6. Theta-Fuzzy Associative Memories (Theta-FAMs)
Author(s):  E. Esmi, P. Sussner, H. Bustince, and J. Fern´andez
Page(s):  313-326

7. Simplifying the Search for Effective Ranking of Fuzzy Numbers
Author(s):  A. I. Ban and L. Coroianu
Page(s):  327-339

8. Granular Risk-Based Design Optimization
Author(s):  H. Hu and G. Li
Page(s):  340-353

9. Consensus Building in a Local Context for the AHP-GDMWith the Individual Numerical Scale and Prioritization Method
Author(s):  Y. Dong, Z.-P. Fan, and S. Yu
Page(s):  354-368

10. pClass: An Effective Classifier for Streaming Examples
Author(s):  M. Pratama, S. G. Anavatti, M. J. Er, and E. D. Lughofer
Page(s):  369-386

11. Pareto Optimal Filter Design for Nonlinear Stochastic Fuzzy Systems via Multiobjective H2/H∞ Optimization
Author(s):  B.-S. Chen, H.-C. Lee, and C.-F. Wu
Page(s):  387-399

12. T2FS-Based Adaptive Linguistic Assessment System for Semantic Analysis and Human Performance Evaluation on Game of Go
Author(s):  C.-S. Lee, M.-H. Wang, M.-J. Wu, O. Teytaud, and S.-J. Yen
Page(s):  400-420

13. Reliable State Feedback Control of T–S Fuzzy Systems With Sensor Faults
Author(s):  J. Dong and G.-H. Yang
Page(s):  421-433

14. On the State Minimization of Fuzzy Automata
Author(s):  L. Li and D. Qiu
Page(s):  434-443

15. Divergence Measures for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Author(s):  I.Montes, N. R. Pal, V. Janiˇs, and S. Montes
Page(s):  444-456

16. Interval Type-2 Radial Basis Function Neural Network: A Modeling Framework
Author(s):  A. Rubio-Solis and G. Panoutsos
Page(s):  457-473


17. A Two-Variable Fuzzy Control Design With Application to an Air-Conditioning System
Author(s):  S. Yordanova, D. Merazchiev, and L. Jain
Page(s):  474-481

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