Thursday, May 21, 2015

Neural Networks Volume 67, Pages 1-154, July 2015

1. A spiking neural network based on the basal ganglia functional anatomy 
Pages: 1-13
Author(s): Javier Baladron, Fred H. Hamker

2. Further analysis of global image -stability of complex-valued neural networks with unbounded time-varying delays  
Pages: 14-27
Author(s): G. Velmurugan, R. Rakkiyappan, Jinde Cao

3. Neural network operators: Constructive interpolation of multivariate functions  
Pages: 28-36
Author(s): Danilo Costarelli

4. Modelling the insect Mushroom Bodies: Application to sequence learning  
Pages: 37-53
Author(s): Paolo Arena, Marco Cali, Luca Patane, Agnese Portera, Roland Strauss

5. Biomimetic race model of the loop between the superior colliculus and the basal ganglia: Subcortical selection of saccade targets  
Pages: 54-73
Author(s): Charles Thurat, Steve N’Guyen, Benoit Girard

6. A bio-inspired stimulator to desynchronize epileptic cortical population models: A digital implementation framework  
Pages: 74-83
Author(s): Mohsen Piri, Masoud Amiri, Mahmood Amiri

7. Robust stability of stochastic fuzzy delayed neural networks with impulsive time window  
Pages: 84-91
Author(s): Xin Wang, Junzhi Yu, Chuandong Li, Hui Wang, Tingwen Huang, Junjian Huang

8. Adaptive intermittent control: A computational model explaining motor intermittency observed in human behavior  
Pages: 92-109
Author(s): Yutaka Sakaguchi, Masato Tanaka, Yasuyuki Inoue

9. Construction and evaluation of an integrated dynamical model of visual motion perception 
Pages: 110-120
Author(s): Emilien Tlapale, Barbara Anne Dosher, Zhong-Lin Lu

10. A biological mechanism for Bayesian feature selection: Weight decay and raising the LASSO  
Pages: 121-130
Author(s): Patrick Connor, Paul Hollensen, Olav Krigolson, Thomas Trappenberg

11. Low-dimensional recurrent neural network-based Kalman filter for speech enhancement  
Pages: 131-139
Author(s): Youshen Xia, Jun Wang

12. Incremental learning for image -Support Vector Regression  
Pages: 140-150
Author(s): Bin Gu, Victor S. Sheng, Zhijie Wang, Derek Ho, Said Osman, Shuo Li

13. Corrigendum to "Feedback associative memory based on a new hybrid model of generalized regression and self feedback neural networks" [Neural Netw. 23(7) (2010) 892–904]  
Pages: 151
Author(s): Mahmood Amiri

14. Corrigendum to "Projective synchronization for fractional neural networks"  
Pages: 152-154
Author(s): Juan Yu, Cheng Hu, Haijun Jiang

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