Friday, July 3, 2015

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 26, Issue 7, July 2015

1. Adaptive Output-Feedback Neural Control of Switched Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Average Dwell Time
Author(s): Lijun Long; Jun Zhao
Page(s): 1350 - 1362

2. A Neurodynamic Optimization Method for Recovery of Compressive Sensed Signals With Globally Converged Solution Approximating to  l_{0} Minimization
Author(s): Chengan Guo; Qingshan Yang
Page(s): 1363 - 1374

3. Nonlinear Topological Component Analysis: Application to Age-Invariant Face Recognition
Author(s): Djamel Bouchaffra
Page(s): 1375 - 1387

4. FREL: A Stable Feature Selection Algorithm
Author(s): Yun Li; Jennie Si; Guojing Zhou; Shasha Huang; Songcan Chen
Page(s): 1388 - 1402

5. Incremental Support Vector Learning for Ordinal Regression
Author(s): Bin Gu; Victor S. Sheng; Keng Yeow Tay; Walter Romano; Shuo Li
Page(s): 1403 - 1416

6. On Equivalence of FIS and ELM for Interpretable Rule-Based Knowledge Representation
Author(s): Shen Yuong Wong; Keem Siah Yap; Hwa Jen Yap; Shing Chiang Tan; Siow Wee Chang
Page(s): 1417 - 1430

7. Exponential Stabilization of Memristor-based Chaotic Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays via Intermittent Control
Author(s): Guodong Zhang; Yi Shen
Page(s): 1431 - 1441

8. An Interval Type-2 Neural Fuzzy System for Online System Identification and Feature Elimination
Author(s): Chin-Teng Lin; Nikhil R. Pal; Shang-Lin Wu; Yu-Ting Liu; Yang-Yin Lin
Page(s): 1442 - 1455

9. Finite-Horizon Approximate Optimal Guaranteed Cost Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Application to Mars Entry Guidance
Author(s): Huai-Ning Wu; Mao-Mao Li; Lei Guo
Page(s): 1456 - 1467

10. Multitask Classification Hypothesis Space With Improved Generalization Bounds
Author(s): Cong Li; Michael Georgiopoulos; Georgios C. Anagnostopoulos
Page(s): 1468 - 1479

11. Stability Analysis of Distributed Delay Neural Networks Based on Relaxed Lyapunov–Krasovskii Functionals
Author(s): Baoyong Zhang; James Lam; Shengyuan Xu
Page(s): 1480 - 1492

12. Lag Synchronization of Switched Neural Networks via Neural Activation Function and Applications in Image Encryption
Author(s): Shiping Wen; Zhigang Zeng; Tingwen Huang; Qinggang Meng; Wei Yao
Page(s): 1493 - 1502

13. Dynamic Uncertain Causality Graph for Knowledge Representation and Probabilistic Reasoning: Directed Cyclic Graph and Joint Probability Distribution
Author(s): Qin Zhang
Page(s): 1503 - 1517

14. The Connection Between Bayesian Estimation of a Gaussian Random Field and RKHS
Author(s): Aleksandr Y. Aravkin; Bradley M. Bell; James V. Burke; Gianluigi Pillonetto
Page(s): 1518 - 1524

15. Discrete-Time Zhang Neural Network for Online Time-Varying Nonlinear Optimization With Application to Manipulator Motion Generation
Author(s): Long Jin; Yunong Zhang
Page(s): 1525 - 1531

16. Adaptive NN Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems With Asymmetric Saturation Actuators
Author(s): Jianjun Ma; Shuzhi Sam Ge; Zhiqiang Zheng; Dewen Hu
Page(s): 1532 - 1538

17. Phase Oscillatory Network and Visual Pattern Recognition
Author(s): Rosangela Follmann; Elbert E. N. Macau; Epaminondas Rosa, Jr.; Jose R. C. Piqueira
Page(s): 1539 - 1544

18. Optoelectronic Systems Trained With Backpropagation Through Time
Author(s): Michiel Hermans; Joni Dambre; Peter Bienstman
Page(s): 1545 - 1550

19. Ordinal Distance Metric Learning for Image Ranking
Author(s): Changsheng Li; Qingshan Liu; Jing Liu; Hanqing Lu
Page(s): 1551 - 1559

20. Neural Feedback Passivity of Unknown Nonlinear Systems via Sliding Mode Technique
Author(s): Wen Yu
Page(s): 1560 - 1566

21. A Spiking Neural Simulator Integrating Event-Driven and Time-Driven Computation Schemes Using Parallel CPU-GPU Co-Processing: A Case Study
Author(s): Francisco Naveros; Niceto R. Luque; Jesus A. Garrido; Richard R. Carrillo; Mancia Anguita; Eduardo Ros
Page(s): 1567 - 1574

22. A Deterministic Analysis of an Online Convex Mixture of Experts Algorithm
Author(s): Huseyin Ozkan; Mehmet A. Donmez; Sait Tunc; Suleyman S. Kozat
Page(s): 1575 - 1580

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