Friday, September 11, 2015

IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, Volume 7, Number 3, September 2015

1. The Age of Analytics
Author(s): Bauckhage, C.; Drachen, A.; Thurau, C.
Page(s): 205 - 206

2. An Analytic and Psychometric Evaluation of Dynamic Game Adaption for Increasing Session-Level Retention in Casual Games
Author(s): Harrison, B.; Roberts, D.L.
Page(s): 207 - 219

3. Detecting Predatory Behavior in Game Chats
Author(s): Cheong, Y.-G.; Jensen, A.K.; Gudnadottir, E.R.; Bae, B.-C.; Togelius, J.
Page(s): 220 - 232

4. Player Preference and Style in a Leading Mobile Card Game
Author(s): Cowling, P.I.; Devlin, S.; Powley, E.J.; Whitehouse, D.; Rollason, J.
Page(s): 233 - 242

5. Thinking Style and Team Competition Game Performance and Enjoyment
Author(s): Wang, H.; Yang, H.-T.; Sun, C.-T.
Page(s): 243 - 254

6. Churn Prediction in Online Games Using Players’ Login Records: A Frequency Analysis Approach
Author(s): Castro, E.G.; Tsuzuki, M.S.G.
Page(s): 255 - 265

7. Clustering Game Behavior Data
Author(s): Bauckhage, C.; Drachen, A.; Sifa, R.
Page(s): 266 - 278

8. Postprocessing Gameplay Metrics for Gameplay Performance Segmentation Based on Audiovisual Analysis
Author(s): Marczak, R.; Schott, G.; Hanna, P.
Page(s): 279 - 291

9. Past Our Prime: A Study of Age and Play Style Development in Battlefield 3
Author(s): Tekofsky, S.; Spronck, P.; Goudbeek, M.; Plaat, A.; van den Herik, J.
Page(s): 292 - 303

10. On Learning From Game Annotations
Author(s): Wirth, C.; Furnkranz, J.
Page(s): 304 - 316

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