Friday, December 11, 2015

Neural Networks Volume 72 , Pages: 1-168, December 2015

Neurobiologically Inspired Robotics: Enhanced Autonomy through Neuromorphic Cognition
Edited by Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Jörg Conradt and Minoru Asada

1. Neurobiologically Inspired Robotics: Enhanced Autonomy through Neuromorphic Cognition  
Pages: 1-2
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Jörg Conradt, Minoru Asada

2. Choice reaching with a LEGO arm robot (CoRLEGO): The motor system guides visual attention to movement-relevant information  
Pages: 3-12
Author(s): Soeren Strauss, Philip J.W. Woodgate, Saber A. Sami, Dietmar Heinke

3. Modeling human target reaching with an adaptive observer implemented with dynamic neural fields  
Pages: 13-30
Author(s): Farzaneh S. Fard, Paul Hollensen, Dietmar Heinke, Thomas P. Trappenberg

4. Generalisation, decision making, and embodiment effects in mental rotation: A neurorobotic architecture tested with a humanoid robot  
Pages: 31-47
Author(s): Kristsana Seepanomwan, Daniele Caligiore, Angelo Cangelosi, Gianluca Baldassarre

5. Bio-inspired homogeneous multi-scale place recognition  
Pages: 48-61
Zetao Chen, Stephanie Lowry, Adam Jacobson, Michael E. Hasselmo, Michael Milford

6. Goal-oriented robot navigation learning using a multi-scale space representation  
Pages: 62-74
Author(s): M. Llofriu, G. Tejera, M. Contreras, T. Pelc, J.M. Fellous, A. Weitzenfeld

7. A GPU-accelerated cortical neural network model for visually guided robot navigation  
Pages: 75-87
Author(s): Michael Beyeler, Nicolas Oros, Nikil Dutt, Jeffrey L. Krichmar

8. An embodied biologically constrained model of foraging: from classical and operant conditioning to adaptive real-world behavior in DAC-X  
Pages: 88-108
Author(s): Giovanni Maffei, Diogo Santos-Pata, Encarni Marcos, Marti Sánchez-Fibla, Paul F.M.J. Verschure

9. Development of compositional and contextual communicable congruence in robots by using dynamic neural network models  
Pages: 109-122
Author(s): Gibeom Park, Jun Tani

10. Off-line simulation inspires insight: A neurodynamics approach to efficient robot task learning  
Pages: 123-139
Author(s): Emanuel Sousa, Wolfram Erlhagen, Flora Ferreira, Estela Bicho

11. Multimodal emotional state recognition using sequence-dependent deep hierarchical features  
Pages: 140-151
Author(s): Pablo Barros, Doreen Jirak, Cornelius Weber, Stefan Wermter

12. Neuromorphic implementations of neurobiological learning algorithms for spiking neural networks  
Pages: 152-167
Author(s): Florian Walter, Florian Röhrbein, Alois Knoll

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