Friday, January 15, 2016

Weekly Review 15 January 2016

Been away on my summer vacation the last few weeks, so not been able to blog much. Some interesting links that I Tweeted about since the last review a month ago:

  1. Using machine learning in an NFL confidence pool
  2. How eBay enterprise uses machine learning to detect fraudsters
  3. Free data mining software: - R and Weka are there of course, hadn't heard of Orange before.
  4. List of some real-world machine learning data sets: The academic ones are all really well known (that is, old)
  5. The Internet of Things is become really important in computational intelligence - so much data to model!
  6. 15 words you shouldn't use if you want to sound smarter-I'd be happy if people stopped confusing "infer" and "imply"
  7. Big Data in agriculture - CI has a big role to play in agro/ecol data processing as well:
  8. Getting your paper noticed: … One of the five points is using social media:!Create-a-social-media-strategy-for-your-research-that-delivers-real-impact/hmlp3/564df9090cf20af044b924ca 
  9. Bias is a potential problem in all data sets, not just Big Data: 
  10. Applying ANN to proteomics: Something I was looking at about 15 years ago...
  11. 5 papers on Deep Learning explained: 
  12. Yahoo releases a 1.5 TB data set:
  13. The differences between machine learning, machine intelligence, deep learning and AI:
  14. Finding whales in ocean photographs, a step-by-step tutorial:
  15. Deep learning projects on GitHub:
  16. Having kids is a disadvantage in a research career: - I'd rather have my daughter than a high-powered career
  17. AI is set to wipe out a lot of casual and low-skilled jobs:
  18. Machine Intelligence in the Real World-how companies go to market:
  19. Uploading a paper to  gives more citations over time: Can't cite a paper that can't be found

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