Tuesday, February 2, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 27, Issue 2, February 2016

1. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Neurodynamic Systems for Optimization and Applications
Author(s): Zhigang Zeng; Andrzej Cichocki; Long Cheng; Youshen Xia; Xiaolin Hu
Page(s): 210 - 213

2. A Bi-Projection Neural Network for Solving Constrained Quadratic Optimization Problems
Author(s): Youshen Xia; Jun Wang
Page(s): 214 - 224

3. Taylor O(h^{3}) Discretization of ZNN Models for Dynamic Equality-Constrained Quadratic Programming With Application to Manipulators
Author(s): Bolin Liao; Yunong Zhang; Long Jin
Page(s): 225 - 237

4. A Neurodynamic Approach for Real-Time Scheduling via Maximizing Piecewise Linear Utility
Author(s): Zhishan Guo; Sanjoy K. Baruah
Page(s): 238 - 248

5. Optimization in Quaternion Dynamic Systems: Gradient, Hessian, and Learning Algorithms
Author(s): Dongpo Xu; Yili Xia; Danilo P. Mandic
Page(s): 249 - 261

6. A New Continuous-Time Equality-Constrained Optimization to Avoid Singularity
Author(s): Quan Quan; Kai-Yuan Cai
Page(s): 262 - 272

7. L_{1} -Norm Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition by Neural Networks and Mollifiers
Author(s): Yiguang Liu; Songfan Yang; Pengfei Wu; Chunguang Li; Menglong Yang
Page(s): 273 - 283

8. Zeroth-Order Method for Distributed Optimization With Approximate Projections
Author(s): Deming Yuan; Daniel W. C. Ho; Shengyuan Xu
Page(s): 284 - 294

9. Nonsmooth Neural Network for Convex Time-Dependent Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Author(s): Mauro Di Marco; Mauro Forti; Paolo Nistri; Luca Pancioni
Page(s): 295 - 307

10. A Generalized Hopfield Network for Nonsmooth Constrained Convex Optimization: Lie Derivative Approach
Author(s): Chaojie Li; Xinghuo Yu; Tingwen Huang; Guo Chen; Xing He
Page(s): 308 - 321

11. Optimal Formation of Multirobot Systems Based on a Recurrent Neural Network
Author(s): Yunpeng Wang; Long Cheng; Zeng-Guang Hou; Junzhi Yu; Min Tan
Page(s): 322 - 333

12. The Kernel Adaptive Autoregressive-Moving-Average Algorithm
Author(s): Kan Li; José C. Príncipe
Page(s): 334 - 346

13. Brain Dynamics in Predicting Driving Fatigue Using a Recurrent Self-Evolving Fuzzy Neural Network
Author(s): Yu-Ting Liu; Yang-Yin Lin; Shang-Lin Wu; Chun-Hsiang Chuang; Chin-Teng Lin
Page(s): 347 - 360

14. Bayesian Recurrent Neural Network for Language Modeling
Author(s): Jen-Tzung Chien; Yuan-Chu Ku
Page(s): 361 - 374

15. Twin Neurons for Efficient Real-World Data Distribution in Networks of Neural Cliques: Applications in Power Management in Electronic Circuits
Author(s): Bartosz Boguslawski; Vincent Gripon; Fabrice Seguin; Frédéric Heitzmann
Page(s): 375 - 387

16. Recurrent-Neural-Network-Based Multivariable Adaptive Control for a Class of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Chih-Lyang Hwang; Chau Jan
Page(s): 388 - 401

17. Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on a Self-Organizing Recurrent Neural Network
Author(s): Hong-Gui Han; Lu Zhang; Ying Hou; Jun-Fei Qiao
Page(s): 402 - 415

18. A Combined Adaptive Neural Network and Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Multirate Networked Industrial Process Control
Author(s): Tong Wang; Huijun Gao; Jianbin Qiu
Page(s): 416 - 425

19. Optimal Communication Network-Based H_\infty Quantized Control With Packet Dropouts for a Class of Discrete-Time Neural Networks With Distributed Time Delay
Author(s): Qing-Long Han; Yurong Liu; Fuwen Yang
Page(s): 426 - 434

20. QoS Differential Scheduling in Cognitive-Radio-Based Smart Grid Networks: An Adaptive Dynamic Programming Approach
Author(s): Rong Yu; Weifeng Zhong; Shengli Xie; Yan Zhang; Yun Zhang
Page(s): 435 - 443

21. Data-Driven Zero-Sum Neuro-Optimal Control for a Class of Continuous-Time Unknown Nonlinear Systems With Disturbance Using ADP
Author(s): Qinglai Wei; Ruizhuo Song; Pengfei Yan
Page(s): 444 - 458

22. Synchronization and State Estimation of a Class of Hierarchical Hybrid Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Lixian Zhang; Yanzheng Zhu; Wei Xing Zheng
Page(s): 459 - 470

23. A Switching Approach to Designing Finite-Time Synchronization Controllers of Coupled Neural Networks
Author(s): Xiaoyang Liu; Housheng Su; Michael Z. Q. Chen
Page(s): 471 - 482

24. Stability of Analytic Neural Networks With Event-Triggered Synaptic Feedbacks
Author(s): Ren Zheng; Xinlei Yi; Wenlian Lu; Tianping Chen
Page(s): 483 - 494

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