Sunday, March 6, 2016

Neural Networks, Volume 76 , Pages 1-152, April 2016

1. Pinning cluster synchronization in an array of coupled neural networks under event-based mechanism  
Author(s): Lulu Li, Daniel W.C. Ho, Jinde Cao, Jianquan Lu
Pages: 1-12

2. Effects of self-coupling and asymmetric output on metastable dynamical transient firing patterns in arrays of neurons with bidirectional inhibitory coupling  
Author(s): Yo Horikawa
Pages: 13-28

3. A Fast Reduced Kernel Extreme Learning Machine  
Author(s): Wan-Yu Deng, Yew-Soon Ong, Qing-Hua Zheng
Pages: 29-38

4. A local Echo State Property through the largest Lyapunov exponent  
Author(s): Gilles Wainrib, Mathieu N. Galtier
Pages: 39-45

5. Finite-time robust stabilization of uncertain delayed neural networks with discontinuous activations via delayed feedback control  
Author(s): Leimin Wang, Yi Shen, Yin Sheng
Pages: 46-54

6. Quantum perceptron over a field and neural network architecture selection in a quantum computer  
Author(s): Adenilton José da Silva, Teresa Bernarda Ludermir, Wilson Rosa de Oliveira
Pages: 55-64

7. Learning contextualized semantics from co-occurring terms via a Siamese architecture  
Author(s) Ubai Sandouk, Ke Chen
Pages 65-96

8. Projective synchronization of nonidentical fractional-order neural networks based on sliding mode controller  
Author(s): Zhixia Ding, Yi Shen
Pages: 97-105

9. An ensemble of dynamic neural network identifiers for fault detection and isolation of gas turbine engines  
Author(s): M. Amozegar, K. Khorasani
Pages: 106-121

10. Hybrid feedback feedforward: An efficient design of adaptive neural network control  
Author(s): Yongping Pan, Yiqi Liu, Bin Xu, Haoyong Yu
Pages: 122-134

11. Multi-source adaptation joint kernel sparse representation for visual classification  
Pages 135-151
Author(s) JianWen Tao, Wenjun Hu, Shiting Wen

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