Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekly Review 13 May 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. DeepMind claims is has good privacy protection so should be trusted with data on millions of patient records:
  2. I suspect my daughter's generation will be the last to pay their way through university by flipping burgers:
  3. I liked to implement algorithms myself when I was a post-grad: Don't have time to do that kind of thing now.
  4. Facebook is building an AI that builds AIs:
  5. Is "genetics-inspired multi-AI approach" a fancy name for an evolutionary algorithm?
  6. Predicting the winners of horse races with swarm intelligence:
  7. Machine learning for personal stylists:
  8. Machine learning in marketing:
  9. Why AI is going to disappear, become invisible:
  10. An AI for a teaching assistant:
  11. Preparing a business to include AI:
  12. Why we may need an ethics framework for AI:
  13. Using machine learning to suggest citations for your research writing:
  14. Categorising the importance of messages using machine learning:
  15. How open source projects are moving machine learning forwards:
  16. Ambient intelligence - AI everywhere:
  17. Proof-reading. It's really, really important. Of all the words they could mis-spell...
  18. Open Network Insight uses machine learning for network security:
  19. Deep learning in Python with the Keras library:
  20. Interpreting radiological images with machine learning: IIRC David Fogel did this kind of thing around 1993.
  21. Some pros and cons of chatbots:
  22. Facebook's FBLearner Flow machine learning platform:
  23. Using logistic regression and maximum entropy in Python:
  24. A machine learning based stock trading app:
  25. How to install and run TensorFlow on a Windows machine:
  26. The coming disruption from intelligent bots:
  27. How to become a good machine learning engineer:
  28. A bit of context for AI: What humans need to learn about machine learning:
  29. It's not coding, it's understanding the problem and designing a solution that's important:
  30. Three skills every developer needs, according to Joel Spolsky:
  31. Deep learning is definitely going to kill off jobs:
  32. IBM's Watson is being applied to cyber-security:
  33. Data mining can produce racist results, if the data being mined is influenced by racist policies:
  34. How AI is helping lawyers:
  35. Future trends in machine learning:
  36. Amazon has open-sourced it's deep learning software: Said to be 2x speed of TensorFlow:
  37. Is the pressure to publish more papers, driving down the quality of those papers?
  38. How long before we see deep learning on a quantum computer? Training ANN is a multi-parameter optimisation problem
  39. On the creativity of deep learning neural networks:
  40. Why machine learning and python go together so well:
  41. The current state of neuromorphic chips:
  42. Overview of Markov chains:
  43. Neural networks in JavaScript:
  44. Why AI is the most important technology of today:
  45. The uses of AI in the enterprise:
  46. Google has open-sourced their natural-language processing toolbox: Best. Name. Ever!
  47. Apple and Google competing in the mobile machine learning area:


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