Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Review 20 May 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. Three skills data scientists need:
  2. A pathway to malevolent AI:
  3. What to do if ANN error increases:
  4. Deep learning ANN in self-driving cars:
  5. Reproducing van Gogh's painting style with deep learning neural networks:
  6. Machine learning system that gives the conditions for growing new types of crystals:
  7. Do computers in classrooms lower exam performance?
  8. Speeding-up neural networks by doing fewer multiplications:
  9. On de-coupling peer review from specific journals:
  10. More about machine learning in materials science:
  11. Perhaps open review would reduce the tendency that anonymous reviewers have to be dicks:
  12. How long before these AI are writing student essays-for-hire?
  13. First materials science, now an AI does physics:
  14. This article seems to be confusing Elm the programming language with ELM as in Extreme Learning Machines:
  15. An introduction to natural language processing, with some useful links to information and libraries:
  16. Badder than a bad thing that's very, very bad:
  17. I've certainly encountered my share of narcissists in academia:
  18. The case for randomly accepting borderline papers:
  19. How and why machine learning isn't enough in financial fraud detection:
  20. Semi-supervised reinforcement learning:
  21. Some resources on deep learning:
  22. How can we control an AI if nobody understands it?
  23. Twitter has developed an AI that can recognise what is happening in videos:
  24. Seems like GoButler is offering a natural-language processing service for hire:
  25. Intelligent chatbots for banking customer service:
  26. Will machine learning bring about the end of coding?
  27. Google has created its own ASIC chips to implement deep neural networks:
  28. Claims that Google's deep neural network chip could advance Moore's law by 7 years:
  29. 12 ways AI could disrupt the senior executives of a corporation:
  30. An overview of word2vec, encoding words to vectors:
  31. List of lists of resources on machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing:
  32. A neural-network based approach for finding a photo that most matches a sketch:
  33. Yahoo's meme-GIF making AI:
  34. Some niche machine learning software projects:
  35. Google's Awareness API:
  36. Description of 3 clustering algorithms, k-means, EM clustering and Affinity Propagation:
  37. Some supposed progress towards artificial general intelligence:

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