Saturday, June 4, 2016

Weekly Review 3 June 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. Tips for building a successful AI platform, from Facebook's director of machine learning:
  2. Hooray! From 2020, all EU-funded research must be published as open-access. Will more governments follow?
  3. Point-and-click bot-building:
  4. Most Americans don't trust AI: I suspect that would apply to people in most countries.
  5. An early prototype system using machine learning to detect potholes for visually-impaired people:
  6. Basically, everyone is pirating papers - open access is the way ahead
  7. Personally, I think AI is a long way from the real thing:
  8. Communicating technical ideas to non-technical people - I've found the same principles apply in teaching
  9. Designing for an AI-enhanced experience:
  10. How IBM's Watson can contribute to education:
  11. When an AI can explain to a fresher how an AI works, I will be worried about my job:
  12. 57% of jobs are at risk of being replaced by AI and robots:
  13. Machines are going to take all of our jobs:
  14. Recurrent neural networks in TensorFlow:
  15. Natural language processing for a movie recommendation system:
  16. How machine learning is transforming parts of every day life:
  17. Why we should care about how people interact with machine learning systems:
  18. Why everyone needs to understand machine learning:
  19. The argument that AI will augment, rather than replace, people in the workplace:
  20. How Facebook is using AI to flag offensive images:
  21. Who is going to win the race to monetise AI?
  22. List of resources for machine learning and data science in R and Python:
  23. DARPA is seeking a mathematical framework on the limitations of machine learning:
  24. Using a social media bot:
  25. How SAP is using machine learning to help transition its customers to the cloud:
  26. It's far to early to start regulating AI:
  27. First example of music produced by Google's AI:
  28. An article on DeepText, Facebook's text-processing natural language system:
  29. Some more details on Facebook's DeepText:
  30. Artificially intelligent headphones. Seriously.
  31. Which AI company is Elon Musk most scared of?
  32. How Bill Gates sees AI as the "holy grail":
  33. On the democratisation of machine learning:
  34. An overview of logistic regression:
  35. More about Project Magenta, Google artistic AI:
  36. A howto on building a deep learning box:
  37. CISCO is planning on using IBM's Watson AI to analyse data from the IoT:
  38. Google's AI is the best, according to CEO Sundar Pichai:
  39. The "barbell effect" of machine learning - how the benefits of AI will be driven to extreme ends:

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