Monday, October 3, 2016

Neural Networks Volume 83, Pages 1-120, November 2016

1. Simbrain 3.0: A flexible, visually-oriented neural network simulator  
Author(s): Zachary Tosi, Jeffrey Yoshimi
Pages: 1-10

2. Relating observability and compressed sensing of time-varying signals in recurrent linear networks  
Author(s): Mohammad Mehdi Kafashan, Anirban Nandi, ShiNung Ching
Pages: 11-20

3. Rank-based pooling for deep convolutional neural networks  
Author(s): Zenglin Shi, Yangdong Ye, Yunpeng Wu
Pages: 21-31

4. Stability analysis for uncertain switched neural networks with time-varying delay  
Author(s): Wenwen Shen, Zhigang Zeng, Leimin Wang
Pages: 32-41

5. Massively parallel WRNN reconstructors for spectrum recovery in astronomical photometrical surveys  
Author(s): Christian Napoli, Emiliano Tramontana
Pages: 42-50

6. A theory of local learning, the learning channel, and the optimality of backpropagation  
Author(s): Pierre Baldi, Peter Sadowski
Pages: 51-74

7. Approximate Bayesian MLP regularization for regression in the presence of noise  
Author(s): Jung-Guk Park, Sungho Jo
Pages: 75-85

8. Synchronization of Markovian jumping inertial neural networks and its applications in image encryption  
Author(s): M. Prakash, P. Balasubramaniam, S. Lakshmanan
Pages: 86-93

9. Implementation of Imitation Learning using Natural Learner Central Pattern Generator Neural Networks  
Author(s): Hamed Shahbazi, Reyhaneh Parandeh, Kamal Jamshidi
Pages: 94-108

10. Computational analysis of memory capacity in echo state networks  
Author(s): Igor Farkaš, Radomír Bosák, Peter Gergeľ
Pages: 109-120

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