Monday, November 14, 2016

Evolving Systems, Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2016

1. A speed FPGA hardware accelerator based FSBMA-VBSME used in H.264/AVC
Author(s): Amira Yahi, Salah Toumi, El-bay Bourennane & Kamel Messaoudi
Pages: 233-241

2. On cluster validity indices with its application to interleaved radar pulse separation through fuzzy-based representation
Author(s): A. H. Mazinan
Pages: 243-254

3. On fuzzy feature selection in designing fuzzy classifiers for high-dimensional data
Author(s): Eghbal G. Mansoori & Khadijeh S. Shafiee
Pages: 255-265

4. Adaptive PID controller design for wing rock suppression using self-recurrent wavelet neural network identifier
Author(s): Milad Malekzadeh, Jalil Sadati & Mojtaba Alizadeh
Pages: 267-275

5. Adaptive cow movement detection using evolving spiking neural network models
Author(s): Tao Gao & Nikola Kasabov
Pages: 277-285

6. An inventory model for controllable probabilistic deterioration rate under shortages
Author(s): Umakanta Mishra
Pages: 287-307

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