Wednesday, November 2, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 27, Issue 11, November 2016

1. Decomposition Techniques for Multilayer Perceptron Training
Author: Luigi Grippo; Andrea Manno; Marco Sciandrone
Page(s): 2146 - 2159

2. Learning Robust and Discriminative Subspace With Low-Rank Constraints
Authors: Sheng Li; Yun Fu
Page(s): 2160 - 2173

3. Decentralized Dimensionality Reduction for Distributed Tensor Data Across Sensor Networks
Authors: Junli Liang; Guoyang Yu; Badong Chen; Minghua Zhao
Page(s): 2174 - 2186

4. Learning Transferred Weights From Co-Occurrence Data for Heterogeneous Transfer Learning
Authors: Liu Yang; Liping Jing; Jian Yu; Michael K. Ng
Page(s): 2187 - 2200

5. Multiple Representations-Based Face Sketch–Photo Synthesis
Authors: Chunlei Peng; Xinbo Gao; Nannan Wang; Dacheng Tao; Xuelong Li; Jie Li
Page(s): 2201 - 2215

6. RBoost: Label Noise-Robust Boosting Algorithm Based on a Nonconvex Loss Function and the Numerically Stable Base Learners
Authors: Qiguang Miao; Ying Cao; Ge Xia; Maoguo Gong; Jiachen Liu; Jianfeng Song
Page(s): 2216 - 2228

7. Estimating Sensorimotor Mapping From Stimuli to Behaviors to Infer C. elegans Movements by Neural Transmission Ability Through Connectome Databases
Authors: Cheng-Wei Li; Chung-Chuan Lo; Bor-Sen Chen
Page(s): 2229 - 2241

8. A Comparison of Algorithms for Learning Hidden Variables in Bayesian Factor Graphs in Reduced Normal Form
Authors: Francesco A. N. Palmieri
Page(s): 2242 - 2255

9. Sparse Bayesian Classification of EEG for Brain–Computer Interface
Authors: Yu Zhang; Guoxu Zhou; Jing Jin; Qibin Zhao; Xingyu Wang; Andrzej Cichocki
Page(s): 2256 - 2267

10. Robust Kernel Low-Rank Representation
Authors: Shijie Xiao; Mingkui Tan; Dong Xu; Zhao Yang Dong
Page(s): 2268 - 2281

11. Improving on Deterministic Approximate Bayesian Inferences for Mixture Distributions
Authors: Yohei Nakada
Page(s): 2282 - 2300

12. Optimizing Single-Trial EEG Classification by Stationary Matrix Logistic Regression in Brain–Computer Interface
Authors: Hong Zeng; Aiguo Song
Page(s): 2301 - 2313

13. Online Learning ARMA Controllers With Guaranteed Closed-Loop Stability
Authors: Savaş Şahin; Cüneyt Güzeliş
Page(s): 2314 - 2326

14. Feature Extraction Using Memristor Networks
Authors: Patrick M. Sheridan; Chao Du; Wei D. Lu
Page(s): 2327 - 2336

15. Exponential Stability and Stabilization of Delayed Memristive Neural Networks Based on Quadratic Convex Combination Method
Authors: Zhanshan Wang; Sanbo Ding; Zhanjun Huang; Huaguang Zhang
Page(s): 2337 - 2350

16. Detecting Wash Trade in Financial Market Using Digraphs and Dynamic Programming
Authors: Yi Cao; Yuhua Li; Sonya Coleman; Ammar Belatreche; Thomas Martin McGinnity
Page(s): 2351 - 2363

17. Multi-AUV Target Search Based on Bioinspired Neurodynamics Model in 3-D Underwater Environments
Authors: Xiang Cao; Daqi Zhu; Simon X. Yang
Page(s): 2364 - 2374

18. A Consistent Model for Lazzaro Winner-Take-All Circuit With Invariant Subthreshold Behavior
Authors: Ruxandra L. Costea; Corneliu A. Marinov
Page(s): 2375 - 2385

19. Asymptotically Stable Adaptive–Optimal Control Algorithm With Saturating Actuators and Relaxed Persistence of Excitation
Authors: Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis; Marcio Fantini Miranda; João P. Hespanha
Page(s): 2386 - 2398

20. Identification of Nonlinear Spatiotemporal Dynamical Systems With Nonuniform Observations Using Reproducing-Kernel-Based Integral Least Square Regulation
Authors: Hanwen Ning; Guangyan Qing; Xingjian Jing
Page(s): 2399 - 2412

21. Echo State Networks With Orthogonal Pigeon-Inspired Optimization for Image Restoration
Authors: Haibin Duan; Xiaohua Wang
Page(s): 2413 - 2425

22. Group Component Analysis for Multiblock Data: Common and Individual Feature Extraction
Authors: Guoxu Zhou; Andrzej Cichocki; Yu Zhang; Danilo P. Mandic
Page(s): 2426 - 2439

23. Synchronization Control of Neural Networks With State-Dependent Coefficient Matrices
Authors: Junfeng Zhang; Xudong Zhao; Jun Huang
Page(s): 2440 - 2447

24. Efficient χ2 Kernel Linearization via Random Feature Maps
Authors: Xiao-Tong Yuan; Zhenzhen Wang; Jiankang Deng; Qingshan Liu
Page(s): 2448 - 2453

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