Monday, November 28, 2016

Weekly Review 28 November 2016

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about in the last week.

  1. Not to be too glib, but this is what being a post-doc is like:
  2. Pictorial description of backpropagation ANN training: 
  3. Implementing Human ActivityRecognition in TensorFlow:
  4. Combining text analytics and machine learning: 
  5. Top 20 open source Python machine learning projects: 
  6. Questions to ask when moving machine learning systems into production: 
  7. Choosing a programming language for machine learning applications: 
  8. Baidu is releasing Chinese-language speech recognition APIs: 
  9. Google's deep-learning based translation system seems to have learned its own internal language model: 
  10. Tech leaders need to be aware of biased models: 
  11. A deep-learning based system learned to lipread by watching television, performs better than a human: 
  12. AI is making inroads into the music industry: 
  13. An introduction (with Python code) to linear regression: 
  14. How Google uses cloud-based machine learning to help companies fill job vacancies: 
  15. Why neural networks won't take over from human translators:

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