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Neural Networks, Volume 85, Pages 1-196, January 2017

1. Pinning-controlled synchronization of delayed neural networks with distributed-delay coupling via impulsive control   
Author(s): Wangli He, Feng Qian, Jinde Cao
Pages: 1-9

2. Recovering low-rank and sparse matrix based on the truncated nuclear norm   
Author(s): Feilong Cao, Jiaying Chen, Hailiang Ye, Jianwei Zhao, Zhenghua Zhou
Pages: 10-20

3. Complete stability of delayed recurrent neural networks with Gaussian activation functions   
Author(s): Peng Liu, Zhigang Zeng, Jun Wang
Pages: 21-32

4. An online incremental orthogonal component analysis method for dimensionality reduction   
Author(s): Tao Zhu, Ye Xu, Furao Shen, Jinxi Zhao
Pages: 33-50

5. Evaluation of extreme learning machine for classification of individual and combined finger movements using electromyography on amputees and non-amputees   
Author(s): Khairul Anam, Adel Al-Jumaily
Pages: 51-68

6. Attribute-based Decision Graphs: A framework for multiclass data classification   
Author(s): João Roberto Bertini, Maria do Carmo Nicoletti, Liang Zhao
Pages: 69-84

7. A modular architecture for transparent computation in recurrent neural networks   
Author(s): Giovanni S. Carmantini, Peter beim Graben, Mathieu Desroches, Serafim Rodrigues
Pages: 85-105

8. Echo State Networks for data-driven downhole pressure estimation in gas-lift oil wells   
Author(s): Eric A. Antonelo, Eduardo Camponogara, Bjarne Foss
Pages: 106-117

9. Mittag-Leffler stability of fractional-order neural networks in the presence of generalized piecewise constant arguments   
Author(s): Ailong Wu, Ling Liu, Tingwen Huang, Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 118-127

10. Finite-time synchronization of uncertain coupled switched neural networks under asynchronous switching   
Author(s): Yuanyuan Wu, Jinde Cao, Qingbo Li, Ahmed Alsaedi, Fuad E. Alsaadi
Pages: 128-139

11. Stabilization of metastable dynamical rotating waves in a ring of unidirectionally coupled sigmoidal neurons due to shortcuts   
Author(s): Yo Horikawa
Pages: 140-156

12. Synchronization of discrete-time neural networks with delays and Markov jump topologies based on tracker information   
Author(s): Xinsong Yang, Zhiguo Feng, Jianwen Feng, Jinde Cao
Pages: 157-164

13. A limit-cycle self-organizing map architecture for stable arm control   
Author(s): Di-Wei Huang, Rodolphe J. Gentili, Garrett E. Katz, James A. Reggia
Pages: 165-181

14. Developmental metaplasticity in neural circuit codes of firing and structure   
Author(s): Yoram Baram
Pages: 182-196

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