Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Weekly Review 14 December 2016

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about in the last week.

  1. How AI, and the economy, are evolving together:
  2. OpenAI's Universe, a universal training ground for AI: 
  3. A basic over-view of what AI is: 
  4. Doesn't seem to be an awful lot of AI in this AI marketing assistant: 
  5. Free ebooks on machine learning and data analysis: 
  6. General AI is still a long way off: 
  7. Uber is expanding its AI research: 
  8. Amazon Go grocery shop uses AI instead of cashiers: 
  9. Using AI to search for a better treatment for ALS: 
  10. Identity thieves are now using machine learning: 
  11. 8 essential software tools for data scientists: 
  12. Common statistical mistakes computer scientists make: 
  13. Many AI models are still black boxes: 
  14. An AI that plays the FreeCiv strategy game at human-level: 
  15. An introductory tutorial on the Internet of Things: 
  16. Many companies are still lacking the skills to implement machine learning projects: 
  17. Resisting catastrophic forgetting in neural networks: 
  18. Paper on resisting catastrophic forgetting:
  19. Microsoft is partnering with Cray to run deep neural networks on supercomputers: 
  20. Another basic overview of machine learning: 
  21. A neural network based "ahem" detector, used to clean-up podcasts: 
  22. Google's DeepMind open sources more of its software: 
  23. Another way deep learning is improving speech recognition: 
  24. 5 sources of bias in AI: 
  25. Why we shouldn't let computers (and by extension AI) do our thinking for us:
  26. Using machine learning to search for trademarked logos: 
  27. An AI that helps marketers write: 
  28. How to apply machine learning to business problems: 
  29. Governmental challenges with AI:

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