Wednesday, January 4, 2017

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 28, Issue 1, January 2017

1. Editorial: A Successful Year and Looking Forward to 2017 and Beyond
Author(s): Haibo He
Page(s): 2 - 7

2. Nonparametric Density Estimation Based on Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network for Large Noisy Data
Authors: Yoshihiro Nakamura; Osamu Hasegawa
Page(s): 8 - 17

3. Optimal Output Regulation for Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems via Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Authors: Huaguang Zhang; Hongjing Liang; Zhanshan Wang; Tao Feng
Page(s): 18 - 29

4. SpikeTemp: An Enhanced Rank-Order-Based Learning Approach for Spiking Neural Networks With Adaptive Structure
Authors: Jinling Wang; Ammar Belatreche; Liam P. Maguire; Thomas Martin McGinnity
Page(s): 30 - 43

5. Accurate Maximum-Margin Training for Parsing With Context-Free Grammars
Authors: Alexander Bauer; Mikio Braun; Klaus-Robert Müller
Page(s): 44 - 56

6. Unsupervised Metric Fusion Over Multiview Data by Graph Random Walk-Based Cross-View Diffusion
Authors: Yang Wang; Wenjie Zhang; Lin Wu; Xuemin Lin; Xiang Zhao
Page(s): 57 - 70

7. Pull-Based Distributed Event-Triggered Consensus for Multiagent Systems With Directed Topologies
Authors: Xinlei Yi; Wenlian Lu; Tianping Chen
Page(s): 71 - 79

8. A Cooperative Learning-Based Clustering Approach to Lip Segmentation Without Knowing Segment Number
Authors: Yiu-ming Cheung; Meng Li; Qinmu Peng; C. L. Philip Chen
Page(s): 80 - 93

9. Density-Dependent Quantized Least Squares Support Vector Machine for Large Data Sets
Authors: Shengyu Nan; Lei Sun; Badong Chen; Zhiping Lin; Kar-Ann Toh
Page(s): 94 - 106

10. A ParaBoost Method to Image Quality Assessment
Authors: Tsung-Jung Liu; Kuan-Hsien Liu; Joe Yuchieh Lin; Weisi Lin; C.-C. Jay Kuo
Page(s): 107 - 121

11. Monitoring Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian Processes Using Gaussian Mixture Model-Based Weighted Kernel Independent Component Analysis
Authors: Lianfang Cai; Xuemin Tian; Sheng Chen
Page(s): 122 - 135

12. Multimodal Degradation Prognostics Based on Switching Kalman Filter Ensemble
Authors: Pin Lim; Chi Keong Goh; Kay Chen Tan; Partha Dutta
Page(s): 136 - 148

13. Learning the Conformal Transformation Kernel for Image Recognition
Authors: Huilin Xiong; Wenxian Yu; Xin Yang; M. N. S. Swamy; Qiuze Yu
Page(s): 149 - 163

14. Discriminative Feature Extraction by a Neural Implementation of Canonical Correlation Analysis
Authors: Cemal Okan Sakar; Olcay Kursun
Page(s): 164 - 176

15. 3-D Laser-Based Multiclass and Multiview Object Detection in Cluttered Indoor Scenes
Authors: Xuesong Zhang; Yan Zhuang; Huosheng Hu; Wei Wang
Page(s): 177 - 190

16. Propagation of Collective Temporal Regularity in Noisy Hierarchical Networks
Authors: Ruixue Han; Jiang Wang; Rui Miao; Bin Deng; Yingmei Qin; Haitao Yu; Xile Wei
Page(s): 191 - 205

17. Global Mittag–Leffler Stabilization of Fractional-Order Memristive Neural Networks
Authors: Ailong Wu; Zhigang Zeng
Page(s): 206 - 217

18. Artificial Epigenetic Networks: Automatic Decomposition of Dynamical Control Tasks Using Topological Self-Modification
Authors: Alexander P. Turner; Leo S. D. Caves; Susan Stepney; Andy M. Tyrrell; Michael A. Lones
Page(s): 218 - 230

19. Multiscale Support Vector Learning With Projection Operator Wavelet Kernel for Nonlinear Dynamical System Identification
Authors: Zhao Lu; Jing Sun; Kenneth Butts
Page(s): 231 - 243

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