Friday, February 3, 2017

Review for 3 February 2017

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.

  1. Finding exploits in AIs:
  2. Ways of integrating machine learning into chatbots:
  3. Paper on finding exploits in AIs: 
  4. Looks like Beall's lists were forced offline by legal threats: 
  5. Counting crowds with deep learning: 
  6. 5 big data trends shaping AI this year: 
  7. Is Google going to bring machine learning to the Raspberry Pi? 
  8. A deep learning convolutional ANN can identify skin cancer as well as a dermatologist: 
  9. Sounds like Bayesian search theory-using swarm AI for market research: 
  10. The poker-playing AI is getting better: 
  11. Brief overview of AI in chatbots: 
  12. Calls for an independent watchdog group to prevent discriminatory uses of AI: 
  13. I've been saying this for years-you can't put bad data into a good algorithm and expect a good model: 
  14. Using ANN to manipulate images of peoples' faces: 
  15. A cheat-sheet for manipulating data in Python using Pandas: 
  16. Where is DeepMind's AI ethics board? 
  17. How scientists use social media:
  18. How will the courts deal with AI? 
  19. 6 areas of AI & ML to watch: 
  20. Sounds like we need more standards like FuzzyML: 
  21. Using machine learning to decipher the ancient Indus script: 
  22. Kinda embarressed that my country gave this guy citizenship: 
  23. IBM's PowerAI ML framework now has support for TensorFlow: 
  24. Putting an intelligent machine in its place: 
  25. 5 big data trends shaping AI in 2017: 
  26. An AI is now beating Poker champions: 
  27. What we should do to avoid an AI-catastrophe, according to Elon Musk: 
  28. Why deep learning? 
  29. List of140 formulae related to machine learning: 
  30. An AI that diagnoses cataracts as well as opthamologists do: 
  31. Facebook's approach to evaluating general AI: 
  32. Not so much a boycott for me, more too scared to set foot in the USA as a foreigner with that nutter in charge:

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