Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Soft Computing, Volume 21, Number 4, February 2017

1) Efficient influence maximization under TSCM: a suitable diffusion model in online social networks
Author(s): Yadong Qin, Jun Ma & Shuai Gao
Pages: 827-838

2) Rough approximations based on soft binary relations and knowledge bases
Author(s): Zhaowen Li, Ningxin Xie & Ninghua Gao
Pages: 839-852

3) Cut approach to invariance groups of lattice-valued functions
Author(s): Eszter K. Horváth, Branimir Šešelja & Andreja Tepavčević
Pages: 853-859

4) An alternative hypervolume-based selection mechanism for multi-objective evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): Adriana Menchaca-Mendez & Carlos A. Coello Coello
Pages: 861-884

5) A dynamic multi-objective evolutionary algorithm using a change severity-based adaptive population management strategy
Author(s): Radhia Azzouz, Slim Bechikh & Lamjed Ben Said
Pages: 885-906

6) Self-adaptive trust management based on game theory in fuzzy large-scale networks
Author(s): He Fang, Li Xu & Xinyi Huang
Pages: 907-921

7) Research on gateway deployment of WMN based on maximum coupling subgraph and PSO algorithm
Author(s): Yang Li, Shuqiang Huang, Rensheng Fan, Zhen Zhang & Yuyu Zhou
Pages: 923-933

8) An optimized video synopsis algorithm and its distributed processing model
Author(s): Longxin Lin, Weiwei Lin, Weijun Xiao & Sibin Huang
Pages: 935-947

9) Solving the multi-objective path planning problem in mobile robotics with a firefly-based approach
Author(s): Alejandro Hidalgo-Paniagua, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez, Joaquín Ferruz & Nieves Pavón
Pages: 949-964

10) A type-2 fuzzy logic recommendation system for adaptive teaching
Author(s): Khalid Almohammadi, Hani Hagras, Bo Yao, Abdulkareem Alzahrani, Daniyal Alghazzawi & Ghadah Aldabbagh
Pages: 965-979

11) Novel discrete differential evolution methods for virtual tree pruning optimization
Author(s): Damjan Strnad & Štefan Kohek
Pages: 981-993

12) Evaluation of the hotels e-services quality under the user’s experience
Author(s): Ramón Alberto Carrasco, Juan Sánchez-Fernández, Francisco Muñoz-Leiva, María Francisca Blasco & Enrique Herrera-Viedma
Pages: 995-1011

13) Fuzzy record values
Author(s): M. G. H. Akbari & M. Chahkandi
Pages: 1013-1020

14) Uni-soft structure applied to ordered semigroups
Author(s): Asghar Khan, Raees Khan & Young Bae Jun
Pages: 1021-1030

15) Performance of a novel evolutionary genetic-based multi-user detector for multi-carrier CDMA communication systems
Author(s): Yung-Fa Huang, Tan-Hsu Tan, Chia-Hsin Cheng, Wei-Chen Lai & Hsing-Chung Chen
Pages: 1031-1039

16) An uncertain furniture production planning problem with cumulative service levels
Author(s): Guoqing Yang, Wansheng Tang & Ruiqing Zhao
Pages: 1041-1055

17) Power series methods of summability for series of fuzzy numbers and related Tauberian Theorems
Author(s): Sefa Anıl Sezer & İbrahim Çanak
Pages: 1057-1064

18) Ensemble bayesian networks evolved with speciation for high-performance prediction in data mining
Author(s): Kyung-Joong Kim & Sung-Bae Cho

19) Uncertainty measures of rough sets based on discernibility capability in information systems
Author(s): Shuhua Teng, Fan Liao, Yanxin Ma, Mi He & Yongjian Nian
Pages: 1081-1096

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