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IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy System, Volume 25, Number 1, February 2017

1. Recognition of Epileptic EEG Signals Using a Novel Multiview TSK Fuzzy System
Author(s): Y. Jiang and Z. Deng and F. L. Chung and G. Wang and P. Qian and K. S. Choi and S. Wang
Page(s): 3-20

2. Fuzzy Integral With Particle Swarm Optimization for a Motor-Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface
Author(s): S. L. Wu and Y. T. Liu and T. Y. Hsieh and Y. Y. Lin and C. Y. Chen and C. H. Chuang and C. T. Lin
Page(s): 21-28

3. Designing an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System for Handling Uncertainty Effects in Brain-Computer Interface Classification of Motor Imagery Induced EEG Patterns
Author(s): P. A. Herman, G. Prasad and T. M. McGinnity
Page(s): 29-42

4. Psychophysiologically Based Real-Time Adaptive General Type 2 Fuzzy Modeling and Self-Organizing Control of Operator's Performance Undertaking a Cognitive Task
Author(s): L. A. Torres Salomao, M. Mahfouf, E. El-Samahy and C. H. Ting
Page(s): 43-57

5. Brain–Machine Interface and Visual Compressive Sensing-Based Teleoperation Control of an Exoskeleton Robot
Author(s): S. Qiu, Z. Li, W. He, L. Zhang, C. Yang and C. Y. Su
Page(s): 58-69

6. Robust ${mathscr {H}}_{infty }$ Filtering for a Class of Two-Dimensional Uncertain Fuzzy Systems With Randomly Occurring Mixed Delays
Author(s): Y. Luo and Z. Wang and G. Wei and F. E. Alsaadi
Page(s): 70-83

7. Nonparametric Kernel Estimation Based on Fuzzy Random Variables
Author(s): G. Hesamian and M. G. Akbari
Pages:. 84-99

8. Characterization of Fuzzy Implication Functions With a Continuous Natural Negation Satisfying the Law of Importation With a Fixed t-Norm
Author(s): S. Massanet and J. Torrens
Page(s): 100-113

9. An Optimal Fuzzy System for Edge Detection in Color Images Using Bacterial Foraging Algorithm
Author(s): O. P. Verma and A. S. Parihar
Page(s): 114-127

10. Stability and Stabilization of Discrete-Time T–S Fuzzy Systems With Time-Varying Delay via Cauchy–Schwartz-Based Summation Inequality
Author(s): M. J. Park and O. M. Kwon
Page(s): 128-140, Feb. 2017.

11. Adaptive Inversion-Based Fuzzy Compensation Control of Uncertain Pure-Feedback Systems With Asymmetric Actuator Backlash
Author(s): G. Lai, Z. Liu, Y. Zhang, C. L. P. Chen and S. Xie
Page(s): 141-155

12. Parameterization and Adaptive Control of Multivariable Noncanonical T--S Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): Y. Zhang, G. Tao, M. Chen and L. Wen
Page(s): 156-171

13. Finite-Time Stabilization of Discrete-Time Switched Nonlinear Systems Without Stable Subsystems via Optimal Switching Signal Design
Author(s): Y. Mao, H. Zhang and Z. Zhang
Page(s): 172-180

14. Adaptive Fuzzy Leader-Following Consensus Control for Stochastic Multiagent Systems with Heterogeneous Nonlinear Dynamics
Author(s): C. E. Ren, L. Chen and C. L. P. Chen
Page(s): 181-190

15. Fuzzy Adaptive Inverse Compensation Method to Tracking Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Generalized Actuator Dead Zone
Author(s): G. Lai, Z. Liu, Y. Zhang, C. L. P. Chen, S. Xie and Y. Liu
Page(s): 191-204

16. Stabilization of Interval Type-2 Polynomial-Fuzzy-Model-Based Control Systems
Author(s): B. Xiao, H. K. Lam and H. Li
Page(s): 205-217

17. Fractional Differential Systems: A Fuzzy Solution Based on Operational Matrix of Shifted Chebyshev Polynomials and Its Applications
Author(s): A. Ahmadian, S. Salahshour and C. S. Chan
Page(s): 218-236

18. Assessing a Fuzzy Extension of Rand Index and Related Measures
Author(s): A. Suleman
Page(s): 237-244

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