Monday, March 20, 2017

Review for 20 March 2017

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.

  1. We will get closer to AIs, but I think we will go thru many iterations of wearables before we get to implants:
  2. Overview of 23 different types of regression: 
  3. While AI is a convenient catch-all term, machine learning, AI, ANN, are really different things: 
  4. Possibly an application of deep learning ANN? Nest cameras can now recognise doors and when people enter view: 
  5. Not sure what, if any, AI is present here, but better customer service is probably useful: 
  6. I just examined a Ph.D. thesis doing earthquake prediction with machine learning-still a long way to go:
  7. Like I tell my IT students: If you lose data because you don't have a backup, it's your fault:
  8. I know the feeling, I returned to NZ from AU-there's no place like home:
  9. Some free introductory ebooks on machine learning and other data processing topics:
  10. A simple Python introduction to k-means clustering: 
  11. Uses of AI in education:  Educational data mining is another big area of research
  12. So important to do this - ridding your data of bias:
  13. Feedspot has added my computational intelligence blog  to their list of top 50 blogs on AI:
  14. General business applications of AI: 
  15. Best R packages for importing and processing data: 
  16. The impact of deep learning on SEO: 
  17. The problems with interpreting deep learning models: 
  18. Play a musical duet with a deep neural network: 
  19. Using machine learning to recognise items in movies, so people can buy them: 
  20. Specialised deep learning chips for consumer hardware: 
  21. I suspect that the proportion of psycopaths in senior academic positions is also higher than the general population: 

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