Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Weekly Review 16 May 2017

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.

  1. Ten ways AI is being used in retail:
  2. Using machine learning to detect lung cancer in x-rays: 
  3. We are in the golden age of AI:
  4. Automation technology, including AI, is going to wipe out a lot of entry-level legal jobs:
  5. Microsoft is offering a deep learning service in Azure: 
  6. How to select the optimal number of clusters: 
  7. The effect of AI on employment-only highly-educated people are really safe at the moment: 
  8. Processing job descriptions with deep learning ANN: 
  9. Summarising text using reinforcement learning:
  10. TensorFlow seems to be a bit tricky to use: 
  11. Detecting network anomalies-that is, security threats-using machine learning: 
  12. My SECoS algorithms ( have also been applied to this sort of thing:
  13. Twitter is finding tweets relevant to users using deep neural networks: 
  14. Some future trends and developments in AI: 
  15. Tools to automate the construction of deep learning models: 
  16. Biased models come from biased data, but biased data is ruining people's lives: 
  17. It doesn't matter how good the algorithm is, if you don't put good data into it, you won't get a good model out if it. This is basic stuff.
  18. Personally I would classify deep learning as computational intelligence, but that would further confuse journalists: 
  19. A lot of academic success also seems to come from shameless self-promotion:
  20. The two phases of gradient descent in deep learning: 
  21. Using AI to detect abuse in mental health group chats: 
  22. Facebook's platform for researching conversational AI chatbots: 
  23. Before data mining, make sure that you have the legal right to mine the data you are looking at: 
  24. THAT won't cause security problems....

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