Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Review 8 May 2017

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.
  1. AI is one of 5 ways a business can lead in the age of analytics:
  2. Comparison of open-source frameworks for deep learning and visual analysis: 
  3. How to choose which machine learning algorithm to use: 
  4. Sounds like a really good way to automate police prejudice: 
  5. 5 free ebooks on machine learning: 
  6. Using ANN to produce smooth animations of human characters: 
  7. 5 best machine learning API: 
  8. A tool for the governance of machine learning projects and models: Interpretability is key.
  9. Detecting strokes from brain scans using machine learning: 
  10. Yes, Amazon Look will be used as a front-end to a fashion AI, especially if Amazon can then sell you more stuff: 
  11. AI is moving into the public sector, bringing worries to workers about job security: 
  12. This is why proof-reading is important -"pubic sector adoption of automation" 
  13. Finally got around to updating my online list of publications, and added some more paper uploads:
  14. I have updated the list of references on applications of Evolving Connectionist Systems on my ECoS site: 
  15. Swarm AI will again try to predict the outcome of the Kentucky Derby: 
  16. An open source database of street-level images: 
  17. Where AI is going: 
  18. A camera-equipped prosthetic hand uses ANN to help it grasp things: 
  19. Using sckit-learn in Python to detect SPAM emails: 
  20. The swarm missed predicting the Kentucky derby this year: Still not sure how this is AI rather than Bayesian search
  21. Been feeling good lately, like I'm on top of things - why does this give me such a feeling of dread? 
  22. An overview of TensorFlow:

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