Monday, June 12, 2017

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy System, Volume 25, Issue 3, June 2017

1. A Profit Maximizing Solid Transportation Model Under a Rough Interval Approach
Author(s): A. Das, U. Kumar Bera and M. Maiti
Pages: 485-498

2. Design of State Feedback Adaptive Fuzzy Controllers for Second-Order Systems Using a Frequency Stability Criterion
Author(s): K. Wiktorowicz
Pages: 499-510

3. Dynamic Output-Feedback Dissipative Control for T–S Fuzzy Systems With Time-Varying Input Delay and Output Constraints
Author(s): H. D. Choi, C. K. Ahn, P. Shi, L. Wu and M. T. Lim
Pages: 511-526

4. Adaptive Predefined Performance Control for MIMO Systems With Unknown Direction via Generalized Fuzzy Hyperbolic Model
Author(s): L. Liu, Z. Wang, Z. Huang and H. Zhang
Pages: 527-542

5. Revisiting Fuzzy Set and Fuzzy Arithmetic Operators and Constructing New Operators in the Land of Probabilistic Linguistic Computing
Author(s): S. C. Ngan
Pages: 543-555

6. Asymptotic Fuzzy Tracking Control for a Class of Stochastic Strict-Feedback Systems
Author(s): C. Chen, Z. Liu, Y. Zhang, C. L. P. Chen and S. Xie
Pages: 556-568

7. Approaches to T–S Fuzzy-Affine-Model-Based Reliable Output Feedback Control for Nonlinear Itô Stochastic Systems
Author(s): Y. Wei, J. Qiu, H. K. Lam and L. Wu
Pages: 569-583

8. Pixel Modeling Using Histograms Based on Fuzzy Partitions for Dynamic Background Subtraction
Author(s): Z. Zeng, J. Jia, D. Yu, Y. Chen and Z. Zhu
Pages: 584-593

9. Varying Spread Fuzzy Regression for Affective Quality Estimation
Author(s): K. Y. Chan and U. Engelke
Pages: 594-613

10. Ranking of Multidimensional Uncertain Information Based on Metrics on the Fuzzy Ellipsoid Number Space
Author(s): G. Wang and Y. Li
Pages: 614-626

11. The Spatial Disaggregation Problem: Simulating Reasoning Using a Fuzzy Inference System
Author(s): J. Verstraete
Pages: 627-641

12. Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Tracking Control for Strict-Feedback Systems With Input Delay
Author(s): H. Li, L. Wang, H. Du and A. Boulkroune
Pages: 642-652

13. Dynamic Output Feedback-Predictive Control of a Takagi–Sugeno Model With Bounded Disturbance
Author(s): B. Ding and H. Pan
Pages: 653-667

14. Command-Filtered-Based Fuzzy Adaptive Control Design for MIMO-Switched Nonstrict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Y. Li and S. Tong
Pages: 668-681

15. Type-2 Fuzzy Alpha-Cuts
Author(s): H. Hamrawi, S. Coupland and R. John
Pages: 682-692

16. A New Look at Type-2 Fuzzy Sets and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
Author(s): L. X. Wang
Pages: 693-706

17. LMI-Based Stability Analysis for Piecewise Multi-affine Systems
Author(s): A. T. Nguyen, M. Sugeno, V. Campos and M. Dambrine
Pages: 707-714

18. An Extended Type-Reduction Method for General Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): B. K. Xie and S. J. Lee
Pages: 715-724

19. Critique of “A New Look at Type-2 Fuzzy Sets and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems"
Author(s): J. M. Mendel and D. Wu
Pages: 725-727

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