Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weekly Review 23 July 2013

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.

  1. AI will help you do your job better, not replace you, according to Microsoft:
  2. Using machine learning to map groups of neurons to behaviours in D. melanagaster:
  3. How AI is going to increase social inequality:
  4. 150+ tutorials on Python and machine learning:
  5. The many ways UK industry is using AI:
  6. The maths you need to know to master machine learning:
  7. A crash-course to machine learning with the Julia language:
  8. Introduction to using Python for big data:
  9. 3 educational pathways to get into machine learning:
  10. A brief description of Creative Adversarial Networks:
  11. Paper on Creative Adversarial Networks:
  12. Online AI soccer players:
  13. It's not that the AI are biased, or even that the developers are biased, it's biased data sets that cause problems:
  14. Cargo Cult Computer Science, or, what I think is wrong with AI research:
  15. It looks like for the meantime AI will be assisting radiologists rather than replacing them:
  16. When Generative Adversarial Networks start making up their own language:
  17. Personally, I find people misusing AI far more frightening than AI itself:
  18. Profile of neural network based speech recognition pioneer Tony Robinson: 
  19. A hierarchy of malicious algorithms: 
  20. Why it is cheaper to buy your own hardware for machine learning than use the cloud: 
  21. Determining if a business is ready to utilise AI - 3 questions to ask:
  22. The limits of deep learning: 
  23. Speeding-up convolutional neural networks on a Raspberry Pi: 
  24. The top 10 programming languages for 2017: 
  25. AI industry hype-it takes more than a bunch of 'if' statements to qualify as an AI: 
  26. A tutorial on Keras TensorFlow:
  27. Yandex open sources its machine learning library CatBoost: 
  28. Why AI needs to look to neuroscience more:
  29. I think implants will be interfaces to external tech for a while yet-organ replacements will be bio-engineered: 
  30. Top ten programming languages for employment:
  31. A lot of businesses call their products AI, but that doesn't make them so:
  32. Using neural networks to control physical rehabilitation equipment:
  33. Intel's $79 USB 3 deep learning stick:
  34. Yet another reason why you shouldn't review papers for Elsevier journals:

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