Saturday, October 21, 2017

Soft Computing, Volume 21, Issue 22, November 2017

1. A novel mutation operator based on the union of fitness and design spaces information for Differential Evolution
Author(s): Hossein Sharifi-Noghabi, Habib Rajabi Mashhadi, Kambiz Shojaee
Pages: 6555-6562

2. CnMVm-algebras
Author(s): Ramaz Liparteliani
Pages: 6563-6569

3. Pseudo-centroid clustering
Author(s): Fred Glover
Pages: 6571-6592

4. Cooperative particle swarm optimization using MapReduce
Author(s): Yang Wang, Yangyang Li, Zhenghan Chen, Yu Xue
Pages: 6593-6603

5. Novel migration operators of biogeography-based optimization and Markov analysis
Author(s): Weian Guo, Lei Wang, Chenyong Si, Yongwei Zhang, Hongjun Tian, Junjie Hu
Pages: 6605-6632

6. Segmentation and enhancement of brain MR images using fuzzy clustering based on information theory
Author(s): Mohamad Amin Bakhshali
Pages: 6633-6640

7. A multiobjective discrete cuckoo search algorithm for community detection in dynamic networks
Author(s): Xu Zhou, Yanheng Liu, Bin Li, Han Li
Pages: 6641-6652

8. A strength-biased prediction model for forecasting exchange rates using support vector machines and genetic algorithms
Author(s): Mustafa Onur Özorhan, İsmail Hakkı Toroslu, Onur Tolga Şehitoğlu
Pages: 6653-6671

9. Bearing fault identification of three-phase induction motors bases on two current sensor strategy
Author(s): Tiago Drummond Lopes, Alessandro Goedtel, Rodrigo Henrique Cunha Palácios
Pages: 6673-6685

10. Different distance measures for fuzzy linear regression with Monte Carlo methods
Author(s): Duygu İçen, Marco E. G. V. Cattaneo
Pages: 6687-6697

11. Artificial bee colony metaheuristic for energy-efficient clustering and routing in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Palvinder Singh Mann, Satvir Singh
Pages: 6699-6712

12. A comparative study on swarm intelligence for structure learning of Bayesian networks
Author(s): Junzhong Ji, Cuicui Yang, Jiming Liu, Jinduo Liu, Baocai Yin
Pages: 6713-6738

13. An uncertain currency model with floating interest rates
Author(s): Xiao Wang, Yufu Ning
Pages: 6739-6754

14. An adaptive guided variable neighborhood search based on honey-bee mating optimization algorithm for the course timetabling problem
Author(s): Rafidah Abdul Aziz, Masri Ayob, Zalinda Othman, Zulkifli Ahmad
Pages: 6755-6765

15. A novel table look-up scheme based on GFScom and its application
Author(s): Shengli Zhang, Yongming Li
Pages: 6767-6781

16. Fuzzy adaptive control of two totally different chaotic systems with complicated structures by novel pragmatically adaptive control strategy
Author(s): Chin-Sheng Chen, Shun-Hung Tsai, Lap-Mou Tam, Shih-Yu Li
Pages: 6783-6800

17. Efficient certificateless anonymous multi-receiver encryption scheme for mobile devices
Author(s): Debiao He, Huaqun Wang, Lina Wang, Jian Shen, Xianzhao Yang
Pages: 6801-6810

18. Bidirectional reservoir networks trained using SVM +privileged information for manufacturing process modeling
Author(s): Ali Rodan, Alaa F. Sheta, Hossam Faris
Pages: 6811-6824

19. PSO-based approach for energy-efficient and energy-balanced routing and clustering in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Md Azharuddin, Prasanta K. Jana
Pages: 6825-6839

20. Prior knowledge guided differential evolution
Author(s): Qinqin Fan, Xuefeng Yan, Yu Xue
Pages: 6841-6858

21. A zSlices-based general type-2 fuzzy logic system for users-centric adaptive learning in large-scale e-learning platforms
Author(s): Khalid Almohammadi, Hani Hagras, Daniyal Alghazzawi, Ghadah Aldabbagh
Pages: 6859-6880

22. A modified ant colony optimization algorithm for multi-objective assembly line balancing
Author(s): Yu-guang Zhong, Bo Ai
Pages: 6881-6894

23. Multistage feature selection approach for high-dimensional cancer data
Author(s): Alhasan Alkuhlani, Mohammad Nassef, Ibrahim Farag
Pages: 6895-6906

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