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Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 25, Issue 5, October 2017

1. A Unification of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Calculus Theories Based on Subtraction Derivatives and Division Derivatives
Author(s): Qian Lei; Zeshui Xu
Pages: 1023-1040

2. Hybrid Fuzzy Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Unmeasured States
Author(s): Huaguang Zhang; Yang Cui; Yingchun Wang
Pages: 1041-1050

3. Fuzzy Fault Detection Filter Design for T-S Fuzzy Systems in Finite Frequency Domain
Author(s): Ali Chibani; Mohammed Chadli; Peng Shi; Naceur Benhadj Braiek
Pages: 1051-1061

4. Adaptive fuzzy hierarchical sliding mode control for a class of MIMO nonlinear time-delay systems with input saturation
Author(s): Xudong Zhao; Haijiao Yang; Weiguo Xia; Xinyong Wang
Pages: 1062-1077

5. Improving supervised learning classification methods using multi-granular linguistic modelling and fuzzy entropy
Author(s): Juan Antonio Morente-Molinera; József Mezei; Christer Carlsson; Enrique Herrera-Viedma
Pages: 1078-1089

6. Backstepping fuzzy adaptive control for a class of quantized nonlinear systems
Author(s): Wenhui Liu; Cheng-Chew Lim; Peng Shi; Shengyuan Xu
Pages: 1090-1101

7. Inference and learning in evidential discrete latent Markov models
Author(s): Emmanuel Ramasso
Pages: 1102-1114

8. Granular Encoders and Decoders: A Study in Processing Information Granules
Author(s): Xiubin Zhu; Witold Pedrycz; Zhiwu Li
Pages: 1115-1126

9. Optimal-vector-based algorithm for solving min-max programming subject to addition-min fuzzy relation inequality
Author(s): Xiao-Peng Yang
Pages: 1127-1140

10. Integrated design of fault-tolerant control for nonlinear systems based on fault estimation andT-S fuzzy modelling
Author(s): Jianglin Lan; Ron J. Patton
Pages: 1141-1154

11. Dynamic Output Feedback Control for Continuous-Time T-S Fuzzy Systems Using Fuzzy Lyapunov Functions
Author(s): Yang Liu; Fen Wu; Xiaojun Ban
Pages: 1155-1167

12. The Entropy Value for Ecg of The Sport Horses
Author(s): Sevda Atpınar; Zarife Zararsız; Mehmet Şengönül
Pages: 1168-1174

13. Incremental Learning of Concept Drift Using Evolving Type-2 Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network
Author(s): Mahardhika Pratama; Jie Lu; Edwin Lughofer; Guangquan Zhang; Meng Joo Er
Pages: 1175-1192

14. Improving the Speed of Center of Set Type-Reduction in Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Systems by Eliminating the Need for Sorting
Author(s): Mojtaba Ahmadieh Khanesar; Alireza Jalalian Khakshour; Okyay Kaynak; Huijun Gao
Pages: 1193-1206

15. Deep TSK Fuzzy Classifier with Stacked Generalization and Triplely Concise Interpretability Guarantee for Large Data
Author(s): Ta Zhou; Fu-Lai Chung; Shitong Wang
Pages: 1207-1221

16. Generalized Orthopair Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): Ronald R Yager
Pages: 1222-1230

17. A New Approach to Solve the Constrained OWA Aggregation Problem
Author(s): Byeong Seok Ahn
Pages: 1231-1238

18. Large scale document categorization with fuzzy clustering
Author(s): Jian-Ping Mei; Yangtao Wang; Lihui Chen; Chunyan Miao
Pages: 1239-1251

19. Adaptive Fuzzy Asymptotic Control of MIMO Systems with Unknown Input Coefficients Via a Robust Nussbaum Gain based Approach
Author(s): Ci Chen; Zhi Liu; Kan Xie; Yanjun Liu; Yun Zhang; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 1252-1263

20. Fuzzy Color Spaces: A Conceptual Approach to Color Vision
Author(s): Jesus Chamorro-Martínez; Jose Manuel Soto-Hidalgo; Pedro Manuel Martínez-Jiménez; Daniel Sánchez
Pages: 1264-1280

21. Multi-Instant Observer Design of Discrete-Time Fuzzy Systems: A Ranking-Based Switching Approach
Author(s): Xiangpeng Xie; Dong Yue; Chen Peng
Pages: 1281-1292

22. Hybrid Robust Boundary and Fuzzy Control for Disturbance Attenuation of Nonlinear Coupled ODE-Beam Systems with Application to a Flexible Spacecraft
Author(s): Shuang Feng; Huai-Ning Wu
Pages: 1293-1305

23. Exploiting Data Reliability and Fuzzy Clustering for Journal Ranking
Author(s): Pan Su; Changjing Shang; Tianhua Chen; Qiang Shen
Pages: 1306-1319

24. Input-output based fault estimation for T-S fuzzy systems with local nonlinear parts
Author(s): Sheng-Juan Huang; Guang-Hong Yang
Pages: 1320-1328

25. Fuzzy Wavelet Polynomial Neural Networks: Analysis and Design
Author(s): Wei Huang; Sung-Kwun Oh; Witold Pedrycz
Pages: 1329-1341

26. Granular Fuzzy Rule-based Models: A Study in a Comprehensive Evaluation of Fuzzy Models
Author(s): Xingchen Hu; Witold Pedrycz; Xianmin Wang
Pages: 1342-1355

27. Do We Need Minimal Solutions of Fuzzy Relational Equations in Advance?
Author(s): Eduard Bartl; Pavel Prochazka
Pages: 1356-1363

28. T-S fuzzy model identification based on a novel hyper-plane-shaped membership function
Author(s): Chaoshun Li; Jianzhong Zhou; Li Chang; Zhengjun Huang; Yongchuan Zhang
Pages: 1364-1370

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