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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 28, Issue 11, November 2017

1. Randomized Prediction Games for Adversarial Machine Learning
Author(s): Samuel Rota Bulò; Battista Biggio; Ignazio Pillai; Marcello Pelillo; Fabio Roli
Pages: 2466 - 2478

2. A New Local Bipolar Autoassociative Memory Based on External Inputs of Discrete Recurrent Neural Networks With Time Delay
Author(s): Caigen Zhou; Xiaoqin Zeng; Chaomin Luo; Huaguang Zhang
Pages: 2479 - 2489

3. Discrete-Time Local Value Iteration Adaptive Dynamic Programming: Admissibility and Termination Analysis
Author(s): Qinglai Wei; Derong Liu; Qiao Lin
Pages: 2490 - 2502

4. Pair-v-SVR: A Novel and Efficient Pairing nu-Support Vector Regression Algorithm
Author(s): Pei-Yi Hao
Pages: 2503 - 2515

5. Sampled-Data Consensus of Linear Multi-agent Systems With Packet Losses
Author(s): Wenbing Zhang; Yang Tang; Tingwen Huang; Jürgen Kurths
Pages: 2516 - 2527

6. Needs, Pains, and Motivations in Autonomous Agents
Author(s): Janusz A. Starzyk; James Graham; Leszek Puzio
Pages: 2528 - 2540

7. Adaptive Neural Networks Decentralized FTC Design for Nonstrict-Feedback Nonlinear Interconnected Large-Scale Systems Against Actuator Faults
Author(s): Yongming Li; Shaocheng Tong
Pages: 2541 - 2554

8. Lower Bounds on the Proportion of Leaders Needed for Expected Consensus of 3-D Flocks
Author(s): Xuejing Li; Lin Wang; Zhixin Liu; Daoyi Dong
Pages: 2555 - 2565

9. Efficient Exact Inference With Loss Augmented Objective in Structured Learning
Author(s): Alexander Bauer; Shinichi Nakajima; Klaus-Robert Müller
Pages: 2566 - 2579

10. A Neurodynamic Optimization Approach to Bilevel Quadratic Programming
Author(s): Sitian Qin; Xinyi Le; Jun Wang
Pages: 2580 - 2591

11. Global Sensitivity Estimates for Neural Network Classifiers
Author(s): Francisco Fernández-Navarro; Mariano Carbonero-Ruz; David Becerra Alonso; Mercedes Torres-Jiménez
Pages: 2592 - 2604

12. Backstepping Design of Adaptive Neural Fault-Tolerant Control for MIMO Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Hui Gao; Yongduan Song; Changyun Wen
Pages: 2605 - 2613

13. Dealing With the Issues Crucially Related to the Functionality and Reliability of NN-Associated Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems
Author(s): Yong-Duan Song; Xiucai Huang; Zi-Jun Jia
Pages: 2614 - 2625

14. Sampled-Data Synchronization of Markovian Coupled Neural Networks With Mode Delays Based on Mode-Dependent LKF
Author(s): Junyi Wang; Huaguang Zhang; Zhanshan Wang; Zhenwei Liu
Pages: 2626 - 2637

15. Quantized Synchronization of Chaotic Neural Networks With Scheduled Output Feedback Control
Author(s): Ying Wan; Jinde Cao; Guanghui Wen
Pages: 2638 - 2647

16. Finite-Time Stabilization and Adaptive Control of Memristor-Based Delayed Neural Networks
Author(s): Leimin Wang; Yi Shen; Guodong Zhang
Pages: 2648 - 2659

17. Evaluating the Visualization of What a Deep Neural Network Has Learned
Author(s): Wojciech Samek; Alexander Binder; Grégoire Montavon; Sebastian Lapuschkin; Klaus-Robert Müller
Pages: 2660 - 2673

18. A New Discrete-Time Multi-Constrained K-Winner-Take-All Recurrent Network and Its Application to Prioritized Scheduling
Author(s): Po-Lung Tien
Pages: 2674 - 2685

19. Online Training of an Opto-Electronic Reservoir Computer Applied to Real-Time Channel Equalization
Author(s): Piotr Antonik; François Duport; Michiel Hermans; Anteo Smerieri; Marc Haelterman; Serge Massar
Pages: 2686 - 2698

20. Fully Decentralized Semi-supervised Learning via Privacy-preserving Matrix Completion
Author(s): Roberto Fierimonte; Simone Scardapane; Aurelio Uncini; Massimo Panella
Pages: 2699 - 2711

21. Consensus of Multiagent Systems With Distance-Dependent Communication Networks
Author(s): Gangshan Jing; Yuanshi Zheng; Long Wang
Pages: 2712 - 2726

22. A Unified Fisher’s Ratio Learning Method for Spatial Filter Optimization
Author(s): Xinyang Li; Cuntai Guan; Haihong Zhang; Kai Keng Ang
Pages: 2727 - 2737

23. Regularized Class-Specific Subspace Classifier
Author(s): Rui Zhang; Feiping Nie; Xuelong Li
Pages: 2738 - 2747

24. Model-Driven Analysis of Eyeblink Classical Conditioning Reveals the Underlying Structure of Cerebellar Plasticity and Neuronal Activity
Author(s): Alberto Antonietti; Claudia Casellato; Egidio D’Angelo; Alessandra Pedrocchi
Pages: 2748 - 2762

25. Person Re-identification by Multi-hypergraph Fusion
Author(s): Le An; Xiaojing Chen; Songfan Yang; Xuelong Li
Pages: 2763 - 2774

26. Markov Blanket Feature Selection Using Representative Sets
Author(s): Kui Yu; Xindong Wu; Wei Ding; Yang Mu; Hao Wang
Pages: 2775 - 2788

27. Greedy Methods, Randomization Approaches, and Multiarm Bandit Algorithms for Efficient Sparsity-Constrained Optimization
Author(s): Alain Rakotomamonjy; Sokol Koço; Liva Ralaivola
Pages: 2789 - 2802

28. A Rotational Motion Perception Neural Network Based on Asymmetric Spatiotemporal Visual Information Processing
Author(s): Bin Hu; Shigang Yue; Zhuhong Zhang
Pages: 2803 - 2821

29. A Squeezed Artificial Neural Network for the Symbolic Network Reliability Functions of Binary-State Networks
Author(s): Wei-Chang Yeh
Pages: 2822 - 2825

30. Discontinuous Observers Design for Finite-Time Consensus of Multiagent Systems With External Disturbances
Author(s): Xiaoyang Liu; Daniel W. C. Ho; Jinde Cao; Wenying Xu
Pages: 2826 - 2830

31. A Fast and Efficient Method for Training Categorical Radial Basis Function Networks
Author(s): Alex Alexandridis; Eva Chondrodima; Nikolaos Giannopoulos; Haralambos Sarimveis
Pages: 2831 - 2836

32. Synchronization of Hierarchical Time-Varying Neural Networks Based on Asynchronous and Intermittent Sampled-Data Control
Author(s): Wenjun Xiong; Ragini Patel; Jinde Cao; Wei Xing Zheng
Pages: 2837 - 2843

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