Monday, May 21, 2018

Neural Networks, Volume 104, Pages 1-124, August 2018

1. Design of double fuzzy clustering-driven context neural networks
Author(s): Eun-Hu Kim, Sung-Kwun Oh, Witold Pedrycz
Pages: 1-14

2. Bio-inspired spiking neural network for nonlinear systems control
Author(s): Javier Pérez, Juan A. Cabrera, Juan J. Castillo, Juan M. Velasco
Pages: 15-25

3. A frequency-domain approach to improve ANNs generalization quality via proper initialization
Author(s): Majdi Chaari, Afef Fekih, Abdennour C. Seibi, Jalel Ben Hmida
Pages: 26-39

4. Using a model of human visual perception to improve deep learning
Author(s): Michael Stettler, Gregory Francis
Pages: 40-49

5. Effect of dilution in asymmetric recurrent neural networks
Author(s): Viola Folli, Giorgio Gosti, Marco Leonetti, Giancarlo Ruocco
Pages: 50-59
6. Biased Dropout and Crossmap Dropout: Learning towards effective Dropout regularization in convolutional neural network
Author(s): Alvin Poernomo, Dae-Ki Kang
Pages: 60-67

7. A deep belief network with PLSR for nonlinear system modeling
Author(s): Junfei Qiao, Gongming Wang, Wenjing Li, Xiaoli Li
Pages: 68-79

8. Generalized pinning synchronization of delayed Cohen–Grossberg neural networks with discontinuous activations
Author(s): Dongshu Wang, Lihong Huang, Longkun Tang, Jinsen Zhuang
Pages: 80-92

9. Stochastic exponential synchronization of memristive neural networks with time-varying delays via quantized control
Author(s): Wanli Zhang, Shiju Yang, Chuandong Li, Wei Zhang, Xinsong Yang
Pages: 93-103

10. Quasi-projective synchronization of fractional-order complex-valued recurrent neural networks
Author(s): Shuai Yang, Juan Yu, Cheng Hu, Haijun Jiang
Pages: 104-113

11. Electrical resistivity imaging inversion: An ISFLA trained kernel principal component wavelet neural network approach
Author(s): Feibo Jiang, Li Dong, Qianwei Dai
Pages: 114-123

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