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Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 6, March 2019

1. Editorial to image processing with soft computing techniques
Author(s): Irina Perfilieva, Javier Montero, Salvatore Sessa
Pages: 1777-1778

2. Hyperspectral imaging using notions from type-2 fuzzy sets
Author(s): A. Lopez-Maestresalas, L. De Miguel, C. Lopez-Molina, S. Arazuri
Pages: 1779-1793

3. Sensitivity analysis for image represented by fuzzy function
Author(s): Petr Hurtik, Nicolás Madrid, Martin Dyba
Pages: 1795-1807

4. A new edge detection method based on global evaluation using fuzzy clustering
Author(s): Pablo A. Flores-Vidal, Pablo Olaso, Daniel Gómez, Carely Guada
Pages: 1809-1821

5. An image segmentation technique using nonsubsampled contourlet transform and active contours
Author(s): Lingling Fang
Pages: 1823-1832

6. Total variation with nonlocal FT-Laplacian for patch-based inpainting
Author(s): Irina Perfilieva, Pavel Vlašánek
Pages: 1833-1841

7. Biometric recognition using finger and palm vein images
Author(s): S Bharathi, R Sudhakar
Pages: 1843-1855

8. Design of meteorological pattern classification system based on FCM-based radial basis function neural networks using meteorological radar data
Author(s): Eun-Hu Kim, Jun-Hyun Ko, Sung-Kwun Oh, Kisung Seo
Pages: 1857-18725

9. Zadeh max–min composition fuzzy rule for dominated pixel values in iris localization
Author(s): S. G. Gino Sophia, V. Ceronmani Sharmila
Pages: 1873-1889

10. Fusion linear representation-based classification
Author(s): Zhonghua Liu, Guosen Xie, Lin Zhang, Jiexin Pu
Pages: 1891-1899

11. A novel optimization algorithm for recommender system using modified fuzzy c-means clustering approach
Author(s): C. Selvi, E. Sivasankar
Pages: 1901-1916

12. Energy-aware virtual machine allocation and selection in cloud data centers
Author(s): V. Dinesh Reddy, G. R. Gangadharan, G. Subrahmanya V. R. K. Rao
Pages: 1917-1932

13. An extensive evaluation of search-based software testing: a review
Author(s): Manju Khari, Prabhat Kumar
Pages: 1933-1946

14. A parallel hybrid optimization algorithm for some network design problems
Author(s): Ibrahima Diarrassouba, Mohamed Khalil Labidi, A. Ridha Mahjoub
Pages: 1947-1964

15. Structure evolution-based design for low-pass IIR digital filters with the sharp transition band and the linear phase passband
Author(s): Lijia Chen, Mingguo Liu, Jing Wu, Jianfeng Yang, Zhen Dai
Pages: 1965-1984

16. A new approach to construct similarity measure for intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Author(s): Yafei Song, Xiaodan Wang, Wen Quan, Wenlong Huang
Pages: 1985-1998

17. Similarity measures of generalized trapezoidal fuzzy numbers for fault diagnosis
Author(s): Jianjun Xie, Wenyi Zeng, Junhong Li, Qian Yin
Pages: 1999-2014

18. Discussing incomplete 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic preference relations in multi-granular linguistic MCGDM with unknown weight information
Author(s): Xue-yang Zhang, Hong-yu Zhang, Jian-qiang Wang
Pages: 2015-2032

19. A hybrid biogeography-based optimization and fuzzy C-means algorithm for image segmentation
Author(s): Minxia Zhang, Weixuan Jiang, Xiaohan Zhou, Yu Xue, Shengyong Chen
Pages: 2033-2046

20. Vibration control of a structure using sliding-mode hedge-algebras-based controller
Author(s): Duc-Trung Tran, Van-Binh Bui, Tung-Anh Le, Hai-Le Bui
Pages: 2047-2059

21. Efficient obfuscation for CNF circuits and applications in cloud computing
Author(s): Huang Zhang, Fangguo Zhang, Rong Cheng, Haibo Tian
Pages: 2061-2072

22. Modeling and comparison of the series systems with imperfect coverage for an unreliable server
Author(s): Ching-Chang Kuo, Jau-Chuan Ke
Pages: 2073-2082

23. Gravitational search algorithm and K-means for simultaneous feature selection and data clustering: a multi-objective approach
Author(s): Jay Prakash, Pramod Kumar Singh
Pages: 2083-2100

24. Towards efficient privacy-preserving encrypted image search in cloud computing
Author(s): Yuan Wang, Meixia Miao, Jian Shen, Jianfeng Wang
Pages: 2101-2112

25. Complete image fusion method based on fuzzy transforms
Author(s): Ferdinando Di Martino, Salvatore Sessa
Pages: 2113-2123

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