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Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 8, April 2019

1. Soft computing approaches for next-generation sustainable systems (SCNGS)
Author(s): Pasumpon Pandian, Xavier Fernando, Tomonobu Senjyu
Pages: 2483

2. Saliency detection in stereoscopic images using adaptive Gaussian Kernel and Gabor filter
Author(s): Y. Rakesh, K. Sri Rama Krishna
Pages: 2485-2498

3. Destination-aware context-based routing protocol with hybrid soft computing cluster algorithm for VANET
Author(s): K. Aravindhan, C. Suresh Gnana Dhas
Pages: 2499-2507

4. Optimal resource allocation algorithm for OFDMA-based WiMAX network using stochastic fish swarm optimization
Author(s): P. S. Kumaresh, A. V. Ramprasad
Pages: 2509-2523

5. Gender classification from face images by mixing the classifier outcome of prime, distinct descriptors
Author(s): A. Geetha, M. Sundaram, B. Vijayakumari
Pages: 2525-2535

6. Soft computing and trust-based self-organized hierarchical energy balance routing protocol (TSHEB) in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): G. Asha, R. Santhosh
Pages: 2537-2543

7. Global biotic cross-pollination algorithm enhanced with evolutionary strategies for color image segmentation
Author(s): S. N. Deepa, D. Rasi
Pages: 2545-2559

8. Attribute-based hierarchical file encryption for efficient retrieval of files by DV index tree from cloud using crossover genetic algorithm
Author(s): R. Naresh, M. Sayeekumar, G. M. Karthick, P. Supraja
Pages: 2561-2574

9. A fuzzy entropy technique for dimensionality reduction in recommender systems using deep learning
Author(s): B. Saravanan, V. Mohanraj, J. Senthilkumar
Pages: 2575-2583

10. Medical big data analysis: preserving security and privacy with hybrid cloud technology
Author(s): E. Shanmugapriya, R. Kavitha
Pages: 2585-2596

11. A hybrid soft computing: SGP clustering methodology for enhancing network lifetime in wireless multimedia sensor networks
Author(s): P. X. Britto, S. Selvan
Pages: 2597-2609

12. Digital acquisition and character extraction from stone inscription images using modified fuzzy entropy-based adaptive thresholding
Author(s): K. Durga Devi, P. Uma Maheswari
Pages: 2611-2626

13. A model predictive controller for improvement in power quality from a hybrid renewable energy system
Author(s): R. Muthukumar, P. Balamurugan
Pages: 2627-2635

14. Hybrid data fusion model for restricted information using Dempster–Shafer and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference (DSANFI) system
Author(s): E. Brumancia, S. Justin Samuel, L. Mary Gladence, Karunya Rathan
Pages: 2637-2644

15. Noninvasive method of epileptic detection using DWT and generalized regression neural network
Author(s): S. Vijay Anand, R. Shantha Selvakumari
Pages: 2645-2653

16. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy logic based jamming detection system in WSN
Author(s): K. P. Vijayakumar, K. Pradeep Mohan Kumar, K. Kottilingam, T. Karthick
Pages: 2655-2667

17. Quality-based pattern C2 code score-level fusion in multimodal biometric authentication system using pattern net
Author(s): S. Ilankumaran, C. Deisy, R. Pandian
Pages: 2669-2682

18. A novel Nth-order IIR filter-based graphic equalizer optimized through genetic algorithm for computing filter order
Author(s): Shajin Prince, K. R. Shankar Kumar
Pages: 2683-2691

19. A novel vessel detection and classification algorithm using a deep learning neural network model with morphological processing (M-DLNN)
Author(s): S. Iwin Thanakumar Joseph, J. Sasikala, D. Sujitha Juliet
Pages: 2693-2700

20. A novel PTS: grey wolf optimizer-based PAPR reduction technique in OFDM scheme for high-speed wireless applications
Author(s): R. S. Suriavel Rao, P. Malathi
Pages: 2701-2712

21. Constraints handling in combinatorial interaction testing using multi-objective crow search and fruitfly optimization
Author(s): P. Ramgouda, V. Chandraprakash
Pages: 2713-2726

22. Hybrid intelligence system using fuzzy inference in cluster architecture for secured group communication
Author(s): M. Sayeekumar, G. M. Karthik, S. Puhazholi
Pages: 2727-2734

23. Enhanced secure communication over inter-domain routing in heterogeneous wireless networks based on analysis of BGP anomalies using soft computing techniques
Author(s): N. Elamathi, S. Jayashri, R. Pitchai
Pages: 2735-2746

24. Interblend fusing of genetic algorithm-based attribute selection for clustering heterogeneous data set
Author(s): J. Dhayanithi, J. Akilandeswari
Pages: 2747-2759

25. FFcPsA: a fast finite conventional state using prefix pattern gene search algorithm for large sequence identification
Author(s): A. Surendar, M. Arun, A. Mahabub Basha
Pages: 2761-2771

26. Performance analysis of soft computing techniques for the automatic classification of fruits dataset
Author(s): L. Rajasekar, D. Sharmila
Pages: 2773-2788

27. A hybrid genetic artificial neural network (G-ANN) algorithm for optimization of energy component in a wireless mesh network toward green computing
Author(s): B. Prakash, S. Jayashri, T. S. Karthik
Pages: 2789-2798

28. IoT complex communication architecture for smart cities based on soft computing models
Author(s): Daming Li, Zhiming Cai, Lianbing Deng, Xiang Yao
Pages: 2799-2812

Video analytics-based intelligent surveillance system for smart buildings
Author(s): K. S. Gautam, Senthil Kumar Thangavel
Pages: 2813-2837

30. An approach for automatic detection of fetal gestational age at the third trimester using kidney length and biparietal diameter
Author(s): S. Meenakshi, M. Suganthi, P. Suresh Kumar
Pages: 2839-2848

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